Air Jordan XI “Concord” Cake

We’ve all seen our share of imitations in our past. This however, might just be the best (tasting) imitation we’ve seen in recent times. With many people complaining about quality issues regarding Air Jordans as of late, this cake leaves no doubt when it comes to quality and attention. Details are down to the stitching on this masterpiece. Although icing and butter cream may not be as desirable as patent leather and icy soles, sneaker heads must admit that this is one of the best birthday cakes we’ve seen in recent time. Two days ago, we showed you a Jordan Melo M6 “Future Sole” inspired cake. Which cake would you rather have on your big day?

Air Jordan XI "Concord" Cake

Air Jordan XI "Concord" Cake

Air Jordan XI "Concord" Cake

Air Jordan XI "Concord" Cake

Air Jordan XI "Concord" Cake

Source: madefreshdailycakes


  1. xk91 says:

    A What the Dunk cake would be cool. This is awesome though.

  2. mjthagreat1 says:

    Definitley the coolest cake ever!!!

  3. $upaHu$tla says:

    Clean ass cake!!! Man I wish they would bring this shoe out!!! I bet they won’t drop them till 2011 doe just because I feel they are the best 11′s hands down but as far as the cake goes…… That’s a delicious as cake

    1. lakers 2010 champs says:

      nah the columbias are the best next to these

      1. 2pn says:

        Nah…$upahu$la's right. Concords are hands down the most epic 11s ever. followed by CG and the Breds or Space Jams…hell i'll take the snakeskin lows before the columbias

      2. KingJay11593 says:

        Naaa spacejams are the 11s handsdown

    2. lakers 2010 champs says:

      i change my mind these are the best i was wrong columbias are just a white sneaker i was totally wrong

  4. Philly June says:

    My sister hooked me up with a PS3 with Pepsi cake this year!!!!
    This cake might b the only way to get a pair!! Lol!!! Thanks JB

  5. Durty_Basturd says:

    MASTERPIECE!!! Belongs in the theme cake hall of fame

  6. Winse says:

    Wow almost looks like a real shoe

  7. concords!!!!ill be 30, i want a Jordan cake, lol

  8. zion says:

    Wow. I won’t even eat this cake I’ll store it in the freezer. But this has to be at least $500+ to this cake this is art, hey where’s the other shoe,lol,

  9. kommet says:


  10. Flatsole says:

    That's the best job I've ever seen anyone do on a cake.

  11. Solez says:


  12. Richie says:

    Fake! Lol

    no spacing in 23 & it says 29!! Lmao

    looks really nice overall, some of the cakes like yeezy cakes and stuff looks funny but these look pretty good

    I’d like a slice ;)

  13. Midwestbeast says:

    They need to release them damn shoes!!!!

  14. Hova Da God says:

    Can't beat that for a birthday cake for my little boy. He got the gs 11's deadstock. Wouldn't let him wear them.

  15. liljp361 says:

    lol wtf is that…

  16. Vagrant says:


  17. Hek says:

    Amazing detail

  18. napagrapes says:

    just make sure to eat it and not seal it in a bag

  19. janglelang says:

    dang… i keep looking at that pic……dang!!!!! im loving this cake

  20. (:D) says:

    uhmm, not really … ask anyone of these people who like the columbia's over the concords, i'm pretty sure concords would win … by A LOT

    1. 2pn says: