Wale’s Greatest Footwear Moments

Drake's Greatest Footwear Moments

Wale has been spotted in some very fresh kicks ever since his arrival onto the hip hop scene. While his lyrics have been well-received and liked by many rap fans, his sneakers have garnered just as much attention if not more.
Does Wale have the best footwear in the hip hop industry? That is for you to decide; however, click here to view Wale’s Greatest Footwear Moments brought to you by Complex.


  1. dias says:

    hes wack

  2. yaboyla says:


  3. NewEra says:

    so many amazing shoes hes number 1 in da shoe / rap game. them louis vuitton jasper, bth foamposites,ajs,and guccis.!

  4. Chaz Forte says:

    He has a nice shoe game.

  5. littlph says:

    yeah wale shoe game is sick !!!

  6. gotnikemoney says:

    shoe game amazing and so is his music WALE

  7. FreshKid23 says:

    Definitely the freshest rapper out there. His shoe game is pretty good….He can thank Niketalk for influencing his style though.

  8. giogotSOLE says:


  9. DAPO-DAVINCI says:



  10. Kicks4dayz85 says:

    Wack i know some one way better he coiming out this summer!

  11. soulie17 says:

    Wale is a beast

  12. PsilentType says:

    Wale is fire, 90% of the rap industry is commercial and rap (If they can rap at all) about garbage! Plus he has a Bun B size shoe collection

  13. johnmayer says:

    he’s not wack he’s garbage

  14. dopematic3002 says:

    Wale is someone who came and blew some fresh breath on the rap game. I wouldn’t care what shoes he had on if the dude couldn’t rap. He can, I still don’t understand ya’lls infatuation with shoes on people 1,000,000 times richer than we are, but whatever. He’s tight, and he rocks some tight shoes, can’t wait to see him @ Coachella in a couple months.

  15. the ground is gone says:

    his kicks are fresh, still never heard his music played round here.

  16. FLiP says:

    I met wale at sneaker bistro. He was mad cool and the album was good too. I remember getting the album signed and just looking at the kicks. I’m glad I went cause he is a cool dude and his shoe game is crazy. Props to wale

  17. BetterThanALL says:


  18. gotnikemoney says:

    yo i sick of the people sayin wale is wack or garbage they prolly the dudes cant spell vocabulary and listen to gucci or waka or some other wack south artist man wale is dope and he makes u think too

  19. ESPionage.. ? says:

    @ gotnikemoney that statement is totally incorrect I don’t listen to Wale, Kid Cudi or those other dudes most ppl that comment listen to nor do I complain but that does mean I listen to Gucci Mane (I never understood that since all he wears is white Ts & Jimmy Jazzy brands) or Wacka whoever. But I do agree w/ the annoyance of these complaints long story short most of you listen to him because of his kicks..

  20. Jacob McFly says:

    @gotnikemoney yo u couldnt hav said it any better man…douth south rappers CANNOT RAP… i feel like wale could come even stronger sumtimes but he still knows how 2 write real rap nd lyrics!!