“Silver Anniversary” Air Jordans Release Confirmed

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Silver Anniversary Air Jordans Release

For the past few months, we have seen a slew of photos that feature the all-white, “Silver Anniversary” Air Jordans. The majority of you stated that if some of the models actually released, they would undoubtedly become must-haves. Well, it seems you have spoke it into existence. We have just learned that the three “Silver Anniversary” Air Jordans will release on March 20th, 2010.

On the above date, Jordan Brand will release the “Silver Anniversary” Air Jordan 3 Retro, Air Jordan 4 Retro and Air Jordan 9 Retro. Each pair obviously possesses a primarily white leather upper with minimal hints of metallic silver throughout the upper. The Air Jordan 3 Retro also features a white/off-white cement pattern on the toe area and heel panel. It is safe to say these sneakers will be a much needed change-up for you white on white Air Force 1 addicts out there. Which pair will you go after on March 20th? Click here to view more photos and share your opinion on this release.

In case you missed it, check out Portland Trail Blazers power forward Juwan Howard wearing the “Silver Anniversary” Air Jordan 9s here.

Silver Anniversary Air Jordans Release

Air Jordan 3 Retro "Silver Anniversary"

Silver Anniversary Air Jordans Release

Air Jordan 4 Retro "Silver Anniversary"

Silver Anniversary Air Jordans Release

Air Jordan 9 Retro "Silver Anniversary"

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97 Comments on "“Silver Anniversary” Air Jordans Release Confirmed"

  1. ArnieMcPhresh

    Terrible idea..Yet people will but them…Why not release the most popular “original” colorways in all the models?

  2. Kurtis

    Are these the same PURE MONEY 3’s and 4’s that dropped a few years ago? I have both of those and would love another pair of the PURE MONEY 4’s, i rocked them to death :(

  3. Greg, Brooklyn USA

    I thnik the 4’s should have kept the off-white toe … I’m not blown away but will probably cop when I see ‘em close up.

  4. SantoGold

    i have a pair of the IV’s and yes, they have the pure $ symbol on the back flap. SIze 10. Holler if you want them.

  5. Dsicle

    The actual 3 and 4 from the “Silver Anniversary” Jordan collection don’t have the chrome bits. They are definitely a different shoe–the Pure$ version. Very close, but not QUITE the same.

    IMO the 9 is the one to get, since it’s not a previously released shoe.

  6. biggins

    I’m just not feeling these. I really, really, really don’t get it. These look like starting blank on Nike ID. I can rock Stan Smiths…but at least those have a hint of green. But I’ve never liked complete all-white—they remind me of nurses medical shoes.

  7. mardoza

    I hate this whole silver theme JB doin but the 11s gona be a for sure cop nd these 3s mayb cus they is my fav J’s but like Biggins said they do remind me of nurses medical shoes haha

  8. bgk09

    I hate these shoes like i hate Michael Jordan. Why buy his shoes? He’s a jerk and he dosnt care about the quality. Jordan Brand keeps coming out with these gimmick shoes and every body still buys them. I hope Jordan Brand will die.
    Buy Lebrons or Kobe’s Not this mess

  9. Jacob McFly

    I think there releasing the wak joints 1st juss 2 get ppl excited nd 2 get them out the way….i cnt wait til the 5s..they have most color

  10. Cyclone

    Not these three. I’ll pass & wait for the next three they drop. These are nothing special, but go ahead HYPEBEASTS!

  11. Anth Only

    Why is everyone hating? We all know everyone will be picking these up March 20th…
    Resellers need to retire from the game.

  12. ajFREAK

    i’ll have to carry a shank on my at all times, cus if anyone steps on my whited out 3’s, they’ll have to be stabbed!

  13. Koebot

    @bgk09 Its the same over at Nike. Every time they increase prices, they reduce quality. Neither Nike nor JB execs care about the consumer.

  14. Coach K

    The 3, 4 ,5 are the best to me. I cant believe ppl are actually saying these are garbage. They might be anything special but garbage??? I’m probably getting the 9’s. I know theyre different but I got the pure $ 3’s and chrome 4’s


    lol. jus found out different stores will have different models

    so that means: footlocker could have the 3’s and then champs can have the 9’s and footaction could have the 4’s….. meaning you would have to be in THREE different lines at the same time, which would be very extremely difficult.

