Pharrell Williams’ Greatest Footwear Moments

Pharrell Williams' Greatest Footwear Moments

Try to surf a fashion forum without seeing a picture of Pharrell Williams. Or a sneaker site. Or a music blog. The point is, Skateboard P is a fixture in both the streetwear and high fashions worlds. His sneaker game is pretty solid too.

Because of his history of solid style, the team at Complex took the time to investigate the musician, producer and designer’s best footwear moments. Williams actually turned 37 Monday, but is still at it. From Visvim to Ice Cream to snowboard boots, he’s worn it all. Click here to check out Pharrell Williams’ Greatest Footwear Moments.


  1. One great post…I think there should be one of these on Lily Allen she carries some heat.

  2. k-roc says:

    i haven't always liked what he wears but he does his own thing as you can see. i give him props for that.

  3. June27th says:

    shoulda neva gave you niggas money

  4. June27th says:

    shoulda neva gave you n99as money

  5. Matty_Fresh says:

    haha, Im with JUNE27th on this one. Pharrell ain't never had a good footwear moment.

  6. Toxic says:

    WOW……Junew/e & Matty_Not*Fresh how dare u sai=y Pharrell neva had a good footwear momment ur on some serious hater sh*t dude.

  7. goodswrapper says:

    pharrells style is a little weird but he has some nice stuff

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