Band of Horses x Lakai Guy Hi

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Band of Horses x Lakai Guy Hi

The last time we heard from Lakai, the skate company was adding its name to the list of brands creating sneakers designed for the World Cup. This time around, they’ve paired with rock band Band of Horses on a pair of special Guy Hi’s.

“Infinite Arms,” the band’s next album, is set to release shortly, so album artwork served as inspiration for the kicks. A tone-down grey suede covers the upper of the shoes, while a darker grey is used on the leather logo along the sides. “Band of Horses” is embroidered near the ankle, and the heel area shows a special logo designed after the infinity sign. The insoles feature a photograph of an owl. will sell these beginning on May 18th.

Source: High Snobiety

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  1. Jsaints06

    I don’t see how this design embodies the band they’re attempting to portray…shoe lacks substance and aesthetic. It’s weak. My only question is where does Lakai find the funds to pay their under-talented design tream? Post some ads and get some help fellas…

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