Michael Jordan Statue puts Reebok on Thin Ice

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Don’t worry readers, this is not another Fusion. Recently, the famous Michael Jordan statue in front of Chicago’s United Center had been dressed in hockey attire to celebrate the Chicago Blackhawk’s run in the Stanley Cup Finals. As many of you know, the famous statue depicts MJ wearing the Air Jordan 9. However, a skate blade was attached to the soles. The problem? A Reebok skate was attached. Within 48 hours, a Nike sticker was placed over the Reebok logo.

Reports are now speculating that this was the work of a fan and not industry heads at Nike or JB, however, this isn’t the first time Reebok, Jordan, and the Blackhawks have crossed paths. Last spring, Jordan attended a Blackhawks game in a personalized “23” Blackhawks sweater. MJ did some additional personalization covering up all Reebok logos on the jersey.? Additional pics of the statue and skate change can be seen below.

Air Jordan 9 with skate and Nike sticker (left), original Reebok skate on statue (center), full statue in Blackhawk's attire (right)

Source: Yahoo! Sports

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35 Comments on "Michael Jordan Statue puts Reebok on Thin Ice"

  1. dopasaurus

    i always thought it was funny that the statue had mike wearing a pair of Js he never laced up in for an NBA game…

    • addikted2kix

      I was about to say the same thing.. But he did wear the retro nine's when he was wizard in the cool gray colorway..

  2. FrOGman

    This is funny.. MM has a HUGE head.. But he is the MAN. the statue is tight covered all up like that.. I remember when Nike starting into Hockey Products, I got the all white Nike rollerblades for my Bday that summer..those were so FLY!

  3. Ryan.T.

    How'd they stretch the jersey out enough to even get it on the statue? The statue's arms don't bend obviously…

  4. ajFREAK

    obviously mj wasn't feelin the reebok joints on his jersey at the black hawk game, so he's not feelin' the reebok on dem classic 9's. leave jordan alone!

  5. crazyhorsethechief

    I think it's great that they dressed up the statue. With all the pain that Chicago fans have felt over the past 100 years, it's cool that they celebrated someone BESIDES Jordan. It's not that serious. People act like the man is a demigod. All he did is play basketball, albeit very well, but that's it. The series is only seven games. it'll be over before people know it. And the Nike sticker is the right thing to do if the statue is going to have a brand specific shoe on it.

  6. iRoqkJ'z

    If MJ isn’t sayinq n.e thinq den y r u? Chicago does have n.e thinq qood in sports to look foward other den da blackhawks so let dem be happy & do what dey want!!!!!


    MJ went and played baseball. Why not let the statue rock some Chi-town hockey gear?! MJ was a big supporter of the city and all the teams. I dig it and if it really does say "Jordan" on the back… well that's even mo'pimpy! Jordan on the line-change FTW! hahaha

  8. willie_mcfly22

    The IX sales jus went up cuz I kno alooooot of peoe dent kno he was wearin the IXs in the statue…

  9. myfasx3

    anybody that got sad about them anything to the "all mighty jordan" just relax its not disrespect its just a joke. damn some people just need to chill!

  10. wangbu14

    that's plain stupid. whoever had this idea is an idiot. you should'nt toy with an iconic symbol of a man that brought your town recognizable in the basketball world.

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