Air Jordan 2010 “W3lcome Home”

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Air Jordan 2010 "W3lcome Home"

Dwyane Wade may be fighting an uphill battle against the Celtics, but then again, “fighting” may not be descriptive enough of the display he’s put on during the Heat’s short 2010 Playoffs run. Wade’s displayed a number of great color-ups of the divisive Air Jordan 2010, but the “W3lcome Home” pair has been a reader favorite since we first saw it. If you’re one of those who is waiting on this colorway to get into a pair of AJ2010s, you’ll be happy to know that you can get them on May 8th.

Varsity Red leather appears on the toe and heel areas. White perforated leather fills out the mid-panels, with solid leather surrounding the signature TPU window. A white upper midsole works alongside a black textured lower midsole and semi-translucent outsole. The insole reads “W3lcome Home” as a nod to Wade’s 2009 transition to Jordan Brand (Wade is from South Chicago).

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  1. John B

    not a fan of the 2010s but these and the black/uni blue cw's are pretty cool. might make one of them my first and last 2010 purchase.

  2. kris

    nah it wasn't time that made me change my mind. i seen these in person and it was a wrap when i put my foot inside. the window took a while to grow on me.

  3. Tds

    They really should of put a jumpman sillouette in tpu window that would make this shoe one of the best , just for changing the round tpu window to a jumpman at the same size !!!! You listening Nike/JB?

  4. its funny how people are "starting to like" the shoe, the cycle is repeating, just like most previous jordan…
    lets hope they dont start to hype about these shoes…

  5. DatNew1

    This is a nice color way just don't f- up like you do with kobe– cause that a nice shoe with– so f- up color way– and the ID are a bad ideal and please don't do it for the J 10's.

  6. Superman

    These shoes are straight fire I liked the 2010 since it came out copped a pair and I without a doubt Cop two of these so that I can Ball with one and rock the other

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