Kicks On Court

This past Saturday, March 20th, 2010, Jordan Brand unleashed its third Air Jordan 6 colorway of the year in the form of the “Oreo” Air Jordan 6 Retro. While we do not know how many Jordan heads went out and purchased it this past weekend, we do know of one pro basketball player who snagged it. Check out today’s Kicks On Court to see who wore the “Oreo” Air Jordan 6 last night.

There is no doubting Nate Robinson’s sneaker game. This year alone, we have spotted him in the Nike Air Max2 CB34, the Nike Zoom LeBron V St. Vincent St. Marys and the Nike Zoom LeBron IV “Birthday Bundle” (can’t forget about the “Kryptonate” Nike Foamposite Lite). Although the majority of the aforementioned sneakers are past-tense, Robinson laced up a brand new Jordan sneaker last night as he pulled out the “Oreo” Air Jordan 6s. Did you purchase this sneaker over the weekend? If not, does Robinson motivate you to go get them now? Click here to view these kicks plus more worn by Kevin Durant, Brandon Jennings, Dwight Howard and others.

Kicks On Court

Nate Robinson in the "Oreo" Air Jordan 6 Retro

Kicks On Court

Andre Iguodala dunking in the Nike Zoom Kobe V iD

Kicks On Court

Dwight Howard in the Adidas TS Supernatural Commander

Kicks On Court

Dwyane Wade looking for a teammate in the Air Jordan 2010

Kicks On Court

Rashard Lewis attacking the rim in the Nike Zoom Flip'n

Kicks On Court

Quentin Richardson rebounding in the Jordan Icons

Kicks On Court

Devin Harris in the adidas TS Supernatural Creator and Courtney Lee in the Nike Air Hoop Structure

Kicks On Court

Brandon Jennings shooting in the Under Armour Prototype

Kicks On Court

Josh Smith wearing the Adidas TS Supernatural Commander

Kicks On Court

Chris Paul returns to the court in the Jordan CP3.III

Kicks On Court

Kevin Martin attacking the basket in the Jordan Olympia

Kicks On Court

DeJuan Blair in the Nike Air 3

Kicks On Court

Kyle Lowry (left) and Derrick Rose (right) in the Nike Zoom LeBron Soldier III and the Adidas TS Supernatural Creator

Kicks On Court

Kevin Durant in the Nike KD II and Keith Bogans wearing the Nike 1/2 Cent

Kicks On Court

Jose Calderon wearing his Li-Ning signature sneaker

Kicks On Court

OJ Mayo shooting in the Nike Air Max Rise

Kicks On Court

Al Jefferson posting up in the Nike Hyperdunk iD

  • mr.meat

    im feeling courtney lee’s structures and those half cents on bogans…..why doesnt anybody ever where foamposites to play?

  • frOGman

    The Oreos are growing on me…haven’t copped em yet.. Anywhere rock icons? I was gonna cop the black red pair..

  • Winse

    LOL Michael Beasly looks like a crackhead & DeMars Kobe V IDs are Sick!

  • R E E

    I’m kinda feelin’ those Icons myself.
    I copped the Oreos. VERY COMFY shoe.
    Those structures looked liked VIs at first glance.
    um…Kevin Durant…that’s called CARRYING.

  • R E E

    On another note, non shoe related,
    I hope CP3 returns back to form after that knee surgery sidelined him for a good 20+ games.
    I’d hate for a player like him with so much upside and so young to have an injury/surgery stop him from being the player he could have been.
    BE EASY, CP3!

  • Twebb

    Oreo’s take this one easily. Damn the 2010’s are wack, and the icons have really grown on me pretty dope shoe.

  • D-Nice

    The Oreos are real comfortable….and they look awesome…i can’t wait for the Pistons to come out….I’m definitely going to buy those!!…The VI’s are the best jordans…well in my opinion.

  • e t.o y

    looks like d rose is missing 1 wrist strap

  • igetin

    Damarcus derzon kobe ids are sick hottest shoe here

  • rj

    dont you mean demar derozen

  • Kicks

    What about Rondo wearing the 12s???!?!?!

  • Kicks

    What about Rondo wearing the 12’s ?!?!?!

  • Mr. Awesome

    Bogans is the 1/2’s….chemo!


    i had a strange feeling nate was wearing the oreo VI’s. but just passed and watched my C’s catch an L. those q-rich icons aren’t bad.

  • SJ

    copped em and love em!

  • jedi_23

    fellas got to get the oreos….style was ify for me …but man shoes are great

  • Jonathan


  • AirKang

    Though the focus is on the Oreos here, Im lovin Jose’s sig and the Toronto CW Kobe V’s

  • Tasyo

    What was Rajon Rondo wearing? Oreo’s are dope… will get ’em next week.

