Anta Kevin Garnett Signature

Anta Kevin Garnett Signature

Just as KG’s move from Minnesota to Boston shocked many basketball enthusiasts, his move from adidas to Anta has arguably been one of the more shocking moves in terms of sneaker endorsements. Shown here are two newly-discovered variations of The Big Ticket’s new signature line, originally previewed earlier this month. The two pairs shown here feature patent leather uppers in black and white, respectively. What do you think about the new line for KG?

Anta Kevin Garnett Signature

Anta Kevin Garnett Signature

Anta Kevin Garnett Signature White/Black

Source: HoopsChina


  1. Dantecamp21 says:

    KG's carrer is offically over now…FUGLY!

    1. grant says:

      he used tobe my favorite player too. but yeah his is over……………..

    2. BallerzD30 says:

      hahahah that waz what i waz bout to say ……. FUGLY

  2. Window says:

    Remind me of some OG spaldings or something. I don't think the white and greens are thaaat bad. The camera flash on that fake patent makes them look worse…

  3. shawndoh says:

    so far there is a couple good Li Ning's, otherwise all the chinese shoes look like low end 80's left overs.

  4. Lil Boss Ej says:

    Man KG Yu Had Better Shoes Wit Adiddas Dese R Ugly

  5. RETRO6S says:

    they look like IIs and Vs put together in a ghetto way.

  6. BillCollektr says:

    top ones look like some Melos… what are the price ranges for these? and the Li-Nings etc….are they on the same level as Protege at K-Mart? justwonderin.

    1. bentley says:

      li nings are in the 100s….these kgs should be in the kmart range

  7. cmplx says:

    chineee shooe ugleee longgg tyyymme

  8. jeezy says:

    kg's stock jus went down in the U.S. but i can see him atleast doubling up in china or wherever anta is based if he can win a ring this year

  9. Smash says:

    I was thinking that they were ok when I saw the black ones but the white ones? Vomit

  10. flight8403 says:

    look like some remakes of the LA Gear catapults…

  11. Dantecamp21 says:

    KG now has worn Nike, And1, adidas and now…hit rock bottom…

  12. @SimCity122 says:

    I thought he had a lifetime contract w addidas

  13. Wayne Brooks says:

    This is such utter trash. KG is already rich – why ruin his legacy for a few dollars more from a bullsh*t Chinese athletic brand?? I'm sure kids who want to emulate KG wouldn't be caught dead wearing this sh*t!

  14. Winse says:

    KG U a fool for this one!

  15. kremlin says:

    It's all about the money KG!!!!!…they would have to give you big bucks for you to wear this junk

    you could get injured wearing this crap but who cares as long as he's paid

  16. rekboogie says:

    Yes…it is all about the money …he is set to retire so why not get that Chinese gwop… Nike was the only brand to
    make KG the illest shoe..(they have the talent and high production standards)… And as for putting down china for making wack kicks…All KICKS Are made in china…even ya pradas, gucci etc…Shi……almost every item you come in contact with is made there…but as far as their development,design and production ..they are lacking that real flava….but it is a win for the big ticket…Get the paper all day dog all day..

  17. Detroit'sFinest says:

    Usually you can tell when its just about the money CLEARLY this is an example of that hope you got alot because these are HORRIBLE kg

  18. Lou Kang says:

    the other anta kg shoes looked alot better. why didnt they stick with that? it look like they tried to hard when they changed it. The graffiti KG on the side looks tacky as hell and please dont put anta in the same category as li-ning. li-ning is clearly a better shoe company than anta. this KG shoe doesnt even touch the BD Dooms or jose calderons shoe.

  19. prim006 says:

    u know wat sucks this man is going to make a killing in japan and china off these ugly ass shoes.

  20. NotExactly_ says:

    straight to payless