Kevin Garnett to Leave adidas for Anta

It looks like the Big Ticket will be the next NBA superstar to jump ship on an American-recognized sneaker company and sign with a Chinese footwear brand. Baron Davis (Li-Ning) and Jason Richardson (Peak) are just a few to have already done so.

Reportedly, Garnett will opt-out of his “lifetime endorsement deal” with the three stripes brand and move to Anta following this season. KG was expected to surpass his career’s length with his adidas endorsement and support the brand as a veteran, but it looks as though the brand will join Nike and And 1 as ex-endorsers. If the deal goes through and he opts out, Garnett will join Rocket Luis Scola on the fresh-to-America brand. Stay tuned for more information on this developing story.

Source: CounterKicks

Photo: Yahoo

  • Sheed

    Just Go back to Nike what is he doing? he sucks LOL

  • deano

    Them Chinese cats must be frontin some major cash lol. Thats the only way you would ever see them craps on my feet if I was an NBA player.

  • eieio

    shoulda got back with Nike, brung them flightposites back

  • commentsRfree

    for real if i was in the NBA i would say screw an endorsement (you make millions anyway) and wear whatever the hell i see fit (heat every game). I think its a personal thing and he just doesn't want to wear the same shoes as dwight. He cries alot.

    • deano

      lol KG is soft in the middle like a pop tart. Seen dude tryna bully Dwight, Dwight was like "I want you to hit me!!", KG walked off. Then later Dwight accidentally caught him with a bow and he was lying on the floor for 30 seconds lol.

    • 2pn

      <FONT COLOR="rgb(0,64,232)">yeah but if 95% of the heat you rock is Jordans and Nikes…why not just sign to them and get paid even more…some of these cats get paid more by Nike than they do by their teams…especially the cats who are on the rookie payscale their first 4 years.</FONT>

  • kremlin

    KG is a P$#% , I remember when anthony peeler who is 7 in shorter punched him in the jaw..

    He didnt do anything…

    Anta sucks

  • (216)Cleveland

    Fuck all you KG haters. It's his decision not yours!

  • KickszR

    KG suck dicckk!!


    why would you keep DEmoting yourself with these shoe deals?? you went from the greatest shoe company out there to one that we barely know anything about.

  • Nick

    Commanders are getting popular he wants his own style rip kg adidas

  • http://Nicekicks Smidrex

    Delonte west is a savage

    • MrTwoThree

      ….he's garbage

  • ian

    it has to be about $$$, theres no other reason. hes like the leading adidas endorser. what happend to “it takes 5” KG? lol.

  • kareja

    KG should be called the "big crying baby" every game he is whining on some not so hard fouls trying to get "star calls" out of the referees, don't get me wrong he got mad hoops, but he's really a big crying baby. and pretty much every adidas basketball shoe are really ugly so whatever

  • Beamer

    Wow man. The world just keeps changing for the worst. First hip-hop died, then ppl started wearing skinny jeans, now KG sucks and he’s a crybaby?! KG has the heart of a champion and obviously real don’t know real when they see it nomore.

    • REN

      All the kg haters are drinkin that purple and yellow koolaide!! Step off kobes dick and recognize a true champion!!!

  • gonzo4of9

    to all you nay-sayers: Since the mid 90’s who has been running the PF spot for the NBA? 2 names, KG & TD.

    • boomtho

      and they sell how many units?

      theres a reason no company wants a 4/5 or even signs one to a big ocntract

  • @RealLeeMartin

    What in the hell is Anta? lol
    follow me @RealLeeMartin

  • kicksfanatik09

    What the Hell is Anta anyways??? Oh well So much for the "Brotherhood" right Big Ticket???

    • e-weezie


  • Winse

    Nike doesn’t want his old ass but WTF Anta

  • btilts

    Anta are a leading Ping Pong company that have designed some of the greatest Ping Pong bats(rackets?) and Polo style shirts for the sport of Ping Pong

  • Nike Champ 718

    Are these new Chinese brands even good performers on the court? I can't take the word of an NBA player because Grant Hill and Jamal Mashburn wore Filas for years.

