Nike Foamposite One - Copper

This past Saturday, February 13th, 2010, Nike released what may be the most highly anticipated sneaker of 2010 (so far) in the form of the “Copper” Nike Air Foamposite.

Rumors have circulated that many stores didn’t receive their full orders. Premier, one of the retailers that was shorted, has just stated that they will have limited sizes available tomorrow. Therefore, if you are in the market for this sneaker, you should contact Premier tomorrow in a hurry as they are first come first serve. Premier’s contact information is below.

14 Weston St SE

Grand Rapids, MI 49503
(616) 742-2660

  • Flight


  • riggady

    Got a size 10 for 300 plus shipping text 6154810136 hurrt

  • blue

    300 ebay F the lines

  • mjaykicks

    i don’t understand why these are so hyped…i was initially very excited to get these but when i saw them in person…i was disgusted! these are UGLY!!!

  • Blaze32

    These been ugly since the beginning of time. Mega hypebeast

  • joey

    yes this are extremely over hyped
    they are ugly as helllllllll
    the only people coppin these are 15-20 yr old kids that are new in the shoe game
    anyone who buys these and thinks there cool is an IDIOT

  • prmvp21

    These r nice but not worth 300

  • riggady

    Size 10 for sell 270 plus shipping text 6154810136 &744

  • mints

    PYS has a full size run of these for 299, not my bag or I’d order first then let people know

  • Sho

    I was on the fence with these as well until I saw them in person. Obviously, not for everyone (and the $200 was pushing it, IMO), but overall I think they’re a good buy.

  • Biff Tannen

    Although it would be nice to own, But already own quite a few foam flavors. Besides, the Hypebeasts out there ruined it as usual.

  • 305MiA305

    Hypebeasting or not these shoes are just plain sexy. Pictures don’t do justice. If you rock them the right was with the right combo they’re a fresh shoe. Heavy duty construction too….and im not 15-20…im actually 29.

  • Kysfinest

    I got a pair 8 and 10.5 Nike Foamposite One for sell with shipping to the US for $250!!!! Text me 8596215500!!!!

  • G

    The dickheads who buy the shoes JUST to up the price on em are the FUC*BOYS…got my pair but a rack of people who really wanted em didnt cuz of people who know nothing about shoes

  • tha guyver

    Got mine on sat @ niketown chicago..had 2 size down but they actually fit damn good. Sooo comfy sooo beautiful, jus this damn icy sole. Nike needs 2 create a sole which won’t yellow..get em if u like them..if u dnt. That’s your opinion.

  • DTX

    this shoe is LAME!!! they have them in my footlocker all size other than 10 are still available they look ugly! too overrated! the picture looks better than the actual thing

  • budgetballin

    I want that pic for my desktop background. fresh…

  • buick_boy

    Every footaction and footlocker in Rochester ny got them and they’re at reg. price. That jackin up the price iz a b!tch.

  • I Got Shoes

    These are on eBay for the low. The highest price I saw was 265.

  • jbass79

    Just come to Texas their still available in every size in every store still at the reg price no ones buying em i think im the only one in Texas to own a pair!!!

  • riggady

    size 10 make offer no lowballers text 6154810136

  • MAVS

    Hey matt are these going to come out in Texas.

  • using namespace Pikachu;

    May I ask what the point is to owning these? I mean, unless you are gonna play ball in ’em, or stash them away, they are pretty much otherwise out of style.

  • D

    If anybody missed out and still need them check this site

  • wells0730

    Got em… Love em… Check out my LeBrons Kobes and Jordans subscribe rate and comment

  • Levi jr

    Im feeliin u “G”. Its one thing to buy 2pair if u really like em so u can wear one n keep one deadstock, but if your buyin em just to sell em then your a fu**in duech. Your whats wrong wit the shoe game n go f*** urselves!

  • Germ

    I dIdnt get em cause too many swamp donkeys buyin em so they could just turn arond and sell em n dont know sh!t bout kicks. Look at all the asshole sellin em on this post. Fu** yall. Get a job

  • bigdizze


  • bigdizze

    people kill me how can these be week they stright fire ni@@@s call these week but these the same pepole that f@@@ with nike boots thoes are trash not even worthy to shovel snow in lames

  • greenmaker24

    wish i could cop

  • dan
  • twotrey

    45 and got the craziest shoe game still coppin j’s and foamposite and only airmaxes 09 all flavors. all you kids bowdown.

  • DJ

    Im in Michigan and i have some for sell as well. 2 12’s and 2 11.5’s. If you are interested hit me up at 989-992-5678

  • YYB

    Nike got em for 200 all sizes

  • bronx bomber

    copped yesterday at arundel mills mall in MD foot locker they had bout 5 pairs left outta 180 they recieved …
    not as shiny as in the pik above but still a good looking shoe.
    wishing they drop some white ones like they did back in the late 90’s

  • Furbs

    Lookin for a size 12 or 13 hookup at retail…YBB or DJ lemme know how much shipped…and DJ where at in Michigan are you?

  • carlos

    Coppers at Nike online now just saw full size range