Brandon Jennings Debuts Under Armour Black Ice on Cover of KICKS 13

KICKS 13The Young Buck has come a long way. With uncertainty looming around a hard to characterize season in Rome, Brandon Jennings proved every doubter wrong having a strong rookie campaign. Jennings and Under Armour cover the 13th issue of SLAM Presents: KICKS, a big step for the brand. The cover finds BJ in a pair of his first official signature, the Under Armour Black Ice. According to SLAM four Under Armour basketball shoes, Black Ice included, will release this?November. Kicks 13 is on news stands now.


  1. James says:

    It's about time we got the release info on the UA hoop kicks. I'll almost definitely be buying a pair.

    1. lakers 2011 champs says:

      why is a guy from compton wearing a shie that belongs to a maryland brand lol?

      1. Guest says:

        your an idiot

  2. mj_shoefanatic says:

    UA is highly underrated. Very nice lines on this shoe.

  3. RDQLUS says:

    It's pretty fresh… but for those of us who collected many AJ XXIII's, it looks just like that! Not knocking the visual copying, just sayin.

    1. lakers 2011 champs says:

      i agree you can see the form

  4. david says:

    does look like XX3, but pretty dope lets see it in person.

  5. e-weezie says:

    im impressed! looks good so far

  6. amie says:

    ewwwww pass

  7. tony says:

    all that red and green kinda remind me of Christmas lol

  8. brian3523 says:

    it actually looks more like the tmac 3 from adidas

  9. @SimCity122 says:

    Id rather wear orthopedic shoes with the two straps. sorry, just my opinion

  10. Winse says:

    Are these actually gonna release soon or take forever like Li-Nings

  11. datRueASIAN says:

    i like brandon jennings as a player, i like his shoes even better.

  12. yodawg says:

    ugly shoe yall trippin….yall prolly BAMMAS anyway…yall prolly try to style them in some jeans WACK

  13. Fake_must_DIE says:

    All shoes – 100% FAKE. Just trust me. I know what I say :) )

    1. nbafoot says:

      I think that is true.

  14. Onlinestore says:

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  15. a.j. says:

    uhmmm t-macs?