Air Jordan 2 Del Sol/White-Black

Air Jordan 2Last week we learned of the “Candy” Pack, a collection of three Air Jordan 2 models dressed in bold primary colors. ?Today pictures have surfaced of the Del Sol/White-Black colorway from the pack. ?Del Sol covers the upper composed of suede and faux lizard skin. ?Black serves an accent on the piping, lining, and laces also covering the midsole. ?White is used for the outsole to finish this candy creation. ?Is the Del Sol pair from the “Candy” Pack a must cop or is it a little too sweet for you? ?Tell us what you think in the comment section.

Air Jordan 2
Del Sol/White-Black


  1. millkill23 says:

    i got the baby blues, ima get ALL 3 of the candy pack, and im going to rock all 4 pair, its just about swag, not if the shoe is 1000000% perfect, you make it look good, JB got game, do you?

  2. Shoop says:

    This colorway is the best of all three of 'em. Def coppin this one.

  3. Solesaved says:


  4. Cain22 says:

    They're nice and I agree it is a nice scheme but idk if I could see myself wearing these. We'll see

    1. Sandman says:

      yella everythang, yella rims, yella big booty, yella charm ring chain, yella AIR JORDAN 2's

  5. escuela247 says:

    get these to match your yellow teeth..

  6. Winse says:

    Gucci Mane coulda wore these in his Lemonade video

  7. Dee Ray says:

    Very Nice! I will have to make space for these too!

  8. jlpnuts says:

    i like but maybe some more black would of look sick for me

  9. rafi215 says:

    Woundn't buy, but nice.

  10. fdjkla says:

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  11. PRzOtherBadGuy says:

    it seems like once JB picks a retro shoe to do, they feel the need to go absolutely overboard with the CW's. just like the 6's, 1's and now the 2's.
    they should've left it at the: red/black/white's and the 3M's.
    no rainbow pack!!
    just like how they did the pistons, oreos & lakers. should've left it at the 2 infrareds. the 6's were such a hot shoe, now they're way too many of them all over the place

  12. fdapo says:

    The only air Jordan 2 I like is the Melos

  13. BIG louisiana says:

    very clean..sell these just like the 2s that's out now!!!

  14. 2pn says:

    I better see a Laker rockin the lemonade jays

  15. li says:

    Hack again?!