Sole Boutique x Saucony Shadow 5000

The Shadow 5000 seems to be an top choice for collaborating names who work with Saucony. Only a short time after the Japanese drop of the Bodega pack, Texas retailer Sole Boutique will release their own sneaker.

Only 100 pairs of this limited sneaker will release in July, mixing a number of dark hues with lime green. Multiple shades of grey compose the upper, mixing mesh with suede and? 3M reflective. A touch of snakeskin also makes an appearance at the ankle and heel tab. That black suede that wraps around the base of the upper has been laser-engraved with Sole Boutique’s bear logo, and features lime green stitching that matches the midsole speckle and semi-translucent outsole.

Sole Boutique x Saucony Shadow 5000

Sole Boutique x Saucony Shadow 5000

Sole Boutique x Saucony Shadow 5000

Sole Boutique x Saucony Shadow 5000

Sole Boutique x Saucony Shadow 5000

Sole Boutique x Saucony Shadow 5000

  • Flywell

    Well arnt u stupid. Instacop

  • thecopguy

    Way hotter than the Bodega pack. Gotta get 2 of those…

  • jackmeoff

    looks amazing, luv the bear logo

  • JRS

    The Bodega pack was better, but i would scoop these…….

  • Fingerbutt

    I like asics better but I’d cop these shadows in a heart beat they supa tight what da heil dawg

  • Flatsole

    Didn't expect anyone to like these, not a fan myself

  • Culpry!

    I like the translucent sole, but looking at those turquoise bodega joints agan. . these are kind of an afterthought. I really want those turquoise/grey joints!!

  • CoopDawgg

    not to sure about these, they look really dirty?
    know what im sayin?


  • @KurtBert

    not the best I've seen on a Saucony, but it's okay.

  • JCBRZ333

    Looks good. Gonna buy a pair, for sure.

  • marty

    im from the chi…….its pretty wack that they bite the kanye west bear…what does sole boutique have to do with a bear? its bad enough they have to use the sole in their store name … original …..or is this a sole collector branch store?…if not trash…

    no way is it better then the bodega pack at all …..bodega actually has real sneaker people that run it……so you can expect a real good sneaker to come out from them……look up the person who owns bodega and is collection is fire ……….

    • LOL


    • iluvhaters

      man u dont know wat u sayn…u dont know the people behind the shoe….ther shoe games on point…make u look silly….stop hatin cus the south makin moves….ull b a fan soon…

  • Julio

    Thanks for all the responses

  • kim

    ^^^i like the bear its actually a nice touch…….very nice colorway……

  • goodswrapper

    not bad