Air Jordan 7 White/Orion Blue

Air Jordan 7

In addition to the Air Jordan 3 White/Cement and the Air Jordan 13 “Playoffs”, Jordan Brand will also unleash an Air Jordan 7 during the year of 2011.

At a first glance, this shoe may remind you of the Air Jordan 7 “Pacific Blue” that released in 2006. However, the color schemes are obviously different. Orion blue and infrared accents provide nice color blocking on the predominately white leather upper and are specifically spotted on the sole, tongue and heel. Any chance we can see Kevin Durant play in these? Just one game?? If you recall, we haven’t seen a colorway of MJ’s seventh signature sneaker since 2009′s Air Jordan 7 DMP 60+ Pack, and there has been no sign of an Air Jordan 7 release this year. Therefore, will you jump on this Air Jordan 7 White/Orion Blue when it releases?

Source: NT


  1. JABZ_215 says:

    WTF is this??? I wouldnt rock these if they were FREE!!!!…jesus 2 steps 4ward 1 step back JB…

    1. B says:

      scratch that. reverse it…

  2. RETRO4S says:

    These are HORRIBLE.

  3. Dawoyne says:

    Easy pass for me….. Already got the 2009 pack

  4. copTHESE?? says:

    first and this kicks are fresh as a babies diaper!

    1. enthusiast says:

      sarcasm, right? LOL

  5. copTHESE?? says:

    never mind im not first lol

  6. Celtic hater says:

    Need more pics.

  7. aukid says:

    More pics would be nice but I already know Im coppin

  8. JABZ_215 says:

    these look soooooooooo much like knockoffs you can get for 50$$

  9. MisterSmoove2U says:

    Man WTF the VII is in my top 5 favorites as far as silhouettes go but wus up wit this colorway. Mite b clean wit the rite fit but overall an easy pass since I got the 60+ pack.

  10. eldon c says:

    color can bite me

  11. rooftop visions says:

    nah fudge that…i'll have to pass on these

    yea yea yea…just check out the d**n site…s**t

  12. the truth is says:

    nah I’m straight aint feeling these much at all will the bordeaux 7′s come out as many blogs have been saying

  13. Sneaky_Feet says:

    This colorway does the AJ VII model a HUGE injustice. FAIL!

  14. SeanC says:

    nobody noticed this is a retro, i had these some years ago, these are dope. ya'll is just hypebeasts. smh.

  15. Bigsneak2113 says:

    7′s are my LEAST favorite model EVER!!! So any CW is a pass for me.

  16. majkel523 says:

    I love VII but Daaaaamn, these look like fake!

  17. Bill says:

    Eww. People will buy these just becasue they're retros.

  18. King says:


  19. The Champ says:

    Lmao real js that look fake easy pass !!!

  20. Brinkleberg says:

    I fckn agree looks like a fake, n Orion blue/infrared are you kidding me??