Nike Air Diamond Turf Max 96

Nike Air Diamond Turf Max 96

Within the past couple of years, Nike has blessed us with specific sneakers from Ken Griffey Jr. and Bo Jackson’s signature sneaker line such as the Nike Air Griffey Max 1 and the Nike Air Trainer SC, respectively. In addition, we have now learned that Nike will re-release the Air Diamond Turf Max 96 again later this year.

If you recall, Nike already re-released this sneaker during 2007 in its original colorways, therefore, it is very odd that they would re-release this sneaker just three years afterwards. Nonetheless, the Nike Air Diamond Turf Max 96 is considered a classic from the Deion Sanders signature line. Look for this sneaker to hit retailers again this fall in both colorways. How do you feel about this shoe re-releasing again? Click here to share your thoughts.

Nike Air Diamond Turf Max 96

Nike Air Diamond Turf Max 96

Nike Air Diamond Turf Max 96

Nike Air Diamond Turf Max 96

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  1. Jamrockking says:

    First….and these are a cop no thoughts about it

    1. Hater O'Malley says:

      First is dead.

  2. P3t3y p3t3 says:

    Still got my red and black pair from 08

  3. teeLARGE says:

    Dear Nike…. can we get a release date for the '93 diamond turf…OG colorway… thanks.. KREATIV.SOLE

    1. gs444 says:

      they came out with the white/red ones in 2005. they def need to bring back the black/purple ones though

  4. 123rmvz says:

    I want DT2s

  5. hotboy16 says:

    I like da shoe, but they are re-releasing these too many times and too soon! Rugged Wearhouse had these for $40 not that long ago….

  6. MDJ says:

    Still got mine from 07. Kinda confusing why they would rerelease them again

  7. E smoove says:

    Re realeased way to Soon. But I’ll still buy

  8. Aka Showtime says:

    Got my pair and they got ruined pretty quickly. They look better not on feet

  9. diamond turf 2 says:

    forget these, they didnt sell when they first dropped, bring back the diamond turf 2, way fresher than the original. "water covers 3/4 of the planet, I cover the rest" -deion sanders

  10. dopasaurus says:

    …these are still on the hash wall at the PDX outlets..

    1. GO BLAZErs says:

      an woodburn an every other outlet around

  11. Enemesis215 says:

    I’m definitely feeling the red and white ones

  12. JORDAN HEAD says:

    hell yea imma get'em

  13. dd bb says:


  14. PoLo says:

    Sounds good at least people would get a chance to get em again if they beat up the first pair or if u missed out i want both this is a killa year in the sneaker bizz

  15. Zeeshan says:

    Prettyy dope, would only copp the red and white diomons turfs, the blacks are too plane on theese for me, but more than both of those i didnt even see the blue diomonds i would get the blue over all, but the red’s are a deff subsitute for them.

  16. Zeeshan says:

    Feeling the Red and Whies the other color wat just looks messed up with the random gold swosh, donno were that came in from, Red white are a deff copp, and didnt see the blue white with black soles??!!, but the red whites make a good sub for the blues anyways.

  17. I missed these the first go round. I will be copping the 49ers joints!

  18. MAN12 says:

    Man I got to get these. I kicked this dude twice with these on too many memories

  19. Primetime says:

    I still got me the OG’s with deion’s face on sole. I have the Cowboys Colorway too. These are nice but damn, releasing again? They must’ve made an over production of these and now tryna sell em out

  20. philippegroulx says:

    i need a pair