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Nice Kicks Store Opening Recap

This past Saturday, February 27th, 2010, Nice Kicks opened the door to its official retail shop in the heart of Austin, Texas. Nice Kicks officially opened up its doors, at 11 AM, to a very long line of attendees that were present since 7AM that morning. Nice Kicks friends Bun B and DJ Clark Kent helped celebrate as the latter DJ’d at the party later on that night and Bun B hung around the shop and welcomed everybody in (Bun B also gave the first person in line an autographed pair of Copper Foamposites).

There were many more Nice Kicks friends and fans at the opening in which the majority of them had on heat and helped celebrate with us. Click here to see the entire photo recap in its entirety. ?Special shoutout to CtotheJL,?Dreaded Photo, and Sid Ashford & Karlton Johnson for the photos.

Much thanks to everybody for the support!

Nice Kicks Store Opening Recap

Nice Kicks store opening lineup

Nice Kicks Store Opening Recap

Lineup wrapped around the building

Nice Kicks Store Opening Recap

The guy in the front was very lucky...keep scrolling

Nice Kicks Store Opening Recap

Bun B posing in the white Air Jordan 9s

Nice Kicks Store Opening Recap

Bun B posing with the Nice Kicks sweepstakes winners from Dayton, Ohio

Nice Kicks Store Opening Recap

The guy at the front of the line gets an autographed pair of Copper Nike Air Foamposites

Nice Kicks Store Opening Recap

Nice Kicks official store opening about to kick off

Nice Kicks Store Opening Recap

Bun B taking the time out to sign one of his mixtapes, This Ain't No Mixtape.

Nice Kicks Store Opening Recap

Attendees checking out the inside of the store

Nice Kicks Store Opening Recap

TheShoeGame's GRoc catching up on his knowledge in his Nice Kicks x Asics Gel Lyte IIIs

Nice Kicks Store Opening Recap

Yeah, the line was pretty long

Nice Kicks Store Opening Recap

Wonder what's in the box?

Nice Kicks Store Opening Recap

DJ Clark Kent's Air Force 1s

Nice Kicks Store Opening Recap

DC Life's Hommy Diaz and TheShoeGame's GRoc posing for the camera

Nice Kicks Store Opening Recap

Nice Kicks founder Matt Halfhill's "2006 All-Star" Nike Air Force 1 Friends & Family Edition

Nice Kicks Store Opening Recap

From Left to Right: Jarell Alfred, Nice Kicks Associate Editor George Kiel and Nice Kicks Store Manager Rick Hamilton

Nice Kicks Store Opening Recap were the Yeezys

Nice Kicks Store Opening Recap

Nice Kicks Social Media Strategist Greg Grovey (left) talking to an attendee

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  • J_L

    Congrats on the opening, cant wait to see it when I come from Calgary Canada

  • Tc


  • David

    Congrads. Hope you guys make it to the New York area in the near future.

  • JCash from DC

    Thats what’s up. Congrats. I know an online store is next right? And the first person to buy should get an autographed pair of the dopest shoe out again! lol. Cant wait to see the store.

  • KickGame-Mello

    Nice….Come Peep how DunkXchange NYC @KICKGAMEDVD.COM

  • aj

    so what’s the deal with the staff? are you guys hiring right now? I’m 15, but I’ll be sixteen soon living north austin and i’d love for that to be my first job.

  • david

    Congrats Matt, just amazing what you have achieved – all the best with the store!

  • calibeebee

    wow congratulations, the place looks fresh. Such a tight looking opening day. Shout out from NT, HOLLA!

  • jibbycanoe

    those don’t look like no OG AM1s…. those look like the recent QS release. please tell me you didn’t convince that chick they were OGs.
    anyhow congrats Matt and the whole NK fam. keep up the good work fellas/ladies

  • mints

    nice lamp

  • smitty23

    bun b that’s a good look.. and he was rocking the slvr 9’s nice, nice….

  • Jahcongo

    Word. I see some empty spots in that shoe wall…y’all musta been slangin’. So Halfhill, when you open up the shop in SF call me so I can run that. You know Cali needs some NiceKicks action!! Think about it.

