Nike Air Max 90 Infrared

The legendary Air Max ’90 celebrates two decades this year with a special release of everyone’s favorite colorup – the Infrareds. ?The Air Max ’90 Infrareds are available now at Nice Kicks in store for $95. ?Due to the limited number of pairs, phone orders will only be accepted for these after 12PM CST tomorrow, July 22nd.

Nike Air Max ’90 “Infrared”
White/Cement Grey – Infrared – Black
July 2010

Nice Kicks
2815 Guadalupe
Austin, TX 78705

  • TMAN

    Nice! Don’t wear 90s but definitely an option!

  • TMAN

    Nice! Don’t wear 90s but definitely an option!

  • Jumpoffjune

    I just got mines from Mom & Pop shop for $80 beans…

  • Hamwinkie

    will any retailers get these saturday?

    • chez18788

      footlockers got em bro.

  • Birdman

    just got mine at NICE KICKS today they are DOPE… & the staff is AWESOME thx guys.. saved me a trip to the mall and buying LOCAL is always better

    • nicekicks

      Much thanks for coming through and keeping it local. We look forward to helping you in the future.

      • Birdman

        already…. and u guys are AWESOME ps don't forget the LACES we talked about earlier CLEAN
        color rays are always BEST… ohh yeah the store always looks GOOD when I come in also so BIG PROPS on that as well

        Peace !!!!!

  • Dd

    Got mine already from foot locker real dope.

  • dripped

    dammit now they're on everybodys feet, nike should've never retroed them

  • Metri

    I remember when i got some 90s in 08 and the kids at school tried to make fun but they all want them know, and these are dope, i like the colors on this design

  • Mila Miracles Chavez

    I was never an air max 90s fan until this recent year some of the colorways I been seeing have been on point with the air maxes! We foot these at the KFL I work at

  • dmt

    had them in 1990 dont need them again… og here

  • SuckMyKick

    Got these yesterday. Gutted the laces for some black ones and they look 100% better

  • Samgoody

    Are they realy that limited most mom and pop stores got them and are being sold for retail or less???? Or it’s just a gimic to have every body want a pair

  • http://swangnbang.comDOWAN SamBo

    DO WANT!!!!

  • Yungn Ace

    footlockers are only getting up to 12 pairs at max..its really limited

  • Winse

    These aren't limited, they're a GR, don't believe this dudes HYPE!

    • nicekicks

      The local Foot Lockers around my way only got 12 & 15 pairs as well. Probably 18 minus staff pairs.

  • @ZuriTheGhost

    Just copped my joint from Nice Kicks , Ive been waiting on these joints.

  • Weezy3zy

    How much will shipping be?

  • @insidethesnkrbx

    Support the Sneaker Shops. Nothing against FL or any major retail spot but, Stay local and support the Boutiques & Mom & Pops spots. Whether they're limited or not; That doesn't matter. #GOTMINE

  • cjayof2010

    i work at footlocker and these kicks were are selling like crack today

  • jay

    are they sold out at nice kicks???

  • mike

    My Champs got 24 pair.

  • Weezy3zy

    I ran to my Footlocker and grabbed a pair this morning. I was afraid they’d be out so I called ahead of time and ran in before the afternoon rush. And I have to say they are beautiful

  • @hovaisdatruth

    they been robocopped for me only paid 70 bucks. .. love being a referee. . lmao

  • ghballer18

    anyone kno if these r an international release im in taiwan n i need em

  • IHSV

    agree with SuckMyKick…black laces make 'em look sick!

  • fam

    does anyone know if theyre going to be available in grade school sizes? and if so, when?

    • vlboost

      grade school sizes came out before adults. i've seen them

      • fam

        where? i cant find em anywhere. ordered some & they were fake :(

        • vlboost

          i saw them at foot locker

  • vlboost

    i got mine. finally.
    their on fire!

  • Phenom305

    Are they a little more on the pinkish side than the usual infrared or is it just me?

  • TX3017

    I just got mine 20 mins ago at the Nike Store here in San Diego. They are fire!