“Silver Anniversary” Air Jordans Release Confirmed

Silver Anniversary Air Jordans Release

For the past few months, we have seen a slew of photos that feature the all-white, “Silver Anniversary” Air Jordans. The majority of you stated that if some of the models actually released, they would undoubtedly become must-haves. Well, it seems you have spoke it into existence. We have just learned that the three “Silver Anniversary” Air Jordans will release on March 20th, 2010.

On the above date, Jordan Brand will release the “Silver Anniversary” Air Jordan 3 Retro, Air Jordan 4 Retro and Air Jordan 9 Retro. Each pair obviously possesses a primarily white leather upper with minimal hints of metallic silver throughout the upper. The Air Jordan 3 Retro also features a white/off-white cement pattern on the toe area and heel panel. It is safe to say these sneakers will be a much needed change-up for you white on white Air Force 1 addicts out there. Which pair will you go after on March 20th? Click here to view more photos and share your opinion on this release.

In case you missed it, check out Portland Trail Blazers power forward Juwan Howard wearing the “Silver Anniversary” Air Jordan 9s here.

Silver Anniversary Air Jordans Release

Air Jordan 3 Retro "Silver Anniversary"

Silver Anniversary Air Jordans Release

Air Jordan 4 Retro "Silver Anniversary"

Silver Anniversary Air Jordans Release

Air Jordan 9 Retro "Silver Anniversary"


  1. ArnieMcPhresh says:

    Terrible idea..Yet people will but them…Why not release the most popular “original” colorways in all the models?

  2. Kurtis says:

    Are these the same PURE MONEY 3′s and 4′s that dropped a few years ago? I have both of those and would love another pair of the PURE MONEY 4′s, i rocked them to death :(

  3. kream23 says:

    mos def a cop…idk which one though..gonna try 2 do all three

  4. Attchris says:

    The 3′s just look like the pure 3′s and the 4′s are the same nothing special about any of these.

  5. Greg, Brooklyn USA says:

    I thnik the 4′s should have kept the off-white toe … I’m not blown away but will probably cop when I see ‘em close up.

  6. SantoGold says:

    i have a pair of the IV’s and yes, they have the pure $ symbol on the back flap. SIze 10. Holler if you want them.

  7. Dsicle says:

    The actual 3 and 4 from the “Silver Anniversary” Jordan collection don’t have the chrome bits. They are definitely a different shoe–the Pure$ version. Very close, but not QUITE the same.

    IMO the 9 is the one to get, since it’s not a previously released shoe.

  8. biggins says:

    I’m just not feeling these. I really, really, really don’t get it. These look like starting blank on Nike ID. I can rock Stan Smiths…but at least those have a hint of green. But I’ve never liked complete all-white—they remind me of nurses medical shoes.

  9. mardoza says:

    I hate this whole silver theme JB doin but the 11s gona be a for sure cop nd these 3s mayb cus they is my fav J’s but like Biggins said they do remind me of nurses medical shoes haha

  10. bgk09 says:

    I hate these shoes like i hate Michael Jordan. Why buy his shoes? He’s a jerk and he dosnt care about the quality. Jordan Brand keeps coming out with these gimmick shoes and every body still buys them. I hope Jordan Brand will die.
    Buy Lebrons or Kobe’s Not this mess

  11. Jacob McFly says:

    I think there releasing the wak joints 1st juss 2 get ppl excited nd 2 get them out the way….i cnt wait til the 5s..they have most color

  12. Cyclone says:

    Not these three. I’ll pass & wait for the next three they drop. These are nothing special, but go ahead HYPEBEASTS!

  13. Jordan fan says:

    Man get a life and stop hatin on tha j’z

  14. KIDD929 says:


  15. Anth Only says:

    Why is everyone hating? We all know everyone will be picking these up March 20th…
    Resellers need to retire from the game.

  16. ate ohh won says:

    maybe just maybe the 4s. cant wait for tha 5s tho!

  17. ajFREAK says:

    i’ll have to carry a shank on my at all times, cus if anyone steps on my whited out 3′s, they’ll have to be stabbed!

  18. Winse says:

    I’m coppin’ the IIIs & IVs for sure! cant wait for the 20th

  19. Marquis says:

    @nickicks do you guys think all of the j’s will come out because none of these are my favorite sillhouettes