SN’EADS – “Revenge”


Last month, Nike released Nike SB Dunk Hi Premium ?Cosby Sweater? as a quickstrike. When photos first surfaced, there was both positive and negative comments on this multi-colored sneaker. It seems as if Bill Cosby himself is not feeling this sneaker according to REE’s new edition of SN?EADS.

As you can see, a man parachutes his way down to the infamous ‘Feng Tay Factory’ in hopes of claiming what is rightfully his. It is safe to say Mr. Cosby is not too happy about these sneakers. Click here to see how this comic stip pans out. Also, follow SN’EADS by REE on Twitter for more updates.


SN'EADS - "Revenge"


Nike SB Dunk Hi Premium ?Cosby Sweater? QS


  1. AIR PENNY says:


  2. Franchize says:

    werent they suposed to be the notorious’ based off of the coogi jackets?

  3. marquis says:

    ill fux wit these dunks.

  4. Shaun says:

    This is crazy!! I love it.

  5. I Got Shoes says:

    this one wasn’t that funny

  6. Tj DaSneakerHead says:

    LMFAO!!!!!!!! X-D

  7. Fathead says:

    These all suck…..

  8. hahaa says:

    it’s supposed to be funny or something? lol

  9. aayush says:

    Loll, feng tay factory doesnt look that bad

  10. ckcchi1 says:


  11. BlaqINK says:

    Yo dude can draw his ass off!!!!

  12. Jacob McFly says:

    AHAHAa that was ill

  13. irockmykicks says:

    this is hilarious…those shoes are so ugly!

  14. Halokick says:

    This one was aight, deadstock was the best so far, keep em comin. I look forward to these on a weekly basis.

  15. Paper Chasr~OSD says:

    Give it a second look folks…there’s some things you guys are actually missing in the cartoon. Don’t expect R E E to spoon feed you guys everything. This one will be appreciated better when (1) you realize the actualy Dunk is NOT based on Coogi sweaters but the sweaters Bill Cosby used to wear on the Cosby show and (2) you actually look at the last frame very closely. WALK GOOD. Salute REE

  16. LGT says:

    I chuckled.

  17. Dee Wells (OSD) says:

    Another great comic strip by Ree! Incorporating Bill Cosby into a comic strip is right on point!

    Laces tied tightly!!!!

  18. R E E says:

    appreciative of all the comments. I tried to stretch a little with this one. I don’t wanna be predictable. Relevance is always at the core. Stay tuned…next one drops on schedule shortly!

    Today is B.I.G.’s anniversary, check out a tribute animation I made for him a couple of years ago that still resonates here:


  19. me nukkah says:

    these cartoons funny mann…

    talk to NYtimes, id love to see a daily strip.

  20. nobody cares... says:

    NOOOOOOOOO!!! these don’t need anymore hype. let them release in peace (R.I.P)