Nike SB Dunk Mid “Street Fighter” Pack – Ryu

Capcom x Nike SB Dunk Mid "Street Fighter" Pack - Ryu

With yesterday marking the release of the “Chrome Ball Incident” Nike SB Dunks, it’s already time to look ahead to the next round of SB releases. This time, Capcom’s legendary “Street Fighter” is lending a popular character’s looks to a Dunk Mid, in a reportedly official collaboration.

The fighter who inspired us all to yell “Haduken!” at at least one point in our lives is paid tribute with this strapless sneaker. Ryu’s gi inspired the white canvas build, while the shoe’s foxing and Swoosh are representative of the video game legend’s belt and headband, respectively. There’s no word on a release date at this time, but don’t expect Ryu to be the only character who’s shown love with a sneaker.

Nike SB Dunk Mid
“Street Fighter” Pack – Ryu

Capcom x Nike SB Dunk Mid "Street Fighter" Pack - Ryu

Ryu from "Street Fighter"

Source: snkrbook


  1. Mustpdakicks says:

    Concept. But shoulda been better. Not all that dope.

    1. Sneaky_Feet says:

      I agree 100%


  2. Alan says:

    Reminds me of jasons

  3. James Blacksmith says:

    I wonder how the Ken version might look…
    this is decent, not entirely ugly, not beautiful.

  4. Dannyoyo says:

    Not so bad not so great

  5. Santomcdopeness says:

    if they had the strap and they were red for the headband these would be AMAAAAZINGGGG

  6. Dylan greatness says:

    Looks identical to pair of dunk hi’s I got 2 years ago, only difference is the swoosh material

  7. buddy says:

    these go sooo raw. I dont know what all the skepticism is about.

  8. SOLEKIDD says:

    These are one of the best SBs I’ve seen for awhile. If they make a pair for Ken and Akuma then no doubt I’m buying those two!

  9. Ken Masters says:

    I hope the droppa colorway for Ken plus a bison and blanka colorway would kill!

  10. Mr. Willson says:

    C’mon!!! Are you serious?! You design a sneaker based on a video game icon and THIS is the best you could come up with???



    1. Bill says:

      Couldn't agree more. Its like nike was just lazy and put together some colors.

  11. rocky says:

    These are garbage. Excluding Bape I would say Nike SB has fallen off the hardest since the recession.

  12. RiF says:

    The color way is sorta eeh… But please bring us more strapless Dunk Mids!!!! That silouhuete is one if the dopest things I’ve seen in a while!!!! Bring is some better color ways, and I’m cop’n em!