K-Swiss K-Ona Flag Shoes

This year, South Africa will host the 19th annual World Cup which is roughly two months away. Unless you’re one of the lucky ones, you will have to settle for watching the World Cup from the television; however, you can show your team spirit by purchasing one of these K-Swiss K-Ona Flag shoes.

This lineup honors some of the teams participating in the 2010 World Cup. The nations represented include the United States, Germany, Japan, Brazil, Canada and Great Britain (shown after the jump). The shoe features performance-ready attributes such as Superfoam, Flow Cool and Si-18 crash footpad. Each colorway is now available at K-Swiss’s online store for $100 each. Click here to view the lineup in its entirety.

K-Swiss K-Ona Flag Shoes

K-Swiss K-Ona Flag Shoes "Canada"

K-Swiss K-Ona Flag Shoes

K-Swiss K-Ona Flag Shoes "Brazil"

K-Swiss K-Ona Flag Shoes

K-Swiss K-Ona Flag Shoes "Japan"

K-Swiss K-Ona Flag Shoes

K-Swiss K-Ona Flag Shoes "Germany"

K-Swiss K-Ona Flag Shoes

K-Swiss K-Ona Flag Shoes "United States"

K-Swiss K-Ona Flag Shoes

K-Swiss K-Ona Flag Shoes "Great Britain"


  1. Stuart says:

    AHem there are no stars on the GB flag. Thats the australian shoe.

  2. Stuart says:

    Also Great Britain dont even enter the world cup so if its a world cup pack then K swiss have it all wrong.

    England enter world cups.

  3. HondurasKix says:

    its australia not gb

  4. Tae5 says:

    I would of been a fan for kwiss if they make Korean flag.
    show some love

  5. PoLo says:

    Usa is the best of corse then i like the brazil joints because u can get
    alot of hoes with them

  6. Rob says:

    That’s the AUSTRALIAN flag. Nicekicks just never stops screwing up. Don’t you guys have an editor???

  7. Koma says:

    Ugly of the week.

  8. Vince says:

    U.S. ones are the best.

  9. liljp361 says:

    original and cool

  10. whiteyherzog says:

    horrid and you guys suck

  11. D-coy says:

    Why the he’ll is japan in there they haven’t made a run for a long time…show some love to the countries that made it

  12. DJ Kornbred says:

    everybody's jumpin' on the world cup band wagon…unless you are from the country on the shoe, please don't rock 'em.

  13. Canada is NOT in the World Cup..

  14. Brad says:

    I'm gonna get the Japanese pair and use them strictly to kick rocks n dirt!!

  15. JETBOND says:

    These shoes are for Ironman athletes. The countries chosen represent the countries with the highest participation in Ironman events. So, they were not intended for World Cup. Also, there is a Great Britain, Korean, and South African version of these shoes.

  16. goodswrapper says:


  17. Peter says:

    You people are crazy, the CANADA ones ROCK THE HOUSE!!!!!!!!!!!!