Wale’s Greatest Footwear Moments

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Drake's Greatest Footwear Moments

Wale has been spotted in some very fresh kicks ever since his arrival onto the hip hop scene. While his lyrics have been well-received and liked by many rap fans, his sneakers have garnered just as much attention if not more.
Does Wale have the best footwear in the hip hop industry? That is for you to decide; however, click here to view Wale’s Greatest Footwear Moments brought to you by Complex.

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49 Comments on "Wale’s Greatest Footwear Moments"

  1. NewEra

    so many amazing shoes hes number 1 in da shoe / rap game. them louis vuitton jasper, bth foamposites,ajs,and guccis.!

  2. FreshKid23

    Definitely the freshest rapper out there. His shoe game is pretty good….He can thank Niketalk for influencing his style though.

  3. PsilentType

    Wale is fire, 90% of the rap industry is commercial and rap (If they can rap at all) about garbage! Plus he has a Bun B size shoe collection

  4. dopematic3002

    Wale is someone who came and blew some fresh breath on the rap game. I wouldn’t care what shoes he had on if the dude couldn’t rap. He can, I still don’t understand ya’lls infatuation with shoes on people 1,000,000 times richer than we are, but whatever. He’s tight, and he rocks some tight shoes, can’t wait to see him @ Coachella in a couple months.

  5. FLiP

    I met wale at sneaker bistro. He was mad cool and the album was good too. I remember getting the album signed and just looking at the kicks. I’m glad I went cause he is a cool dude and his shoe game is crazy. Props to wale

  6. gotnikemoney

    yo i sick of the people sayin wale is wack or garbage they prolly the dudes cant spell vocabulary and listen to gucci or waka or some other wack south artist man wale is dope and he makes u think too

  7. ESPionage.. ?

    @ gotnikemoney that statement is totally incorrect I don’t listen to Wale, Kid Cudi or those other dudes most ppl that comment listen to nor do I complain but that does mean I listen to Gucci Mane (I never understood that since all he wears is white Ts & Jimmy Jazzy brands) or Wacka whoever. But I do agree w/ the annoyance of these complaints long story short most of you listen to him because of his kicks..

  8. Jacob McFly

    @gotnikemoney yo u couldnt hav said it any better man…douth south rappers CANNOT RAP… i feel like wale could come even stronger sumtimes but he still knows how 2 write real rap nd lyrics!!

  9. Nike713

    Wat are yall talkin about down southern rappers cant rap.Quit haten on da south cuz the north and west aint makin nothin gud.I’ll admit the game,kid cudi,eminem,dipset,50 cent,snoop,dr.dre and Diddy are the only people from north and west dat go hard.The south we got lil wayne,T.I,rick ross,gucci,jeezy,luda,outkast,z-ro,plies and Bun B

  10. solesaved

    Dude does have some hard kicks! Can someone please tell me why there are SO MANY FASHION STYLISTS on here running their gums about who can’t dress. It’s nice to know when you don’t need to look at the price tag and people who do telling you what you can’t do. He’s a rapper and should wear whatever the hell he wants. I know a lot of us likes to jump on the bandwagon with hip hop artist that dress a certain way but be ya own dam man and quit lookin at how someone else chooses to do it Wale is artist that selling music more than his gear.

  11. Steffon

    hes wack. i dress better then him and more heat. and i bet everyone who comments on this should feel the same way about they self.. ALL THESE BLOGS DOO IS LOOK AT THE FAMOUS PPL AND THINK THEY FLY. US ” THE NORMAL EVERYDAY PEOPLE” WHO work hard for they money and dress good don’t get credit these famous dudes are lame. gear is ass point blank period

  12. smitty23

    wale is cool his shoe game nice!!! there were a few kicks i felt he was not rocking right, but for the most part wale’s shoe game is up there… now kid cuddi that guy is garbage but that’s a totally different blog session.

  13. Greg, Brooklyn USA

    Wale got some heat – whether or not whomever on here got better that’s cool and all, but u can’t front on dude …

    @Nike713 u forgot about Jay Electra – & ‘Kiss (and probably a few more if I think about it LOL just kiddin’)

  14. Realness


  15. jordanhead87

    whts wit da hate? dudes album is actually good and his shoe game is propper ppl just mad more ppl knw him than u! big up to D.C.

  16. Max

    I think its funny that people hate on Wale so much. Its a shoe website, he has some heat for sure, end of story. The funny thing is though, he is a better rapper than most of the fools people are talkin about these days

  17. FLiP

    @nike713. Down south is whack in my opinion but the north has so many nice rapper but the south only has a couple. Gucci,wayne, Rick Ross, and almost every rapper down south sucks. Wale keeps real music and doesn’t have to lie about guns to sell his album. I can think of so many good rappers from the north and west.

  18. A-ROD

    Man ya’ll internet nuggas could hate!!!!!!!!!! What does style and how wale rap have to do with the topic at hand? Arent we talking about his kicks here? Just face it. He has a above-average collection of kicks. Stop hatin cause wale is making a living off of parading on stage, stuntin on the red carpet and laughing at yall commenting on how he dress.Let’s give props and get rady for our “9-5″s. DAMN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. Man De Lev

    This bruda’s shoe game is off the chain and he’s a very talented person indeed…if u hate’m so much then dnt be lookin@ articles bout him in da first place or do u really have that much time on ur hands that ur constantly there to hate!!!
    Nicekicks and complex…THANK YOU. This was a very cool feature.

  20. Jontw33zy

    yall hatin.
    wale got one of the meanest shoe games.
    don’t be mad cuz he get shoes MONTHS before the release. congratulate him.
    and his music is nice. definitely a wale fan.
    he been holdin it down.
    end of story.
    DMV stand up. flatoutt

  21. Neezy!

    Damn, people are on this guy’s sack, more than his own damn underwear. GEESH!
    I swear more & more “DMV” heads pop up out from of nowhere… HMM?

    I’m sorry but, the guy’s shoe game is only “great,” NOW (if that), because of his status (or so-called status) in the rap game. What was his shoe game like PRIOR to making “noise” in the industry?

    Report on THAT!

  22. HipHopPolooza

    Wale is nice with the shoe game no doubt but dude is a sorry MC just jumping on the bandwagon type dude.

  23. Moon

    @ neezy

    Wale has been known as a sneakerhead long before he was known as a “noise” making rapper.

    I didn’t like him at first for the same reason but then did some HW on the cat.

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