  • FeedmyAddiction247

    The olympia’s is the only kicks that Kevin Martin wears ???? He really needs to step it up! Starting to look like a BUM. !!!

  • got beef?

    Rondo wore the rising sun 12’s

  • Neezy!

    Those Calderon’s are MUCHO SEXY!

  • weezyweav

    Oreo’s are too fly. Easy win for Nate today. Seems like he has the best on court sneaker game in the NBA. My Oreo’s are on the way via ebay for only $150. Wasn’t thinkin about hoopin in em, but after seein how hot they look on the court I might have to reconsider.

  • Cellycell

    Can’t wait for my Oreos to get here..only two more days!! (finger crossed)

  • przotherbadguy

    already copped the Oreos on midnight Saturday. soles are oh so icey

  • dj decks

    nate’s kick game is always on point

  • D.Boy

    NATE fosho- but ain’t he with nike

  • solesaved

    @ D-BOY

    What does the D stand for Dummy! For Real you asking ain’t Nate R with Nike!
    Everybody with just a little sneaker knowledge Should know by now who owns JORDAN&Converse.

  • ryan

    I think OJ Mayo’s wearing the HyperMax there, not the Rise.

  • 216

    Just took the Oreo’s off. I had to get a 1/2 size smaller becuase they were a little wide. Dope nonetheless. I’m feeling Q Rich’s Icons. KD2’s are nice to.

  • 2pn

    Oreos are dope. but they look foolish with that Celtics Jersey…maybe if they were the home whites i’d gave him the win…but the Fire Red Air Structures are still the dopest…so Courtney Lee for the win. That don’t even sound right saying that, being as he plays for the nets.

  • dmonz

    why is OJ wearing Hockey Pads!?!?!

  • dmvsneakerfreaker

    @ mr.meat

    You know i was wondering the same thing… I never see anyone laces up the flightposites as well…

  • dmvsneakerfreaker

    ::exhale:: Lemme rewind that lol

    @ mr.meat “why doesn’t anybody ever where foamposites to play?”

    You know i was wondering the same thing? I never see anyone lacing up the foamposites & flightposites? Or really any shoe that uses that technology period anymore (besides the LeBron IV when they dropped). My only assumption is that they are heavy, they get too hot (from person experience) and they don’t really allow your foot to breathe (which can lead to other things, athletes foot, etc)… However even with this being said the cushioning is great and they are IMO the most durable shoes ever created.

  • rizzo

    Yea so I love that Rondo rocked some J’s. I am just curious if he can do that cause he is on nike or maybe mj signed em. Nice kicks help us out.!!!

  • D.Boy

    slave. everyone knows that- you cant wear jordans if your under contraact with nike

  • solesaved

    @ D-Boy

    Dude before you go running ya gums YOU need to get the Facts or do a little HOMEWORK so you know what you yapping about. Nike owns Jordan and Converse so therefore depending on your contract, you can wear sneaks within that same company Just like Lexus is the Luxury division of Toyota or Infiniti is the luxury or nissan but it’s all within the same company or under that trademark. So Nate can wear jordans barkleys or any other brand that’s up under Nike umbrella. 1 more little history lesson go to Nike and see what players are on their roster Because I’m pretty sure Nate Robinson is and other player like a Amir Johnson of the raptors who’s been in Jordans too in previous Nice Kicks on Court but is also on the nike Roster SO I GUESS IT’S NOT EVERYONE IT’S JUST YOU WHO DOESN’T KNOW WHAT THE F*&K they commenting about. Like i said just check Nike’s OWN Site. DUMMY-BOY.

  • D.Boy

    oh im sorry 411. of course he can soul plane- first time seeing him wear js. im talking about n8. hes 1 of biggest under nike. so why would NIKE put in a contract that yes you can wear JORDANS if you want. who wouldnt want to wear js. commenting on consequenses. did you compare him to amir WOW. you need to do some soul searching. CHurch

  • prostatus23

    Solesaved u said everythin i was bouta say lol…

    Dboy do ur reasearch homie!!! If ur under contract wit nike u can wear any pair of nike brand u want includin jordans bro. ru freakin retarted? Lol anthony morrow for the warriors is wit nike n hes been seen rockin the red suede 5s n thabeet for memphis rocks the 60+ n players from uconn rock js but there under contract wit nike oh and UW is wit nike n half the the team rocks jordans more specificly the space jams 11s

  • D.Boy

    once again who are you talking about. must be soled out changing names. aint your homez either calling people retards you know thats offensive. protege sold, who big does that

  • flubbs

    quentin richardson kinda looks like kanye

  • goodswrapper

    the oreo 6s are looking good

  • illmattic

    i have those icons that q rich is wearing, i mean THOSE exact ones lol