Throwback Thursday: Nike Air Max III “Laser Blue”

Nike Air Max 90 Laser Blue

Sneaker shops and blogs are abuzz with the re-release of the Nike Air Max 90 “Infrareds” this week which gave us some inspiration for which sneaker to pull out for this week’s Throwback Thursday. ?Though the Infrared colorway of this classic runner is the most known, this original colorup is not one to overlook.

Designed by Tinker Hatfield, the Nike Air Max III (as it was known until 2000) built on the legacy of Nike Running with great cushioning of Air Max, but also the lock down fit with seven molded panels including four multi-lace units to secure the shoe to one’s foot.

The shoe made a quick splash in 2007 across the pond in the UK with some slight color changes and late last year a few sample pairs popped up with an ostrich skin mudguard, but the last time the shoe released in 100% true form of colors and materials was 8 years ago in 2002. ?Has the wait been long enough?

Nike Air Max 90 Laser Blue

Nike Air Max 90 Laser Blue

Nike Air Max 90 Laser Blue

Nike Air Max 90 Laser Blue

Nike Air Max 90 Laser Blue

Nike Air Max 90 Laser Blue

Nike Air Max 90 Laser Blue

Nike Air Max 90 Laser Blue


  1. Kamkam1600 says:


  2. rod says:

    What a tease

  3. Yungn Ace says:

    Just to let you guys know the air max infrared 90s are available in stores now…nike canceled saturday as its release and made it yesterday..if ur footlocker carries it and says they are not able to release it til sat,tell em check the email or do a item search

  4. J_Dawg07 says:

    It’s time to retro this! Robocop

  5. J_dawg07 says:

    Please release this again

  6. simon says:

    word is they’re coming out at the end of the year

  7. jnelz says:

    Release these please!!!! There a must cop

  8. dr. orthotic says:

    good look. the infareds are nice, but i also had mad love for these too

  9. Metatron says:

    if nike really wanted to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the am90 they should have released all the og colorways at different points during the year…reaaaally hope they do release these at some point in the near future.

  10. ardeedas says:

    I don't know about y'all but the cracked leather side panels look damned good on these.

  11. poscogrubb says:

    Matt, THIS is why I read Nice Kicks!! Awesome OG's + great photography = woohoo!

  12. Sole_King says:

    these are a million times hotter than the infrareds IMO.

    1. nicekicks says:

      I agree. I like infrared, but always been a bigger sucker for blue tones. Some of my favorite Jordans are the True Blues, Militarys, and Sport Blues.

      1. 2pn says:

        Can't disagree with that.

  13. 23edge says:

    what a way to start off the weekend by looking at these, and then going out to cop the infrareds. I think from here on many people will start to collect AM90's

  14. DeadStockDave says:

    One Word:LOVE

  15. jr_lyon says:

    My personal fav has always been infrareds but i would jump on these if they were to retro!!!

  16. Winse says:

    these need to be retroed ASAP!

  17. Luca says:

    Coming October of this year

    1. hokiesallnight says:

      are these really re-releasing?

  18. Rgdelrio says:

    whats with cracks?

    1. roundbox says:

      This is the original AM90 Laser Blue. It was released back in 1990 so it’s about 20 years old.