Nike Air Mag According to the World Intellectual Property Organization?s website and Dime, Tinker Hatfield and his boys at the Nike Innovative Kitchen have filed patent papers for a shoe with an automatic lacing system, such as seen on the Nike Air Mag from Back to the Future II.

If this technology is to be used in the form of a Marty McFly inspired sneaker it would be the definition of game changer; the perfect intersection between performance and nostalgia. The movie was set in 2015; is a Nike Air Mag “Marty McFly” release on the horizon? Stayed tuned to Nice Kicks for more info!

Check out more photos of the shoes, the lacing system, and the charging system below.

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Nike Air Mag Lacing System

Nike Air Mag ?Marty McFly? Lacing Components

Lacing System Patent

Nike Air Mag ?Marty McFly? Fastening and Lighting Detail

Lacing System Patent

Nike Air Mag ?Marty McFly? Electric Components

Lacing System Patent

Nike Air Mag ?Marty McFly? Inner Component Detail

Lacing System Patent

Nike Air Mag ?Marty McFly? Function Diagram

Lacing System Patent

Nike Air Mag ?Marty McFly? Touch Closure

Lacing System Patent

Nike Air Mag ?Marty McFly? Charging Stand

  • sneakerhead me

    is this a joke

    • Seth"The Gold" Smith

      Is this a question

  • @dellibedaboss

    Wowwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!!! This will be like the new Jordans (altho im kinda off that), erryyyyyybody gonna be HAWKING to get these! Ppl been wanting them REAL McFly's since '85!!!

    • jordan23945bulls

      ghetto ass u are .eww

      • HighFive

        "Uppidy" ass you are. Who are you GOD? Dont judge cuz' when it comes to it your not s*** and wont ever be s***, so fall back on the ghetto comment. You sound ignorant.

        • HighSoleciety11

          Take your own advice…don't judge!

  • @ZuriTheGhost

    Them joints are ugly, y'all can have em.

  • emmanueLabor

    start saving your $$ now…you have a lil under 5 years…the campouts and re-sell is gonna be CRAZY!

  • @nicekicks

    I thought I would never say this, but I could actually wait 5 years for a shoe if this is the one.


    these things look like they are going to come with a 2 year contract from AT&T

    • @nicekicks


    • moemoefresh

      HAHA nice lol


        I actually love the idea of this shoe coming to life however it raises like a few questions………Like lets say you rock em to the club and some chick is sweating you hard and you go to her place for the night but you forgot your charger and your battery died……………. Does that mean you wont be able to get them off your feet? Will it come with car charger? and last and most important Does this mean we will get the matching jacket that fits all and automatically dries itself or am i asking too much?

    • dcast

      or at least a warranty. not even joking

  • SpankMeL8er

    i cant even imagine…price is gonna be crazy, hype is gonna be even crazier, im just not that type of sneakerhead. the shoe game is starting to look real commercial.

    • @nicekicks

      you think it's a commercial move? IMO it seems like Nike knows their market and giving the people what they want. Can't get more grassroots than that.

    • anon

      "the shoe game is starting to look real commercial."

      Yeah, because it's only now that nike is a billion dollar corporation… Not that they were before this patent…

    • Tommy Cola

      Dude, "Starting to look real commercial"? It's a multi-billion dollar industry, not sure there's much else on the planet that could be more commercial.

  • @nicekicks

    Price is definitely a discussion. Seeing as how many people were spending $700+ on the Hyperdunks, I honestly don't see these having much trouble selling for $400 or $500. I mean, think of the number of people that paid more for the Yeezys even…

    • champ22

      why you had to bring up the yeezys man!!!….*goes to walk in closet…stares at empty space where yeezys would goes*

  • mikedestructive

    I'd travel for these…through time, even.

  • eric

    no more creativity in the sneaker game, these things look like air force X tims fusions. i wouldnt be surprised if herbs hype these ugly moon shoes

    • iBathingApe

      You even know what these are and the history of these shoes? GTFO with that ish.

      • BillCollektr

        hahaha that guy is clueless….kids these days will be thinking the Mags are Yeezy knockoffs haha

    • dcast

      go sport your fusions at the mall, child please.

      • Levi Jr.


        • @KiXcRAZY

          Calm down w/ that your a child you rock fushions, because im 14 and got het out the rear.
          And i know what theses are and the history about them.

