Nike Zoom KD III


Here is a look at Kevin Durant?s third signature sneaker, the Nike KD III. The mid-cut shoe incorporates flywire on the lateral panel and zoom air in the forefoot. Some of the colorways to come are: White/Team Orange-Del Sol-Black, White/Black-Metallic Silver-White, White/Varsity Red-Metallic Silver-White, White/Midnight Navy-Photo Blue-White, Black/Royal Blue, Black/Dark Grey-Black, and White/Varsity Royal-Metallic Silver-White.

The shoe?s retail price is expected to be $88, and it will debut this upcoming holiday season. Until then, have a look at the other colorways below.

Nike KD 3

Nike KD III White/Black-Metallic Silver-White

Nike KD 3

Nike KD III White/Varsity Royal-Metallic Silver-White

Nike KD 3

Nike KD III Black/Dark Grey-Black

Nike KD 3

Nike KD III White/Varsity Red-Metallic Silver-White

Nike KD 3

Nike KD III White/Midnight Navy-Photo Blue-White

Nike KD 3

Nike KD III Black/Royal Blue

Source: CK


  1. Ugh. What a downgrade from the KD2's.

  2. alex says:

    first and these are ugly

    1. Alex is a LOSER says:

      nothing like a loser who thinks he's cool by saying first… . AND THEN NOT BEING FIRST!!!! hahahahaha I always get the biggest kick out of people like you.

  3. qwest4eight says:

    where is the creamsicle version…but these r a huge letdown from the 2s

  4. JLBAMFORD says:

    kd2's were so money and these arent even worth the change in my pocket

  5. mlkboulevard says:


  6. beenfly says:

    Disappointing :(

  7. CW1LL says:

    Nice….red n whit ones fire! F*ck wat yall think nice clean basketball shoe for 88$ u cant beat that!

  8. Trav Hardwork says:

    Knockoff Kobe’s……smh

  9. Celts fan 1 says:

    I copped the KD2 all-stars and the first release last fall. Style just is not there on these. Hopefully they are as comfortable as the 2′s. Overall disappointed.

  10. HimSOChill says:

    Man these look like some Generic Nikes, KD cant be happy with these

  11. gmoney says:

    i think i seen a pair of these that look exactly the same at walmart or sumthn. haha…WEAK

  12. gmoney says:

    ….and the kd 2zz were f@&kn weak too.

  13. xKAWSx says:

    Boo :/

  14. iRoqkJ'z says:

    Fake ass Kobes

  15. iRoqkJ'z says:

    Really KD? I know Kobe beat u but dat don’t mean u got steal his shoes. SMHx100000!!

  16. Ebinoba says:

    Smh. Not what I expected

  17. 2010 year of the sneaker says:

    Love KD, dislike KD sneaks. Dayum Nike please put more effort into your next superstar!

  18. Shev says:

    These are horrible man. I know KD said he wanted affordable shoes for the kids but he didn't say he wanted wack shoes.

  19. Bigballin says:

    Nooooooooooo why son

  20. phongsolaught says: