Nike Air Force 1 White/Black

Nike Air Force 1 White/Black

Another clean Nike Air Force 1 has been tabbed for release in the coming months. This pair looks like it started life as a white-on-white, but was given a few extra touches to mix things up.

All of the white leather panels that would normally be in place have been backed with black leather, from heel to toe, including the Swoosh. The white midsole shows touches of black as well, like the heel “Air” logo and a stripe just above the stitching. Expect these to land at retailers in the coming weeks, of you can grab a pair now on eBay for just a bit over retail.


  1. Nikefreak1000 says:


  2. Walt says:

    These are HOT

  3. Big TYG says:

    These are so damn sick! Going to eaze cop up a fresh pair:)

  4. swaqqkidd12 says:


  5. Sneaky_Feet says:

    Best AF-1 I seen in a long time.

  6. Smidrex says:

    Yeeaaaaaa getting em

  7. koebot says:

    I hate Vandals but these are too hot!

  8. Damian2345 says:

    Damn even tho it’s a white/black color way it’s still gonna break necks haha so Ima def cop these puppies

  9. hahaa says:

    lol they look so awkward….

    they are like vandal's cheesy butch guido tanned big bro.

  10. Fact Iz says:

    I agree these look like vandals to me as well

  11. @BROTHALOU says:


  12. TERRI TATE says:

    They slap!

  13. pup says:

    The black stripe above the midsole is the dopest part.

  14. Chad says:

    these right here is killin vandals, seriously, the only thing vandals got in common wit these is an outline, two totally different shoes with two totally different looks

  15. commentsRfree says:

    i'll take the vandals.

  16. donshea says:

    get them my swagg would be off the chain people really are going to feel them now roger that!!!!!

  17. Flatsole says:

    Very awkward lookin

  18. jomoso says:

    i dont really do air ones anymore but these are slick as hell

  19. DJ Kornbred says:

    crispy clean…me likey

  20. liljp361 says:

    pretty tight