  • ryu

    hey congrats from calgary too, best of luck, i’ll be sure to visit if i’m around

  • JayDeeBeeze

    The store was sick as hell, the girl behind G-Roc is my gf haha

  • Yuchizzel

    Where can i get a Nice Kicks t shirt with the coach roach getting stepped on? looks fresh.

  • matthew

    man thats right aust texas stand up now we have a sneaker store to call our home. nice kicks

  • reechy

    I’m going to Austin for SXSW in a few weeks….can’t wait to check out the shop!

  • Luis

    Congratulations Matt! The place looks really dope. I wish you and your shop the best.

  • arrjae

    correct me if im wrong,
    were those the Silver Anniversary 9s, that Bun was wearing?

    b/c they look like the lowtop retros….
    and the material looks like patent leather….

    i could be wrong, it could just be the angle of the pics though….

  • arrjae

    sorry to add to my ‘rant’
    but the laceholes are also chrome, which were on the retro lows….

  • emoney

    congrats, everyrthing looked nice. what other special releases were there? how much was rivalry pro combat box

  • XkrispyELI

    congratz nicekicks. cant wait to see the store in person. will there be a web-store as well?


    yall plan on expanding in major cities like ny, dc, fl, and more, or yall sticking to texas only?

  • freeballer

    that sneaker wall is hella cool

  • 5huhdred12(J.sNeady)

    8th pic check out line.
    burgandys, holdin it down.
    babymomma was trippen yall aint have the bun shirts in small.
    its all good i got my large:)

  • Ken

    I will be Austin in a couple of weeks for a business trip, I am planning to stop by the store.


    the inside looks really nice…kicks. hahaha. and the telephone wires with the shoes hanging from them is a DOPE idea. EYE never would’ve thought of that. and it looks like the grand opening was a success. hope it’s packed like that every weekend for you guys.

    you should make more shirts with that roach except with different soles. jordan soles would be real sick.

    just a suggestion from me personally…herringbone patterns somewhere, whether its wallpaper, some weird statue, or some kind of hanging art, would be pretty cool too.

  • COOL_KID_305



  • Jeezy Orteezy

    to: UnCool Dik 305:

    Keep your hater @$$ comments to your self if you aint got nothing nice to say….. why do folks always want to one up everybody? it sickened me too see how much people were hating during that last post regarding the grand opening.smh.

    boggles my mind.

    It took me a second to realize but these cats just opened… you need to give em time to shine, they are MOM and POP…..think before you speak/type… Lift up thy neighbor for you (perhaps) one day will need to be lifted up.

    too much negativity in the world.. dont be a hater and add to it.


    Jeezy O.

  • G

    Great to see a dream come true for you guys, im sure lots of blood sweat and tears went into that place….I wish you guys nothing but blessings. When can we start buying some stuff online from your store?

  • Jeezy Orteezy

    aint D-Ridin… just sayin…..COME ON SON!

  • Slickk

    Check that cat in the Cardinal 7’s 5th in line!! Holdin it down 4 NYC all day but Austin finally has a spot for fresh kicks other than motive (which closed down anyways)

  • Slickk

    Wait u cant even see my kicks in the pic -_-

    Its all good congrats 2 Matt on openin up Austin’s premeire sneaker spot


    Nice, I wonder if you NICEKICKS staff will open a store in NEW YORK City next???

  • Jae

    Jeezy Orteezy couldn’t have said it better…you shut em down with that comment man… *thumbsup*… We need more stores like Nicekicks that way some of us won’t get screwed with quickstrikes, etc.. I hope the store turns out to be a success…

  • CJL

    Congrats to Matt and the Nice Kicks fam on the grand was killer..

  • rising_tied

    God, if one opens in the Chi I am there.
    But ay yo Nicekicks.. You still got them Teal/snakeskin Vaiders or Heartbreakers in 13 hit me up haha. Yall really need to release that shirt with the bug sayin NiceKicks..Where Can I cop a Yo Mtv Sucks shirt? and there aint no way Kent was just peepin that chicks Id’s

  • soleman

    I was there.don’t be gas’d by the pics.selection was very limited.most of the kicks were overpriced.dunks that had been out nearly 5 years goin for reg price.old supras goin for reg price.not a good mgr, Hamilton, mad cool!Bun, mad cool.Kent, mad cool.hope it gets better.enviroment was wasn’t impressive @ all…yet….and I was there!

