Nice Kicks Picks: Top 23 LeBron James Shoes

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Top 23 LeBron Shoes of All Time

Now that LeBron will be hanging up the number 23 jersey for good we thought it was an appropriate time to take a look back at our favorite 23 LeBrons of the past seven years.

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55 Comments on "Nice Kicks Picks: Top 23 LeBron James Shoes"

    • I had them on at #23 but I forgot about another joint that had more back story. It was tough to leave off. WIthout a doubt they are the best not on the list IMO.


    why not have a page with all the kix instead of scrollin through 25 pages. i hate when yall do that BS and you always have overrated # 1s

    • poscogrubb


      a lot of blogs do this: split up articles into multiple pages just so they can serve you more ADS.


  2. We went with just the signature LeBron series. Trust me, with more than 100 colorways of GR's, Special editions, and PE's it would have been impossible to add the entire Soldier series, AF1s, and other shoes to the mix and cut down to 23 without spending forever to leave great shoes off the list.

  3. Shoe Guru

    Where in this list are his christmas shoes from this year? They sold out in less than a week, by the time new years rolled around, they disappeared offline.

  4. DC where I be Southside where I reside

    Lebitch is a sucka I don’t care how many rings he win they will all be tainted cus he had to team up wit mega stars. Oh yeah Kobe the best.

    • sneakerfittedguy

      Good job riding Kobe at the end – you forgot the part where he rode Shaq en route to his first 3 rings. Then got a bit of help from a solid player in Gasol. Kobe struggled only after Shaquille left, and was left looking like a fool demanding trades to become a contender once more.

      I'm not saying Kobe's bad, but you can't bash LeBron when your favourite player isn't any better (and arguably worst, considering LeBron never asked for a trade and tried his best to work with the minimal talent he was given).

  5. I feel bad for the CAV'S, i wonder if Delonte'west had anything to do with that, i hope that rumor wasn't true, The CAV's org. gave him so much creative control..with the jersey's,he couldve gottn purple throwbacks if he wanted them to,i love those New York Knicks his kicks will be boring and basic black/red/yellow..there isn't to much he can do,less his brand becomes like Brand Jordan and allow other NBA stars to wear his kicks,they will sell much much better,he should have stayed and played through like JOrdan and others,MJ battled the Pistons and Battled the Pistons till Him and The Bulls learned..

    • sneakerfittedguy

      LeBron's shoes don't have any exclusive rights where other NBA players can't rock 'em when they play … well, at least I'm pretty sure that's the case – saw Nate rocking his LeBrons steady throughout the season.

    • sneakerfittedguy

      Jordan stayed because he had pieces like Scottie Pippen on his team, and he knew they could only get better. The Bulls organization catered to him properly and gave him the skill needed to win multiple championships. LeBron had Mo Williams.

      If you're telling me that LeBron had any help on the Cleveland roster variations he's played with throughout the years that was anything close to Hall of Fame caliber (ex. how Pippen, Rodman were to Jordan), you're dreaming. You can't expect him to have blind loyalty and play with them forever until he finally carries them to a ring (if he could even accomplish such a feat). Dude has to think about himself, and a history with no championship included simply is less of a legacy which isn't exactly what he wants. He made his move not to avoid tarnishing his impact on the league, but to make more noise than he could have ever done on that sub-par Cleveland roster.

  6. mbe18

    How much money could I get for every pair of Lebron's 1-7 in size 8.5 combined? Each year I got a pair and never wore them.

    • mbe18

      How much money could I get for every pair of Lebron's 1-7 in size 8.5 combined? Each year I got a pair and never wore them.
      How much?

  7. JustKickinIt

    I get a kick out of the people who call LeBron a sell out cause he decided to leave the Cavs. Sure, Akron's his home and all, but LeBron wants to be a winner and a winner in Cleveland he was not. He has a much better chance winning a ring in Miami then he does in Cleveland. The fans were without a doubt loyal to LeBron and he gave them 7yrs, however, the Cavs management never really did much to give LeBron somebody to play with. They felt he could carry the entire team…If Cleveland fans want to blame anybody for LeBron leaving, blame your owner and team management.

    Go get em in South Beach, LeBron. Those so called loyal fans of Cleveland were real quick to slaughter you after your decision was made. They never cared about what was best for you and your future and your family. Cavs fans are selfish and their reactions quickly displayed that.

  8. soulie17

    The LeBron 4 had the best colorways imo but I remember when I first saw pics of those fruity pebbles LeBrons I wanted them soooo bad haha

  9. jay10do

    D.C. is ah stupid ass, Kobe had Shaq who is a mega star stupid, and Gasol. Kobes the best LMAO! he couldn’t even get ah Mvp Finals wit Shaq on his team but he’s the best LMAO, Let that would of been MJ.

    • ol skool

      basic red, white, black and hint of burnt oranges. the heat doesn't have any throwback uniforms to choose from. go kill yourself!

    • sneakerfittedguy

      Burgundy and gold with the occasional black wasn't bad for the most part … though he'd usually just end up rocking the bred c/w's that Nike made! Eitherway he went, I think the c/w's he rocked would be the same for the most part ..

  10. orodriguez2589

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