Kobe Unveils the Nike Zoom Kobe Dream Season II in China

Kobe BryantThis past week Kobe Bryant visited some of his biggest fans out in China.? Nike has sent Kobe out east many of the past summers to tour the country and introduce new product.? Stopping in Shanghai, Changchun, Hangzhou, Guangzhou, and Beijing he interacted with fans at events in each city and unveiled the new Nike Zoom Kobe Dream Season II.? Following in the line of the Zoom Kobe IV and Zoom Kobe V, the Dream Season II capitalizes off of Zoom Air cushioning, Flywire upper, and a low cut.? Kobe sported the updated version of the Dream Season in a Black/Purple-White colorway as well as a White/Black-Red colorway.

Kobe Bryant

Kobe Bryant in China Wearing the Nike Zoom Kobe Dream Season II

Kobe Bryant

Kobe Bryant Giving a Fan a Pair of the Nike Zoom Kobe V "Big Stage"

Source: Hoop China


  1. champ22 says:

    i like these a-lot even tho they're nothing more than the kobe 4/5's…….and as you can guess i like those too lol

  2. KWB673 says:

    All of kobe’s shoes are the same…. He needs to go back to adidas so he can up lift company….

    1. Big Boi says:

      two words: you idiot.

      1. jDub says:

        yeah big boi haha

  3. Smash says:

    I wish there were better shots of the pics

  4. Beenfly says:

    Not gonna lie..I’ve been hating on the Kobe shoes for a cold minute now but I really like the simple yet clean cw on these. I still hate Kobe tho and all you b**ches that be on his testicles.

    1. lakers 2011 champs says:

      i guess ur still mad that bron left o well jump on someone elses balls, like kd or some some

      1. lakers 2011 champs says:


  5. Phil Jackson says:

    Beenfly, Kobe says sorry about the 5 rings he has


  6. Big Boi says:

    Kobe is HUGE overseas. The swoosh in Asia seems to rule everything.

    1. qpalzmwoskxb says:

      so true in china and korea eveyone who plays ball wears kobe stuff

    1. chadacadabra says:


    2. flash says:

      big time

  7. Ill wil says:

    Nice shoe looks good and if it performs like its predesessor should be at the top of the list as far as b-ball shoes . As far as Kobe is concerned , he’s the best player on the Planet cuz he unlike your boy Lebron has done it with the help of only one great player (Shaq & now Pau) , Bron could’nt do it with a great cast of characters so he jumped ship to play second fiddle to D-Wade. He’ll never be in the same league as Kobe for that reason !!!

    1. jDub says:

      lebron never even had a legit sidekick stupid