  • soleman

    not hatin, was just expecting more since this is the “top” sneaker site…while you in austin hit up SoleFresca on 6th st (holla @ Julian)…if you in Dallas, hit up SportsSole.the assistant was there (allstar ‘Brons), mad cool.

  • Walkingbarefoot

    Mad props to the new nk shop. Store looks very nice. The general public doesn’t know how hard it is to open up a shoe store and the cost behind it. Gl nk I hope the store last forever.

  • youngcity

    after seein several kicks on bun b it always makes me not wanna buyin em, dude has no style…

  • electricbamboo

    Like the parts of the place I’ve seen, the electric lines, the shelving that reminds me of air bubbles. Dope concepts!

  • j.r.

    @ young city,

    bun b really does make the jordans he wears look like trash! they never look appealing enough to buy after seeing him wearing them

  • d.knott01(detroit fresh)

    love the sneakers on the electric line. no where near texas but if i am i will def hit you guys up.

  • j.r.

    @JayDeeBreeze, you need to upgrade your gf, shes looking homely…

  • no jewelry

    this is tuff. i love that gun lamp.

  • steven

    =(…open one up in downtown NYC man!!!!!!!!!!..

  • no jewelry

    yall need to hire more white people. Matt aint the only cracker w/ shoe game knowledge.

  • no jewelry

    nvm…im just jealous

  • 510

    Big cuz in the blue beanie, one of the dayton winners, really needs to get a bigger shirt.

  • gotjordans? jr.

    STILL no one wearing the 2010’s??? This shoe is clearly a failure.

  • squirrel

    congratulations on opening what a dream come true. i used to have the shirt that matt had on

  • RobLikesKicks

    am i buggin or does that big dude that won look like a cardboard cutout lmao!!

  • YeeZy23

    shoe selection looks mediocre and very limited for a huge store, old sneakers were still being sold at regular price and some new ones are overpriced, i mean is a cool website but not really feelin the store, if you want the lastest kicks you’ll be better off hittin HOH in Dallas

  • Huey Hardbody


  • Erosion

    Nice Kicks Knows. Congrats Matt. Awesome acheivement. You could have done this earlier. I have been looking at NiceKicks since 2007 at least.

  • MJSF

    fat ppl should NOT be allowed to wear v-necks lol

  • Erosion


  • Shawnyrojo22

    I’m a make it 2 the store 1 day. I deliver not 2 far from there sun -thurs on Braker Lane N. Austin. C/not swing the truck thru thow. I’ll make it happen this spring 4sure. Early!

  • raider rob

    nice store matt !!! good luck & best wishes !!!! cool!

  • greenmaker24

    really cool

  • FACE

    Im sorry. You are not a sneaker head if you still copping Jordans. I mean each style has been re-released at least three times. I mean for real. They arent even like the originals anymore. There are always some change in it somewhere that makes no sense.

    And what the hell is Bun B always doing at these street wear events. He rocks his clothes like he’s wearing Sean John or Roca Wear, and he is just a 40 something year old man in bright hoodies and tee shirts. WTF is going on here?

  • tb

    FACE – that is the dumbest comment I’ve EVER seen. JORDAN BRAND is the ORIGINAL and the AUTHENTICATOR of street wear shoes. NOBODY rocked two-tone let alone bright colors before Jordan because the NBA banned them until his airness payed fine after fine to wear brightly colored shoes. The re-releases only solidify the cult of Jordan and the illegible impact hes had on culture and fashion.

    Second. To diss BUN-B?! The true god-father of chopped, down home texas southern rap and the way he “rocks” his clothes? Looking at your picture alone, fedoras and white tees are for 60 year old’s who hit the bar at 3 pm looking for girls.


  • Fifthsunrose

    damn thats beautiful, do you think sneaker headz are the to world peace, because its all peace once you make it in, but i know its war in the front lines,lol. But sneakerheadz comes in every shape,color,creed and beyond the 4th dimension. we sneakerheadz are philospher's in our on right,we can expound on knowledge on how young kats should use to keep the nicekicks clean.look how everyone are enjoying themselves, when i grow up i want to continue to dress clean like the Legend Bun B(that Kat stays Fly) yeah i am 33 lol

  • li

    Hack again?!

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