Jordan Melo M7

Earlier today we asked you to pick between Carmelo Anthony’s Jordan Melo M6 and its Future Sole offshoot in Footwear Faceoff. The standard issue Melo M6 has been a divisive sneaker with readers since its debut, while the FS version has been praised for its updated look. While the latter sneaker is yet to retailers, is it too early to take our first look at the upcoming Melo M7? No. No, it’s not.

In this color-up, pearl white patent leather covers the entire upper, with vertical slits running from the base of the midfoot to the heel. Yellow trim appears at the bottom of said slits. To match the light blue liner, the Phylon injected sole and Zoom Air forefoot-containing sole is the same color. The heel also reportedly contains a Max Air unit. It’s too early to say how much these shoes will change before Melo gets a chance to wear them on the court, but does this snap shot have you anticipating their release?

Source: SLAM