  • AIR96st

    Hey.. You won't see me in a pair of some Chinese joints.. But don't dare turn your back on KG!

    Youngn's got no respect and hate is at an all time high.. You dudes are all chumps!

    KG is one of the best that ever did it.

  • ShawnyRojo22

    Lol true. I remember when Q Richardson was bout 2 piece KG up he talk big jazz but know he don’t got no hands.

  • League Leading Hater

    YEAH KEV….. GET THAT CHINESE MONEY… GET IT ALL… AND SPEND IT ALL HERE HELPING OUR ECONOMY …. cause aint nobody buying Peak and Anta in the states…… Maybe Li Ning… but not the other 2 shitty brands.

  • n i r v a n a

    I guess KG has a family to feed too like his former teammate latrell sprewell said!

  • Adam13

    Real champion? He said it himself he wishes he would had left Minn. earlier. Just bandwagoned his way cos he couldn’t do it himself. Anta=sh!t. Can’t sell his own stuff overseas so he has to sign there just to be global like Kobe or Bron. That’s the real reason.

    • Realness

      Kinda like Kobe and the Lake Show buying championships??? If Kobe wasn't playing with Pau, Aartest, Odom, etc, he wouldn't be winning either man. Yankees buy championships, everyone now a days is buying championships, who cares. The only real cat who did it with what he was given was Jordan. He did it with scrubs like Bill Wennington, Luc Longley and Cartwright in the middle. You saw what happened to Pippen when MJ left

      • Adam13.

        Last time I checked MJ couldn’t win sh@t until Pippen, Rodman, BJ Armstrong, and others. Not denying that KB24 hasn’t had his rings bought. It’s always been getting the most talent on one team. Just don’t want to hear that KG is a “true” champ.

        • Realness

          Check your facts again. 1991 & 1992 Bulls Championship teams had no Rodman. Pippen was drafted (traded by the Sonics), not brought to the team, same with BJ Armstrong. These guys were part of the building of a team, not the buying of a team.KG may not be a "true" champion, but neither in my opinion is Kobe nor Lebron for obvious reasons

          • Adam13.

            How is trading for Pippen building a team and L.A. trading for Gasol buying a ring? Memphis did not have to ok the trade. It’s not like they were forced into it. I getyour a Bulls/Jordan honk but realize what you’re saying. There is a salary cap. These days players will not stay loyal to a franchise. Teams are going to dump their roster just so Legone Wade Bosh would hope to sign there. Thats buying a team. Not the same L anymore.

          • Realness

            Pippen never played in a Sonics uniform when he was drafted (I don't think). Traded on draft day. LA traded for almost that whole team man. Odom, Pau, Fisher, Artest. Bulls traded for Pippen, if you want to even call that a "trade". I hear you about the salary cap.
            In regards to KG signing with Anta. The premise in my opinion is for more of these shoes to be sold overseas, as the Asian market has A LOT more people than we do, and more cash. Fans there will eat those shoes up. I believe a lot of the older stars, will follow suit as the younger stars eat up the Nike, Adidas and Reebok contracts.

  • celts

    KG a beast!! but seriously anta…..

  • 2pn


  • 2pn


    • 2pn


  • KG5

    prepare to get injured, KG!

  • League Leading Hater

    Good to go KG…get that Chinese guap and funnel it into our economy… as opposed to us always buying their stuff

  • MrTwoThree


  • maxalot

    wear a nike KG!

  • kim

    why are you guys hating kg for this?…you guys are just jealous coz aint got no endorsement deals…China is growing fast and will demote the US in the near future…hate as much as you can coz you guys wont get the money, the fame and the merchandise that KG will get from this chinese shoe

  • Cloverfield

    That Anta logo is kind of like nike and asics had a deformed bastard child. But still it aint like adidas, nike, reebok etc aren't made in China anyways, probably in the same factory!