?Copper? Foamposite Midnight Release Tomorrow in NYC

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Nike Foamposite One - Copper

At the beginning of this week, we received word that the “Copper” Nike Air Foamposite was back on for February 13th, 2009. Yet, we didn’t know that it would literally drop at the strike of 12.

At midnight, Nike will unleash this highly anticipated sneaker only at the New York Foot Locker on 120 West 34th Street. Obviously, you will be able to purchase a pair the next morning at House of Hoops and other select retailers; however, if you’re in the New York area on Saturday at midnight, you can get your glass slippers (well, copper slippers) at the strike of 12!

Also, check out our 15 Favorite Foamposites in case you missed it.

Foot Locker
120 West 34th Street
New York, NY 10120

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50 Comments on "?Copper? Foamposite Midnight Release Tomorrow in NYC"


    Man, I’m trying my hardest to understand the hype surrounding these shoes. I’m not feeling these at all.

  2. 2-A-Those

    Damn!! the world wasn’t suppose to know!! I’m hatin!

    Aww hell..the foot locker in times square is dropping at midnight too!! And foot action on 34th!!

  3. Jon

    ive got a $200 gift card for eastbay, so if these arent dropping, ill get em jordan vi oreos in march.
    hopefully, everything goes smoothly, unlike the motorsports release, selling out in 2 minutes.

  4. FreshLikeWill

    I doubt the Copper’s will be on Eastbay, but if they are. They will be gone before most even knew they were there.

  5. SPINS613

    My old store.

    Don’t miss dealing with those releases.

    Thank god for graduating college and getting a real career!

  6. gotnikemoney

    LOL they are dropiing staurday @ midnight LMAO by that time they will be sold out u mean friday midnight right nicekicks matt start proofreading my mans lol

  7. FreshLikeWill

    11:59 PM on Feb 12th will be Friday.

    A minute after at 12:00 AM a.k.a. Midnight will be Saturday.

    But I see where people are getting at. It’s not this Saturday night for the Midnight release, but Friday. But I don’t see anything wrong with the way the blog post was written.

  8. rockcitykicks

    Rock City Kicks will be taking phone orders for the “Coppers” starting Saturday at noon Central time. We ship for FREE inside the US. 501-660-7888, rockcitykicks.com

  9. drd_dred

    how can “irockkobes” not understand about how SPECTACULAR these shoes are in general. the man name is ANFARNEE “PENNY” HARDAWAY AND HIS JERSEY NUMBER IS NUMBER 1 DUH AND THE ANALOGY IS ONE CENT. he had the wickest killer crossover in the history of the NBA. so get it right boi. why go buy any other color of PENNY HARDAWAY’S when theses right here has the color to the meaning of his name. all in all theses are the best penny’s ever son. BAM!

  10. Mr.T

    i couldve had mines 2day but thanx 2 da 50 + of snow that philly received everything got push back i would be lucky if i can get these by monday lol…and 2morrow is my bday;(….poor me smh

  11. halokick

    @ IROCKKOBES, I estimate around 79% of people are only buying this shoe because of the hype. Its a cool shoe but these things are definitely being over hyped.

  12. LMNOP

    i love it that a guy has tried to explain how good the shoes are without mentioning looks, like it doesn’t matter what they look like because penny had a killer crossover and they come in a color thats the same color as his name. LOL. Kid probably isn’t even old enough to remember Penny in his prime, and anyone who is should seriously be looking at their lives if they are spending their Friday nights queuing up outside a shoe shop.


    I guess i gotta see them in person. But i cant see myself rockin’ these with some jeans …..i’ll ball in these though. i got the 1st and 2nd penny’s….those are cool lookin to me…but these im not feelin’. just a matter of people’s taste i guess

  14. smitty23

    i saw these in person today damn they look so clean… out here in cali i was told by a footlocker rep that their only going to have 18 pairs total. now that is some crazy s%&T

  15. Charles

    Hi I am Maria from Foot Locker Montreal how can I help you?

    – Hi! I’d like to know if you will have Copper Foamposites Saturday?

    -Oh no im sorry, only available in states.

    Why do I live in Canada and not in Florida, California, WHYYYY

  16. Double paly king

    @Charles lol dawg i feel your pain i live in Toronto and i cant get my hands on these!! i cant even find an online site that has these in my size..im hopen i can reach the states when the eggplants come out!

  17. jaysbackinthedays

    I live in Florida and these are not releasing here. New York and Chicago are the only places you can find these prolly…

    I am going to headquarters in Beaverton, OR to get a pair.

  18. MartyMcFresh

    Fl is getting these for those of you who dont know and live here…. just have to know where to go… Good luck! bahahaha

  19. GOT AiRS ???

    I live in North philly ima get my coppers tomorrow moring no midnight buy’n for Me……

    Real FOAM HEADS live in NORTH PHILLY. {215} ALL DAY

  20. smitty23

    i need these in my collection… i will be online tonight to cop these… i just copped the neon yellow nike air max 95’s. shout out to pick your shoes good looking..

  21. youngboi85

    I’m never goin to an midnite release again, first the line at foot locker was wrapped around the corner and ther were given out tickets second no one new what was goin on!.so I jus got two pair off ebay. Fuk it never in my life

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