  16. Prince Brendan

    Might copp the 3s and 4s its like the ones that dropped in the past Pure Moneys I think. Should ge my money right and Eggplants drop MARCH 6th

    @Arnie your right. Damn. 23rd year aniversary=CDPs 25 Aniversary=All white No I gotta wait 25 more years for something big… smh

  17. Janitor

    Did we REALLY need yet another pair of all white 3s and 4s?! And let’s not forget the whites 4s JB released a few years before that with the touch of green (eyelets, patch on tongue).

    In fact, I’m still wearin’ my Pure 4s as beaters to this day. SMH @ JB, so many other great sigs to choose from and they go with a rehash

  18. Biff Tannen




  19. jeremy

    not copping these because 1 i dont like the all white look that much 2 they get ruined after wearing them 2 times

  20. Voss

    Probably cop the 3 & 4’s for sure.. but idk bout the 9;s… man jordan gonna have every jordan sneaker head broke..

  21. Retrosaurus Rex82

    ———-I HATE WHITE KIX I WOULD Have loved a red series like the raging bulls————I WOULD HAVE BOUGHT EVERY PAIR

  22. RETRO8S

    Probably try and get the IVs. The IXs just don’t look right in all white plus they’re releasing…4 other, better, cw’s this year? and not the IIIs cuz the white cements are coming out anyways. and theres a rumor that they’re releasing two “III packs” too. haha. that was confusing.

  23. swooshcriminal

    IMO the 9’s are the best the 3 and 4 are corny as hell because they already released all white 9’s never came out b4

  24. sneakfreak

    imo these r a must have for any true jordan collector already got 2 pairs of the silver 1s and 2s def cop 2pairs of all of these 3 long live michael jordan the best athlete ever

  25. jlawry

    DAMMMM these r hot! If u dont like white kicks u have no game. whats the difference in these 3’s and the 07 pure whites?

  26. Mama

    Um, what’s the difference between these and the Pure $ III’s and IV’s? Didn’t they just release like 3 years ago?

  27. Lem

    There is no difference between the Pures or the IV’s that released years ago. They are just recycling them for the 25th anniversary. And probably going to hit you across the head with the prices. The 9’s were also released in 2000 or 2001. The only difference is that they were low tops instead of the highs. I had them all at one point. But good look nonetheless.

  28. MF DOOM

    Mmmmm Pass The 3’s And 4’s Are Just Pure $ But Im Awaiting The 11’s 5’s 10’s Maybe 8’s And Maybe 6’s

  29. gotnikemoney

    Man ill pass on all these just seen pics on the 6’s 7’s 8’s and 17’s those are my must haves mans those 8’s and 6’s are so crazy all white

  30. Biff Tannen

    dorian, Come on man! Do you really think thats me?! Its a disgruntle lame, I dissed b4 thats stil sore. Nice to know I have COWARD A$$ HATERS. Whoever you are…..You’ll still be a sissy when you wake up every morning.



  32. 305king

    arent the oreo Vi’s comin out late march and the eggplants march 6th…id rather get the oreos then any of these and even save money at another shot at dem eggplant foams…….

  33. Chad

    I’ve always wanted a white pair of 3’s and 4’s, the nina’s can sit on a shelf though, but the first two are worth buying

  34. stacks

    highly likely to pass on all but if i had to pick ix’s would be the ones i get need to get my 9 collection up

  35. ibby03

    Definitely Copping, Already have a pair of the 3’s when they released in conjunction with the black cats, and the I have the pure money 4s, now I can rock them and still have some deadstock for special occasions… This is soo exciting **Clapping hands together**

  36. Ether

    you wont have to worry about wearing these to get them dirty, theyll already be dusty when you buy them or get em online. dan marino PASS…

  37. Emoney

    I just hope jb makes these limited. I don’t want these to sit around on shelves. It would ruin the whole silver anniversary. Everybody is waitng for the 11s anyways those are the nicest of all the collection

  38. jpny32

    let me get this straight… there gonna drop 4 pairs of shoes on 1 day? oreo 6’s n these 3 white pairs??? ill def cop 2 pairs of the 6’s n maybe 2 pairs of the 9’s for the summer since i dont’t own a single pair of the 9’s cause there nothin special.

  39. SKEE408

    the 4’s and the 3’s are both gonna retail @ $125 each and the 9’s are gonna go for $150 (limited realease) not all stores will get all three model’s

  40. Cvegz

    Need to be inspected on release date if the 3s or 4s have that bs painted on sole and look like they will chip super easily consider them trash. As for the 9s if i had extra money around and i was bored i would cop but these really arent a necessary cop

  41. we ignore feelings

    im sorry but these are the most obvious picks. they shouldve retroed something different. weve already seen these models in all white. change it up dude.

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