Cleated Kicks: Sabathia Almost Throws “No-No” In…

Cleated Kicks: Sabathia Almost Throws "No-No" In...

CC Sabathia showed off some very impressive custom Jordans in his 2010 debut, wearing cleated “Cool Grey” Air Jordan 11s and Air Jordan 4s en route to a tough loss to the Red Sox. In his second appearance of the year on Saturday, he’d almost throw a no-hitter for the first time in his career, and he wore some more impressive J’s to do it.

Allowing zero hits through almost 8 innings, Sabathia wore the “Concord” Air Jordan 11 with cleats in place of the standard icy outsole. Baseball superstition states that no player should talk to a pitcher during a no-hitter and that the pitcher should make no changes. That must be the reason CC wore only one pair of kicks for this game, as opposed to his two-shoe game last week. Check out what teammate Derek Jeter wore in his signature Jordans, and also the cleated Nikes Carl Crawford of the Rays sported against the Yanks in the same game.

Cleated Kicks: Sabathia Almost Throws "No-No" In...

Sabathia pitches 7 2/3 hitless innings in the Air Jordan 11 "Concord"

Cleated Kicks: Sabathia Almost Throws "No-No" In...

Derek Jeter sports the Jordan Jeter Throwback while Carl Crawford slides in wearing the Nike Huarache 2K4 cleat PE.

Carl Crawford goes for a triple in the Nike HUarache 2K4 Cleat.

Carl Crawford goes for a triple in the Nike Huarache 2K4 Cleat PE.

Photos: ESPN, Yahoo, MLB


  1. c-air says:

    first yeee n those r siick

  2. UglyFinder says:

    Actually, CC changed his cleats because umpire Joe West made him due to the fact that it contained little of the Yankees' navy color in them. West also looked at Joba Chamberlain's cleats but deemed them fine. So the lack of a change in cleats had nothing to do with his near no-hitter.


    1. ItsNeezy says:

      That was against the RED SOX, not the RAYS!

      Completely irrelevant comment and it's the wrong game! SMH!

  3. UglyFinder says:

    Sorry, CC's 11s contained no Yankee navy in them.

  4. RETRO8S says:

    These should be called "Kicks on Field." the baseball equivalent to kicks on court.

    but CC bringing the heat!! through his hands and feet! haha.

    1. word is bond says:


  5. Sneaky_Feet says:

    How about Crawford's 2k4 Huarache

  6. KingJay11593 says:

    C.C is the freshEst nikkka in baseball

  7. Midwestbeast says:

    Cool greys and 11s r hot… Ish be pissin me off release en to the public they will sell in cleat form.

  8. willie_mcfly22 says:

    Coulda got beta pics of CC’s but they was hot tho…

  9. Vallejo says:

    Ya boy CC always got the best kicks on field since his days in Cleveland. Vallejo’s finest right there besides E-40 and Jeff Gordon haha

  10. Yankeefan!!! says:

    Where can yu get those cleat???

  11. Max says:

    That powder blue Rays jersey looks tight.

  12. goodswrapper says:

    um i dont care

  13. ItsNeezy says:

    And NiceKicks is confusing to me and BIASED. NFL players STAYED in heat, the past WHO KNOWS YEARS, yet I remember only a few posts about NFL kicks and that was because they were Jordan cleats.

    Show some love!