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Obviously, there are other Air Jordan 6 Retro colorways on your mind right now such as the recently-released “Oreo” Air Jordan 6 Retro and the Air Jordan 6 Retro White/Red summer release. Yet, we have just spotted the “Detroit Pistons” Air Jordan 6 Retro available in multiple sizes on eBay.

This Air Jordan 6 Retro simply features the exact same colorway seen on the Jordan 60+ “Detroit Pistons”; however, the texture makeup is very different between the two. Black nubuck smothers most of the base, while multiple sections of black patent leather appear throughout the side panels and toe area. The Detroit Pistons tribute (if that’s what you want to call it) is spotted mostly on the sole. Red and blue covers the midsole with the latter color featuring a speckled design. To finish it off, this shoe Iis complimented with an icy sole. As stated earlier, you can bid on your size now on eBay.

Air Jordan 6 Retro

Air Jordan 6 Retro "Detroit Pistons"

  • Kleinfeld

    Wack. These get the ballsac.

  • freshjays707

    imo the patent leather f***ks it up

  • Duvo

    joints look mad fake…..

  • Antlive

    These look just a pair of factory variants I seen on the net…come on JB!!!

  • NIKE



    the 2010’s are killing these in both style and comfort. my nigg was right; sh*t I was right. 2-3 months later and all i see is 2010’s. everything tinker touches really is gold.

  • just a person

    these are…meh. like a 6 outta 10. that patent leather is kinda tacky lookin. someone will like them though. so i guess its all good.

    i think they should make just some straight Black/Blue Jordan VIs. With a blue thats like internet-explorer-logo blue. hahaha. or just a blue that sticks out like the infrared does on the other VIs. that would be awesome.

  • McNamara/Troy

    worst lookin shoe since Jordan 15…….yucky Stuckey

  • Dsteez

    growing on me like a wart

  • LebronFlockaJames

    easy pass why buy these why the infared package is coming out in May

  • biggins

    I guess I just don’t get these. MJ HATED…..HATED the Pistons. He may have ended his Bulls career with Rodman & a three-peat…but I don’t think he ever forgot how guys like Dumars, Bill Lambeergut and IT pounded on him.

    Why would anyone want a Pistons version? Who cares if Rip is Jordan Brand…ew. No thanks.

  • sneakyfeet

    just… BAD

  • john

    they ridonkulously fugly

  • gotjordans?

    no, I wouldn’t waste my money on these… I guess they were made for Rip Hamilton…

  • freshfliedfish

    meaning behind “piston” and “lakers” VIs:

    1991 = MJ first NBA championship
    Michael Jordan wore the VIs to his first championship
    Black/Var Red White/Var Red = Air Jordans worn that season ***except for the replacement of Infrared***
    Pistons = team MJ defeated in the conference finals
    Lakers = team MJ defeats in the Finals

    at least that’s what I get from it. Now if anyone could explain the Oreos other than a new AJ colorway…

  • SCOLIA5044


  • Jerronimo


  • kommet

    2 words: too much! ewww

  • dok

    Cant wait to pock these up on When they have an Employee Apreciation 50% off.

  • dok

    Cant wait to Pick these up once they hit the Outlets.

  • Jeezy Orteezy

    i take it that the “news” that sneakernews broke a few weeks back regarding the Infrared pack is all B.S. can anyone at Nice Kicks confirm? …..Because they (SneakerNews) sure has not.

  • Z-ROK

    i agree with some, these dont look as good as some of the other retro 6’s released and being released
    but since the retro 6 is one of my all time favorite j’s imma copp i already got doubles of every other 6 thats came out this year so imma copp these but only 1 pair, please believe imma copp doubles of the lakers and the bulls though.



  • The Martian

    waaaaaaaaaayyyyyyy to much goin on with the shoe!!!!! patent leather, suede, icy sole, red sole on a black shoe wtf was they thinkin

  • Ciano

    agreed z-rok, i got all a the other 6s this year, might as well cop these…and i dont think they look as bad as yall make it seem…

  • D-Block

    These r hypebeast shoe, I wouldn’t even play ball in dese, JB wat r yall duin!!!!!!

  • FLiP

    looks more like a transformers shoe than pistons. would cop if i had an employee discount and a coupon when they hit the outlets.

  • Jimbo Pistolas

    Give it to me whatcha say…. Give it to me whatcha say…. Give it to me whatcha say….

  • C no


  • sneakaddict

    Maybe for Ripp Hamilton!! But not for me!!!

    • bobbay

      your whack

  • Yote

    Get your Yote City Oreo 6's, Copper and Eggplant tees at

  • Mike B

    Real Ugly BOO

    • quay

      ugly bitch u ugly

    • GD's

      bytch asssssssss goofy dese go to hard!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • E-MAN

    coulda been so much better without the patent leather (hey that rhymes!)

    • AQUA 8'S KING

      that rhyme went hard..

      ^i agree

  • quay

    fresh is fuck

  • phreshkix

    only people that think these go hard or whatever u want to say are the people that wear fakes. :)
    but its all good. these will be at the outlet soon after the release.

  • mj_shoefanatic


  • kemp

    yal boys want too many basic colorways outta jb man.. remember the del soul 5s tht gott released nd nobody liked em for some reason.. well igot em sittin in the closet nd nothin but compliments.

  • James B

    They look ugly on screen but once you see them on someone foot i bet that they gone look hard. Im copping these!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • goodswrapper

    so ugly

  • astaxx

    the suede ruins the shoe.

  • jordan

    2010s are wack these are fresh and i already have them

  • jordan

    these are fresh i already have mine

  • jordan

    it's not suede it's nubuck

  • @iMSpacely_

    these aint ugly its not about the shoe its about how the person rocks the shoe. you pick the right fit to go with these and be lookin fresshhhhhh

  • Freshkicks314

    These are horrible…..but I get 40% off so I will cop

  • jordan

    if you think that they are horrible why get them what stupid comments

  • Chewie

    Don't understand all the hate for these. I scooped a pair for a bill. Honestly they are comfy and have a better feel that the other 6's I own. They aren't OG but everything to me clicks on this shoe. Wear it with the right clothes and it looks HOT. To each his own but I rock em and ef what u say