Vans Vault Zapato & Chukka Del Barco LX

Vans Vault’s late Spring and early Summer releases are hitting stores now, including these four sneakers. Two Chukka Del Barcos and two Zapato Del Barcos have been designed in two different matching twosomes.

The first set pits charcoal canvas again tan leather. The canvas covers the toe and tongue, as well as areas around the heel. Brown leather laces secure them to your feet. The other two shoes makes use of kangaroo, a dark brown hue. It appears on the leather quarter panels, while canvas fills out the remainder of the upper. Black laces and stitching work for contrast. These sit on beige vulcanized soles, while the other two rely on white. All four are hitting retailers nationwide, including Bows & Arrows.

Vans Vault Zapato & Chukka Del Barco LX

Vans Vault Zapato & Chukka Del Barco LX

Vans Vault Zapato & Chukka Del Barco LX

Vans Vault Zapato & Chukka Del Barco LX

  • Winse

    Damn these are some of the Sickest Vans I’ve seen in a minute

    • MajieMcFly

      omg yea…these s**ts are f**kin lovely…the chukkas are better

  • danield6

    love all the CW's of chukka del barco's.
    they fiyaaaaah!

  • Ty

    Janoskis much

  • Steven

    Mannnnn if only there's a place in CT
    I would of cop all 4 of them
    There just all too nice

  • coopdawgg



  • Flatsole

    chukka del barcos, ftw

  • Youngstaaaa

    where can i get the chukka del barco?

  • A1rh3ad

    WTF these are hella copying sperry topsiders, dude vans are bigg time copiers

    • setIToff

      Well, you can go buy your Sperry's and I can go support Vans. It ain't like Vans is taking a lot of market share from Sperry. If the design ain't patented then there is no reason someone else can't use it.

  • Donny T

    Step off… boat shoes have been around forever although big ups to sperry

  • Jae

    I think I am in love!

  • BigManDownLo

    Chukkas pwn

  • Brudify.

    When are the Charcoal/Tan leather ones dropping? If any one knows, hook up a date. All over them Chukka's.

    • gwriter has them I just got mine today

  • gwriter

    Just placed my order on