Nike Hyperfuse “Aqua”

Although the Nike Basketball models such as the Hyperdunk, the Hyperize and the Hypermax continue to dominate NBA courts all over the land, there are many more new silhouettes to look forward to from the Nike Basketball vault. One model that has garnered a lot of attention is the upcoming Nike Hyperfuse.

We have showcased this sneaker on a couple of occasions; once in yellow/black and another in red/white. However, we have now spotted this highly-anticipated model in an “Aqua” color scheme. This particular sneaker will supposedly be worn by players participating in the World Championship games this summer. The predominately aqua-colored base is offset by multiple black hints such as the swoosh and the explosive-like graphic seen on the collar. It also contains a black sole, an aqua, net-like overlay throughout the base and a red inner lining. This shoe is now available at Osneaker in a size 9. Hit the jump to view detailed photos.

Nike Hyperfuse

Nike Hyperfuse "Aqua"

Nike Hyperfuse

Nike Hyperfuse "Aqua"

Nike Hyperfuse

Nike Hyperfuse "Aqua"

Nike Hyperfuse

Nike Hyperfuse "Aqua"

Nike Hyperfuse

Nike Hyperfuse "Aqua"


  1. soleman says:


    1. Katchmeman says:

      Soleman I gotta ask how old u r
      5 or are ya 6 already?

      1. jdngnrfgnriu says:

        Come on man, you know most of the people looking at this site are in that age range.

      2. kwame says:

        hahaha…tru tru

  2. modi says:

    i fuck with these. but these are like some tournament edition joints that you bring out when your team is playing an AAU tourney on an island somewhere remote. or some blacktop summer shit. i'm just saying though.

  3. soleman says:

    2nd too!…on to the kicks. FAIL, but my girl like em. in a there so ugly, its something abt them kinda way.

    1. kwame says:

      you kno u aint gotta girl…talkin bout 1st

  4. Shabazz says:

    I don’t like the aqua CW but I like the grey ones and the yellow joints

  5. Mr. shoeholic says:

    FUCKING ignorant "FIRST" die u stupid dick suckers.

  6. Kaya says:

    I could f**k wit these too, but it’s jus that they’re too stylish for sum kicks to be playin ball wit.

  7. War says:

    It reminds me of a team Jordan 2009 for some reason.

  8. what a disgrace to the nike hyper line.

    1. Fuk you says:

      shut tha fuk up…most comfortable shoes out bitch..u obviously aint a hooper

    2. mj_shoefanatic says:

      the cw not the performance of the shoe on the blacktop you punk ass bitch.

  9. wangbu14 says:

    too loud. maybe in other c.w.

  10. KiNGPiN says:

    wtf is nike doing

  11. lakeshow says:


  12. T-King says:

    Every colorway so far I thought was terrible, this one, LOVE IT!

    Aqua, Laser Blue, Columbia Blue, Teal, whatever color you wonna call it, is going to be HOT this summer!

    Trust Me

  13. RETRO8S says:

    what the hell are you supposed to wear with these? i like that peacock looking design by the collar, but ya still too bright for me.

  14. orka says:

    These are neck breakers, regardless if you think they're hot or ugly… kind of like the Foamposites. I think they look cool on their own, but somebody would be hard pressed to pull these off with style.

    Definitely a club shoes to me.

  15. 2pn says:

    see you in the ugly section on the weekend.

  16. scapparel says:

    Im going to get these just to throw people off when im walking haha

  17. RyanVegas says:

    I bet they play good!

  18. gmoney says:

    these are hot idk what you guys are talkin bout!
    nd for you idiots these ARE shoes for balln..so stop sayn shit like what will you rock with these!
    they are for balln nd from the looks of it, it looks like a good shoe.
    light material, zoom foot bed(thot itd be a air max sole but zoom is still sickk),nd small openings for the foot in the base

  19. sickk says:


  20. Tj DaSneakerHead says:

    UGLY Looks Like A Fish