Nike Zoom Hyperfuse More Colors

Nike Hyperfuse More Colors

The Nike Zoom Hyperfuse has been seen on the court a number of time this NBA offseason, though it’s yet to hit stores. With Summer hoops season fast approaching, Nike is set to roll out a plethora of colorways of this lightweight sneaker, as seen the five color-ups here.

Two make use the paint splatter ankle that we’ve seen on previous models, including the pair designed for the World Basketball Championships this Summer. Bright green and red are available with this design. Also seen is a deep purple shoe that will look to capture the love consistently shown for “Eggplant” Nikes. Finally, white and obsidian, and black and red are paired on the final two. More colorways are sure to appear soon, meaning this sneaker could stretch well in to the next time we see more of our favorite NBA super stars.

Nike Hyperfuse More Colors

Nike Hyperfuse - Red/Black

Nike Hyperfuse More Colors

Nike Hyperfuse More Colors - Purple

Nike Hyperfuse More Colors

Nike Hyperfuse More Colors - Black/Red

Nike Hyperfuse More Colors

Nike Hyperfuse More Colors - White/Obsidian


  1. Barry Melrose says:

    liking the USAs

    1. lakers 2010 champs says:

      the purple ones have a touch of foamposite dont you all agree?

      1. eric says:

        all of them have foamposite on them :P

      2. blah says:

        yes they mentioned that in the description

      3. size12whut? says:


  2. Ewreath says:

    The white ones are fresh.

  3. kristopher says:

    what happened to those aqua joints?

  4. Anon says:

    Those green one's are dope!

    1. RR9_10 says:

      yes sir

  5. DJR says:

    I'm going to abll in the green ones no doubt.

  6. Bakk says:

    Just on time, i needed green and red shoes

  7. dopasaurus says:

    flight lite 2 redux…

  8. freeballer says:

    obsidians please

  9. cheyo.... says:

    all oogly xcpt 4 da black n redz

  10. pup says:

    The purple and the USA ones go!

  11. pup says:

    The purples look like foamposite material around the ankle.

  12. JHOVA says:

    i’ll cop a pair of the purple to wear to kansas state basketball games
    btw wildcats center curtis kelly rocks some heat!!!! get your kicks on court game on nice kicks

    1. dwadewtfcmonson says:

      shutup who cares bout kstate, KU is all that matters.

  13. Dcast says:

    the peacock print is GAY

  14. deano says:

    USA USA!!! hopefully Rondo makes the team…

  15. john says:

    rondo might be the best point in the league despite having no j. T

    team usa would be so fun to watch with him running the point. He is one of the most unselfish players in the league, not to mention his handle is unmatched

    1. Dimboy001 says:

      When he develops a shot he'll be unstoppable

    2. kells says:

      rondo is good, especially in the playoffs, but there are at least 5 pgs better than him in the league today. but i definitely respect his game and how he makes his team better

  16. Dimboy001 says:

    Nice kicks

  17. Isaac says:

    why are the red hyperfuse the only ones with pipe laces?

  18. npt says:

    the white/black ones i saw bout a month ago are the best so far

  19. word is bond says:

    i’m predicting tens across the board when NK does a performance review
    seriously – this will be basketball shoe of the year

  20. icollect2 says:

    not bad!! feeling the green ones!! and u.s.a's!