Jordan Melo M7

Jordan Melo M7

Earlier today we asked you to pick between Carmelo Anthony’s Jordan Melo M6 and its Future Sole offshoot in Footwear Faceoff. The standard issue Melo M6 has been a divisive sneaker with readers since its debut, while the FS version has been praised for its updated look. While the latter sneaker is yet to retailers, is it too early to take our first look at the upcoming Melo M7? No. No, it’s not.

In this color-up, pearl white patent leather covers the entire upper, with vertical slits running from the base of the midfoot to the heel. Yellow trim appears at the bottom of said slits. To match the light blue liner, the Phylon injected sole and Zoom Air forefoot-containing sole is the same color. The heel also reportedly contains a Max Air unit. It’s too early to say how much these shoes will change before Melo gets a chance to wear them on the court, but does this snap shot have you anticipating their release?

Source: SLAM


  1. Winse says:

    Melo fell off, his kicks are gettin worse & worse!

  2. Jsneaks says:

    Looks like some fake 9′s

  3. Sully41 says:

    Look like $hitty D Wade converse

    1. manila mike says:

      haha! right on the button!

  4. Billcollektr says:

    Whoa! These are not a good look… I could only judge this colorway I know, but even the silhouette is pretty weak… Get the FS kid to do their M7s and they’ll get some more heads turning.

  5. beenfly says:

    Really melo?!? You have say in how your shoe looks and this is the best concept you can come up with?

  6. Mike milli says:

    These are wack. They look like 9s, those d-wades and the last iversons had a baby and that baby threw up.

  7. TawanGee says:

    Danqq melo ur kicks are ugly

  8. Dsteez says:

    say it aint so

  9. rkd says:


  10. KiNGPiN says:

    AHAHAHHAAHAHAHAHAHHAHA id give these to the peasants

    1. LeviV says:

      i dont think they'll even wear them

  11. KiNGPiN says:

    AHAHAHHAAHAHAHAHAHHAHA id give these to the peasants

  12. Icebergslim says:

    I never liked melo shoes no I’m liein I liked Tha ones dat came wit Tha ankle brace

  13. ItsNeezy says:

    I guess these are "hot, fresh, fire" too like some said those ugly ass Jordan AR's are? =|

  14. Cors says:

    The catalogue pics looked really nice…what happened??? maybe and hopefully these were just an early weartest sample or something. I'm hoping.

  15. king says:

    They should call them the mopeds! instead of melos! cause ya know ya gotta pair but ya dont want any of your boys knowin you rock'em. They should also come with a free grocery sack so you can cover em up when you wear em in public….

  16. F_Wedianto says:


  17. kwame says:

    Carmelo is an all-star…he neeeeds to step up his shoe game to be a superstar/marketing icon…nobody where's melo's really…except the 1st ones

  18. Ray says:

    They Look like Converse WADE 1 knock offs!!!