  • dr. orthotic

    boy, if they do release, this would be right up the hypebeast's alley. I can just picture re-sale prices costing thousands of dollars on ebay right now.

  • Quest Ion

    LOL, I was just watching this movie last night (nick@night marathon). They'll be amazing only if the technology is done properly. It has to look seamless and, above all, sexy. Unfortunately, I see more cons than pros:

    1) You have to charge them? So, would you have to carry a charger with you everywhere you go, just in case? Lame.

    2) They charge at the sole? Sooo, try not to get them too dirty? What about water? Stay away from the puddles, kids! LOL.

    Other than that, these shoes are drool-worthy!

    • Tsmith

      Just Like Hover Boards, Power Laces Don't Work on Water!

    • samer

      no need for recharge … use the walking/running energy to recharge the batteries

  • Dbc


    I was wondering if nike was going to do a 2015 release with these considering when II was set. If so, it gives them plenty of time to perfect these. Anything less than perfection will be a disappointment. Glad to see they might include the nike bag/case.

    Better start saving now, EASILY $450 retail. unfortunately I see a VERY limited release of these….like 500 limited. : /

    • bob

      that's the charger. lol.

      • dcast

        yeah i know…still a mode of transport though

  • HollywoodC

    These gunna be $1k minimum.

  • iBathingApe

    oh. my. god. I've been waiting for these. Ah it's needs to hurry up and be 2015!

  • SOLE23

    wow…please release these in general quantity!!

    • dcast

      highly doubt it.

      maybe online only. with a minimum $ reservation

    • h3hashemi

      no that ruins it if youre a true collector youll get shoes you like no matter what the release.

    • shomari

      thats not going to happen.

    • dr. orthotic

      i doubt it too. with all the machinery involved in the shoe, they would have to sell them at highly limited numbers. It ain't like selling a blender.

      • JSK

        None of you seem to understand economics.

        If they want to make their money back on these they have to be

        a) mass produced with a general release so more people cop them

        b) way over-priced to cover the research and development costs that these are bound to accumulate and the cost of the tech's hardware.

  • mints

    It looks like I need to make sure I keep a friendly relationship with my local shop owners and work on establishing relationships with people in bigger markets. If they were to come out, they will be mine.

    • dr. orthotic

      so in other words, you're gonna kiss some ass

  • EricFresh

    If I didn't love back to the future i would never consider these,,,if I'm going to throw down for these sure to be pricey joints I am going to need a delorean to complete the look. Maybe i'll just try and find a DS pair of the David Robinson 180 pumps…

  • kurtis

    !!!!!! Big jacket, fishing chair and a few days camping for these I think!

  • patrick

    a shoe with a charging station? lame

    • h3hashemi

      well after kicking a s s all day in these shoes theyll prolly need a bit of juice

  • Mama

    The way I see it, they've got five years. I'm sure if they have a team in place, then we'll see it.

  • grownANDsexy

    straight heat… this sneaker stuff is really taikng off now isn't it?

  • h3hashemi

    I would buy these now in the future and when i was a baby

  • freeballer

    These will rape your wallet. Maybe if I strike gold or sumthin, I can forget it, and all the hell of us can forget it too.


    they have more then five years this was filed last year. They will be lit with the same stuff that adidas used for the tron shoes. As far as the charging station if these are a GR they will have to be different for each size which will up the price that much more. Now im not sure how i feel about the possibility of a malfunction, Its not like you can go back to the store and swap them out, which means what you have to send them back to nike to be repaired. So nike will have to make these somewhat affordable because there will be a cost to maintain these im sure. Having said all this its a Tinker project so its in good hands as long as they are in the $500-600 range they are a must have.

    • dcast


      agree with the tinker comment. if anyone can do it right he's the guy

  • hchadha6

    I'm def on this! been waitin and i guess ill have to wait more. so trill

  • MCYES!


  • Geeba

    They will need tell sell millions of units to make this project worthwhile, and they will! EVERYONE will go NUTS over these puppies!

  • king916

    that is hella chillz. i want a pair whenever they realse!

  • Waldy McFly

    been waiting these for ever!…forget those hyperdunks!..i want tha official!…hope they come out!…

  • fuctstar

    i would literally sell a kidney to get these. I don't think the charging station will fly, it seems like it would be super ridiculous to have to get a big ass box just to carry both the shoes and charging station, they should just incorporate the charger into the box, a small basic charger like a phone charger, a big ass dock station is just gonna make it cost 100's more.

