Air Jordan Fusion 12 Obsidian/White

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Air Jordan Fusion 12 Obsidian/White

The Air Jordan Fusion 12 first premiered years ago. It’s been on hiatus since, but it appears as though it will return this fall, having borrowed its looks from the never-retroed (as a Mid, at least) Air Jordan XII Obsidian/White.

Obsidian Blue tumbled leather covers the upper, while white laces are used to match up with the outsole and toe areas. French Blue helps on the heel and liner, as well as the tongue logo, which peeks out over an ankle strap. Many purists will be angered by this move surely, but let us not forget that the Air Jordan Fusion 9 in white/University Blue last Summer will be followed next weekend by the release of the Air Jordan 9 Retro in the same colorway. While it’s far too early to speculate, could a successful run for this Fusion bring us the real thing later?

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  1. jackie

    The only reason i like these fusions is because their literally air force ones. nuthing is different. and this CW go hard.

  2. iRockFusions

    These are straight RAW…I got all the fusions except the 3’s&4’s. I remember stepping in the school with the taxi fusion12’s(the first fusion released). My friends were like damnnnnn, he got jays and forces on at the same time. Lol. I been rockin fusions ever since then.

    • FLiP

      I remember someone in my school wearing fusions and everyone was making fun of him cause they were so ugly. Fusions are horrible.

  3. T

    Irockfusions kill yourself….. With a hollowtip
    I could have sworn they were eventually stop fusions or at least do every number 1-13 now it’s seems the going back again come in
    now jb WTF?!

  4. MikE

    hey people, stop BITCHING about fusions. sure for the most part they suck, but you've gotta couple like the cement iv's and the xii's that are actually legit. i am so sick of people ripping on them.

    • klm1015

      They are ripping them because they are shitty. We all have the right to have an opinion, just like you have the horrid opinion that IV fusions and XII fusions are nice, others actually have taste in sneakers.

    • I feel ya MikE,
      I've got the fusion III's in white (OG colorway) & the Fusion IV's in both black and white (both OG colorway) and they all go hard.
      And for all you dorks who don't actually wear the shoes they buy…all three of these are in my regular rotation.
      Rock 'Em, Don't Rack 'Em.

  5. I gotta agree as much as I hate fusions…. Fusions seems to be only chanting WE SHALL OVERCOME. With every release they come out with. More and more people seem to be rocking them and take a much like to them. Why?? Cuz the reseamble alot of our favorite J’s or maybe the availability of them?! Nit having to wait in line or camp out for them. Or maye to just seperate themselves from everone else who knows. One thing I do kno. The more people hate on fusions the more it seems to boost the mind sets of those who get them and want to get them. Sorry but it looks like fusions are gonna be here to stay…… For a while

    • elbino24

      So you're saying that fusions basically take the passion out of being a jordan head, or a sneakerhead in genreral for that matter. I personally dislike fusions not only for their horrendous looks, but also for the fact that they make CW's that real heads went through great ordeals to acquire as easy to get as driving to the mall. Let the hypebeasts mess with these.

      • blah

        Ain't no Hypebeast messing with Jordan Fusions, Hypebeast are the ones buying up all the retro J's a couple at a time and selling them on Ebay. The peeps who are buying up fusions are casual sneaker folks who probably just go to the mall to buy a new pair of kicks when the ones on their feet start to wear out.

  6. rock what i stock

    fusions what could i say… well jackie said it pretty well the only reason i like these fusions is because their literally air force ones nuthing is different. so if i was to buy these i would say they are air force ones that are jordan inspired. the fact that they are really jordan' with air force inspired kind of sucks…… its the way you look at them but all around not bad i would buy them and wear them to work and shit…. basically some fusions are nice but they do not have a dead stock type of value….. you buy them and rock them that is it

  7. miked

    mannn this is my favorite 12 colorway…i have my og's still break necks today especially them hype beast who be on them fusions..haha

  8. rock what i stock

    some fusions are okay but it is just a shoe to wear that you don't have to worry about creasing or some one stepping on them because they dont really go up in value…. if you like they style but dont want to buy these because they are fusions then you are falling in to the hype buy what you want rock what you want

  9. Phenom305

    I am not a fusion fan, the main reason is that they’ve made some of my favorite J’s (colorways especially) in fusion form which drives me crazy. Cuz I want the retro and can’t get it. But in the other hand I’m happy fusion are here cuz all the teenagers and non “sneakerheads” go crazy for them. So they burn they’re money on that crap and leave us to buy the real retros. I wonder if they released both versions, for example this 12. In retro from and fusion, Wil lthey fusuion still sell out? cuz for the most part the fusions fly off the shelfs. So let them keep making them, so these hypebeasts can buy it and not have money for the packs and fire retro!!!

  10. just when i thought that they were just gonna go threw the numbers n be gone with this trash back on 12 fusions…….well maybe now they can bring back the same colorway in the retro12s that would be great to have again i hugged my ogs hooped in them til they crumbled…..

  11. Thoughts

    Man I’m tryin to get rid of my fusions(12) that I never touch’d maybe once to try them on and they bring out more 12s fusions….I don’t no wat I saw in fusions now when I look at them… JB should just stop with the fusions.

  12. P-THIN


  13. Mee

    these are the only nice fusion becuase it looks like air force with a touch of jordans; the rest just looks like cheap downgrade jsthese are the only nice fusion becuase it looks like air force with a touch of jordans

  14. Desp1

    The 12 Taxi Fusions where the only fusions i bought and i love them, they are made with good materials and they look more like an AF1 then a Jordan which i like. These are dope too i will def cop those when they release. I personally hate every Fusion that came out after the 12’s Fusions and they are the only fusions i will buy.

  15. ceddy ced

    maaan i actually dont have a problem with fusions. i like how the two shoes have been merged into one. i also think nike is being really lazy… recycling these same shoes over and over again smh. every shoe i see now is either a hybrid or merged into some bs! i think the only thing to stop me from buying these shoes is the price tag though. no way in hell im payin $140+ on some shoes that look somewhat like the retros thats comin out that are $150 and up lol.

  16. ok so you guys release the lowtop obsidians a few years back… now some fusions for that colorway but refuse to release the original hightops?!? great.. : (

  17. iRockFusions

    @ T and all the fusion haters…if u don’t like fusions then don’t click on the story and hate on them. If they were so horrible, why you starring at them and hating.

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