Nike HTM2 Run Boot TZ

Nike HTM2 Run Boot TZ

The HTM2 group is composed of some of Nike‘s most prolific designers, so it’s only fitting that the shoe they put together is different from what you’re used to seeing. We saw a navy blue sample version of the HTM2 Run Boot awhile back, but this is our first detailed look at this Tier Zero release.

On the lows, black is used on ever surface. A Free 7.0 sole works with the stretchable uppers to maximize flexibility and comfort. For the Swoosh along the side, the stenciled effect is used. The same effect appears in neon green on the high top pair. For the upper ankle area on that pair, a grey woven material is used, though the sole and lower portion of the shoe remains the same. Hiroshi Fujiwara, Tinker Hatfield, Mark Parker and Mark Smith are all given credit as designers on this silhouette, though Fujiwara is attributed as the lead on this project. These will be available exclusively in Japan and at 21 Mercer on February 20th and March 1st, respectively.

Nike HTM2 Run Boot TZ

Nike HTM2 Run Boot TZ

Nike HTM2 Run Boot TZ

Nike HTM2 Run Boot TZ

Nike HTM2 Run Boot TZ

Nike HTM2 Run Boot TZ

Nike HTM2 Run Boot TZ

Nike HTM2 Run Boot TZ

Nike HTM2 Run Boot TZ

Nike HTM2 Run Boot TZ


  1. Rockness724 says:

    The top one is just right! Gotta grab a pair of those to rock….nice look in some jeans.

  2. HOFFA says:

    um, no.

  3. AIR PENNY says:

    These are SUPER nice, I bet they feel very comfortable and breathable.

  4. LA Cook says:

    The mids are cool, but the hIgh ones…not so much!

  5. AIR PENNY says:

    I guess they could make the SWOOSH black and then you could wear them everywhere without people staring at…..what kind of shoes are those? look.

  6. we ignore feelings says:

    yeah i’m liking these either pair will do.

  7. Mr. Willson says:

    I kinda agree that they should have gone with a black ‘swoosh’. Kinda unecessary to slap a colored one on the front like they did. I’d still make a purchase if I thought I could and didn’t cost a bazillion dollars. *lol* :P

  8. waynebrooks says:

    With the toe cap, the placement of the swoosh and the kinda Nike Free-looking midsole, these remind me a bit of the Air Zoom Huarache 2K5. The low cut ones could work, the high-tops look weird, in a bad way.

  9. knynklz says:

    these is hard!!!!!!!!!

  10. MAX AIR says:

    I like the lows.

  11. pup says:

    I know they’re super comfortable.

  12. squirrel says:

    anything with that sole makes ur feet cum

  13. SPINS613 says:

    Definately getting the lows.

    And Squirrel…..


  14. Jaze says:

    Can we get more pics? Sneakernews.com has pics of all white lows and black/white lows.

  15. ItsThaConz says:

    u can keep em exclusive to japan and new york. they r ugly as sh*t anyways. its just all hype.

  16. spencerc says:

    nice anyone have a price?

  17. fucstar says:

    the lows look ok, kinda like nike prestos. the highs look like damn galoshes. Janitor boots

  18. coldkicknit says:

    are those high top aquasocks?

  19. bigmickeyfickey says:

    HOT TO DEATH!!!!!!!! I’d cop!

  20. jliau1029 says:

    damn i need a pair, if only oregon got some love like all the HOH locations. anyone want help a guy out?