Favorite 15 Foamposite Sneakers

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Over the past couple of years, Foamposite-filled sneakers have made a big impact in the sneaker industry to say the least. Sneakers such as the “Eggplant” Nike Air Foampsite One, the Nike 1/2 Cent and the Nike Foamposite Lite “Kryptonate” have garnered an abundance of attention. In addition, this year’s “Copper” Nike Air Foamposite One may be the most highly-anticipated sneaker of 2010 so far.

How many Foamposite sneakers have been created? Better yet, what are the best Foamposite sneakers to date. Our staff dug deep into the Nike vaults and came up with a list of the best Foamposite sneakers to date. Some of them have just released within the past couple of years, while others haven’t been seen since the early 90s. With that said, check out our

#15 – Nike Air Flightposite III “Platinumposite”

Top 15 Foamposite Sneakers

Nike Air Flightposite III "Platinumposite"

The Nike Air Flightposite III was not as popular as the first two Flightposite models; however, its “Platinumposite” colorway featured some can’t-miss attributed whether you liked it or not. The mirror-like features seen on the sides made this shoe the subject of any room one walked in. It is safe to say that this “Platinumposite” colorway was easily the best Flightposite III of them all. Is that saying much?

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  1. sneakyfeet says:

    I love the eggplants and the royals

    but the copper pic is just beautiful

  2. GMIII says:

    Nike 1/2 Cent Royal Blue/Black is my favorite

  3. Joe says:

    Damn you guys!!! I was just in the process of doing this exact feature haha. Oh well. On to the next one.

    I gotta give it to the Royal Blue Foamposite One. All-time favorite sneaker.

  4. Promoman says:

    The only questions that I have about this list are where are the royal blue foamposite pro & the Dr. Doom foams? Both of those are tough finds. I’m also surprised the the black Flightposite Is escaped mention. I’ve been looking for those since they got retroed and damned if I can’t find a 13 anywhere.

  5. mrunderstood says:

    The top 2 can’t be argued and after the copper colorway is released it’ll move to #3……can anybody help me find a pair of the silver foamposite max I NEED THOSE!!!!!!!

  6. spencerc says:

    love em all

  7. Shawnyrojo22 says:

    I think the 1/2 cent is the best. Any cw is a winner. I’m glad they pushed the date back on the copper foams, now I’m a cop 4sure. Also no way no how r the flightpisite 1-2 better then the 3. The 3 is the best flightposite n the plat is the best cw. 4 out of 5

  8. thesubwayconnection says:

    I remember seeing the royal Foams when they first came out. Our coach had a hookup, and got them *early*. My jaw dropped when he walked in the gym. Still my all time favorite foams.

  9. SkatManMackDaddy says:

    No ultraposites????

  10. SkatManMackDaddy,

    Those definitely came up on the list when we were brainstorming along with some non basketball posites, but it was really tough to put those on in place of any of the top 15.

  11. jonas3pc says:

    great post… agree with most…

  12. dbowe4415 says:

    This is a great list, and I’m glad to see so many great colorways included!

    However, I believe it’s ridiculous that the Eggplant Flightposites aren’t included in the top three! Sure the Gold Flights are a great pair of shoes, but in my opinion (and the opinion of MANY others), the Eggplants are the greatest Flightposites ever made.

    Even if they were listed after the Eggplant Foamposites, I would have been satisfied; but they HAD to be included in the top three. And to me, the Pearl Foam Pros and the Copper Foams shouldn’t be listed as better posites than the Eggplant Flights.

    However, you guys were dead on in putting the Royal Foams at number one though. Definitely a no-brainer, and a fitting end to the list.

  13. Double paly king says:

    where can i get these? can someone plz tell me what store and online site that has these in size 11

  14. qnzman989 says:

    How are you not gonna include those light blue and white foams with the white check from a few years back. Those are def better than a lot of the 1s on this list.. imo

  15. Kickgame dvd says:

    Much Respect to NiceKicks .com! for giving props to the “Air Foamposites” & throwing together a “Nice” list…Come Peep our “TOP 5 Foam’s List”! & more @kickgamedvd.com

  16. VIREXBO1 says:

    can someone tell me where i can get the copper when it comes out in the San Diego area!!!!!!

  17. iWillRap3u says:

    Foamposite Pro = Black/Volt.. cant seem to find them anywhere for under a G.

  18. 2pn says:

    The exclusion of the Penny III is a travesty…

  19. Limen says:

    I think the baby blue and white foamposites pros should of made the list take those lebrons off the list and the ducans should of been ranked higher

  20. 2pn says:

    Eggplants foamposites or the total air foamposite max are number one…