adidas TS Heat Check Wesley Johnson P.E.

adidas TS Heat Check

The newest addition to the Minnesota Timberwovles, Wesley Johnson, has already gotten player editions of the adidas TS Heat Check. Steel blue and white are used on the gradient mesh upper in an effort to match the team’s new uniforms. Johnson rocked many Jordan’s through out his days at Syracuse and time leading up to media day, did adidas do him a justice with his first P.E.?

adidas TS Heat Check Wesley Johnson P.E.

adidas TS Heat Check

adidas TS Heat Check Wesley Johnson P.E.

Source: Dime


  1. RETRO4S says:

    they look like astronaut boots

    1. size12whut? says:


  2. freeballer says:


  3. Kelvin-Lebron Fan says:


  4. moon boots for sure!! adidas basketball fails again

  5. datRueASIAN says:

    no thank you, adidas. no wonder why kevin garnett left.

  6. dr. orthotic says:

    damn those are hot

  7. hol up says:

    I like those

  8. lakers 2011 champs says:

    i liked the supernatural beta than these

  9. gshocky says:

    why is everyone going against it these are overal a nice kicks

  10. Nene33 says:

    Really nice, the colorway is done well, and I'm feeling the out-of-the-box design.

  11. quanghuy31 says:

    not my choice..by the way, those new speecuts are hot :D . Go 3 stripes

  12. Lou Kang says:

    its not a horrible shoe but they should have done something different with the back. im sure the shoe breathes well and im sure it performs well too. But the design is nothing to get excited about and as far as the timberwolves colorway i think the shoe would be better if they added acents of green. But its your typical adidas cookie cutter design with no umph to it at all. They could have put a better wes-4 logo too, im pretty sure half of the people on the nice kicks website can make a better logo than that.

  13. Online says:

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  14. juniper says:

    this IS NOT a "good overall" looking shoe. come on! wft. yeah, with adidas you get EXCELLENT durability, awesome comfort and incredible performance for sure. but you gotta look THAT ugly? don't think so. kobe v's are hot. hyperfuse are hot. and them hyperdunks. but nike's notorious for not bieng durable.

  15. fabfive3 says:

    If this had a swoosh on it you guys would love it.

    1. Lou Kang says:

      i dis-agree people have been pretty critical of nikes and jordan too. its just not a good looking shoe rather it has a check, jumpman, star, reebok sign, or three stripes has nothing to do with it.

  16. BobDobalina says:

    I think that these are gonna be light – upper material is def light and I like the different approach with the collar. Strong shoe overall