Nike Air Foamposite Pro ?Pearl? Detailed Photos

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Nike Air Foamposite Pro
The Nike Air Foamposite Pro “Pearl” is still on the checklist for many of our readers waiting on the re-release of the OG colorway. Ranking #6 on our 14 Sneakers to Look Forward to for the Rest of 2010, this is certainly no shoe to pass on. Today we have detailed photos of the upcoming Foamposite Pro profiling every aspect of the shoe.

A Pearl Foamposite upper is met with an icy blue outsole and black lacing detail. Black branding pops out on the side setting apart the Pro from its Foamposite One cousin. Red herringbone pads and upper accents contrast the mostly Pearl and Black sneaker for a distinct look.

Nike Air Foamposite Pro
Fall/Holiday 2010

Nike Foamposite Pro

Nike Foamposite Pro "Pearl"

Nike Foamposite Pro "Pearl"

Nike Foamposite Pro "Pearl"

Nike Foamposite Pro "Pearl"

Nike Foamposite Pro "Pearl"

Nike Foamposite Pro "Pearl"

Nike Foamposite Pro "Pearl"

Nike Foamposite Pro "Pearl"

Nike Foamposite Pro "Pearl"

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45 Comments on "Nike Air Foamposite Pro ?Pearl? Detailed Photos"

  1. 2inchmonster

    Crap. The swoosh ruins a mildly okay colorway. Easy pass. Cough drops were worth every penny. These…not so much.

  2. Kclementsjr

    In my opinion one of the top 3 foams ever…royals, coppers, and these in no particular order…eggplants could make it but everyone has em

  3. maz

    ugliest shoes ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! whay would any1 drop $200 on pieces of crap??!?!!?!?!?!?!? i hate foams!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Joe Cool

    I gotta pass on this one. These are for the people who could get the other
    foam’s that came out this year. anyone who wants these should have no problem.
    Pearls are the worst ones. Bring on the royal blue.

  5. Phenom305

    So clean. Especially the pics of the inner side with no swoosh. I wish these would have the ones instead of pros. Oh well still a must have. Look how I iceyy these bitches are. Wow. RELEASE DATE PLZ!!!!!!

  6. kg

    Dont like the icey or swoosh on these maybe a dark icey sole wuld b better or sumthn but i just got sum coppers so ima wait for the half cents , pewter or royal foamposite 1s

  7. dny

    this release will be the climax for me. number one shoe i've been looking foward to this year. tops 'cool greys' by far.

  8. HavocBillz

    I got paid yesterday, but $300 is a lil wild. I'll wait till they drop in December. I cant wait too get em & Im gettin the "Nike Penny 3" 2day in Eggplant! These next few months will be something to remember

  9. shoegorgon

    this is the holy grail of sneakers and my last purchase as I feel like I can make do with the 25 pairs of sneaks I have on ice now

  10. Blackfraze

    Guys sent me 2 extra pairs of PEARL FOAMZ sizes 9.5 & 10 so I have them for sale in NYC…..holla!

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