  • Des

    only 2 words GAME CHANGER!!!!!!

  • Des

    my shoes so FLY they lace themselves!!!OMG

  • Window

    Yall can buy some scuba booties to hold you over till the release.

  • phenom305

    ummm…. i cant see no pics : /

  • shomari

    These are going to be as hard to get as the Aston
    Martin Pack. Probably harder.

    • Dcast

      good call. You're probably right, which sucks.

  • @DcastUA

    Wednesday, October 21st 2015

  • jaysjawn

    u can realllly tell who's way too young to even be considered a sneakerhead by these comments, this shoe is thee epitome of nike u youngins better go rent back to the future 2 before u talk ish cuz i been wantin these since 1989 just like alot of other true sneaker heads step ur game up do ur homework lmao

  • Wilbury

    Watch, that company will screw you for the bilionth time. You waiting 5 years(or all your life) and then a week before the release…"sorry, friends and family release only". Or…"limited to a handful of pairs… hope you got contacts!" …then the REAL sneakerheads gotta go to the poor kids(re-sellers), and pay $1000 for a $150 shoe. Notice how they are quite happy to keep churning out the cheap quality sh*t, hoping you buy it, but when soemthing decent comes out(quality/style), its hardly available…hmmm.

  • Winse


  • Baba_Shooey

    The future is now! Robert Zemeckis was ahead of his time.

  • nicklockey

    Now can someone just persuade adidas to release the 'Team Zissou' sneakers

  • boi


  • joker

    they can definitely do cheaper than $500 retail, the guy who first did the power laces on youtube calculated it would cost $70 to do up both shoes with a pair of arduinos


      I agree the could do cheaper but they wont its nike! im saying 500 or so with charging station and if its limited edition.

  • TheSoulPhysician

    The price will be EPIC!!!!! but just give me time to save up and I'll make sure I get my hands on this LOOOOONG AWAITED RELEASE!!!!!!!!!! DOUBLE RAINBOW OH MY GOD.

  • Almighty Bob

    I can hear it now: "I was late to school because I forgot to charge my shoes last night!"

  • chillin

    omfg!!!!!! its the best day everrrrrrrrrr!!!!! in my spongebob voice ive been wanting these damn shoes since i was like 6 yrs old them jonts is vicious i will get these i gots to tru sh!t

  • Lola

    Super gimmicky…. I don't even wear shoes with laces any way :S

  • jordan_elements

    I would def cop if they released!

  • mfeb

    am I missing something here? The patent is for "An article of footwear with lighting system", where does it say they will lace themselves?

    • nicekicks

      several pages in the patent show the auto lacing system

    • Ben_ KWK

      If you read the page lacing components under abstract it says lighting system associated w/ automatic fastening system

  • qualitysmusic

    this is unreal, sneakers to the next level

  • Periphles

    Only a freak nerd buy this…

  • yaboiTM

    price tag im assuming atleast 7 or 8 forreal… well yeuh over 1000, they were sellin yeezys for 6 to 8, what was i thinkin? SMDH

  • @JPMacBiotech

    Back to the future shoes FTW!!!

  • Dean GotSole ?

    FINALLY ! All the years watching that movie and envying Marty McFly has finally paid off <3 if they go through with this imma get a delorean :)

  • A-ron the Don

    ive already traveled to the future and copped a pair….

  • Cudi Change Shoes

    dope concept
    gonna be way to much money

  • nicholas karolewicz

    If these release theyll be bigger then all yeezy releases combined end of story

  • TGIF

    These is dope ! I hope these joints do drop !

  • Samer

    ummm I dont think you will need any chareger …

    those are shoes right ? easy !! use liiiitle bit of the energy of walking and running to recharge !!! right guys ?

    not big issue !!!

    as for water .. can be made water resistant !

    I LOVE IT !!!

  • fusilados

    Great Scott!!!! this is heavy!

  • nico

    another way to use electrivcity, killing the earth a bot more.

  • Ballredd

    If you're a baller and u think these would be a court shoe, you're crazy. These look heavy to begin with.

  • jbam19

    DID ANYONE SEE ON THE EARLY SHOW ON CBS TODAY the woman who made the marty mcfly laces aat home by herserlf already in a pair of converse and DC's they r sick nike should contact her

  • Riverside V-dub

    O.M.G. its’s really happening.

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