Chris Brown’s Greatest Footwear Moments

Virginia native Chris Brown is simply a staple in our Celebrity Sneaker Stalker. Just recently, we paired him with TI in one of our latest Footwear Faceoff installments as he laced up the Nike Air Yeezy. Before that, we spotted him rocking the Jordan Spizike in our Celebrity Sneaker Stalker.

However, what other fresh kicks has Chris Brown been spotted in lately? Complex chose the pop star for its latest installment of Greatest Footwear Moments. In this feature, you will see a variety of sneakers including Air Jordans, Dunks, Chuck Taylors and Vans. Click here to view Chris Brown’s Greatest Footwear Moments.


  1. Winse says:

    Breezy is Garbage & one of the biggest Hollywood Hypebeasts!

  2. The crispy nerd says:

    Pretty good. However nobodies gear and kcks r better than wale. Or fab

  3. NotLikeU says:

    he used to be fresh…breezy been fallin off lately

  4. Autotune says:


  5. Z ROK says:

    i strongly disagree

  6. 50 Mag says:

    CB is terrible! What's next a cover story about Lil' Bow-Wow's greatest footwear moments?

  7. douche mcfarlen says:

    this dude is such a tool…

  8. I wonder if he was wearing a pair of "beaters" on that infamous night with RiRi.


    makes them anniversary 2's look super fresh.

  10. Chris says:

    The real question is, "What sneakers was he wearing when he punched Rianna out?"

  11. Salafi says:

    Chris Browns best footwear moments?lol since when did he become a sneaker “icon” he’s simply a lame. If your going to do an article on this guy you might as well highlight Lil Romeos collection of Master P sneakers he had a couple hundred pairs of those!

  12. Ty-Ron says:

    If u a true fashion fein u no knowones sneakergame or clothing gear is better then wales that man just changed the gane

    1. Lem says:

      Decent. In my opinion many of the rappers/entertainers try to hard by trying not to try. But in any event do you.

  13. Shoeless Joe says:

    why not show the shoes he was wearing when he kicked Riannas a$$.hahahahahaha

  14. kay says:

    Those shoes are all garbage I have seen him with better kicks and shoes then those!

  15. That n*cca C Breezee is the sh** and i hope homie continue to keep doing his thing in the process of pissing yawl haters off. Chris' kick game and fit up there… not to mention that new mixtape go dumb hard… DMV…

  16. guest says:

    my boi breezy got da shoe on lock

  17. Matt says:

    Ok serious WE ALL GET IT.. C.B punched Rihanna and hit her My God are ppl still talking about this really have you nothing better to say then dnt say it…..yeaahh ill be honest his shoe game has changed and honestly his shoes with his swag looks a lot better back during 08 and 09 not in 2010 really i guess he just stopped caring what the ppl say….seriously guys get off of this rihanna crap really its soo annoying we get it u need to get OVER it really…honestly he is still making music and hes not doing a bad job at all….and please those ppl who mention Wale r probably the same ppl who will call him a hypebeast and give him madd crapp!!! SMH at some ppl its whatever though you guys have your opinions and i have mine Ill leave it AT THAT!

  18. Jadakiss says:

    Why aint Chris Brown remembered for classic kicks?
    Why do we only remember Chris for smacking a bitch?

  19. SeanC says:

    Real shit, Chris Brown has NO style, wtf is going through ya'll hypebeasts minds? he copped the Flu Games, 10 days AFTER they came out. HYPEBEAST to the fullest, he wears all his jordans wrong, he wore supra's with a NIKE hoody. it's tacky. it's terrible, i'm not a hater just to tell you ignorant fucks, but i tell you he has no style, he's not original. Ever since he's been with Tyga, he's been wearin' same shit Tyga has been wearin' GTFO with that shit. .

  20. JHOVA says:

    nice tiny dog in pic 55