Nike “Kill Bill” Pack

Nike Kill Bill Pack

Nike borrowed the alias, Black Mamba, from one of its headlining athletes, Kobe Bryant, and used it as inspiration for a two-sneaker package. Uma Thurman’s character in Kill Bill shares Bryant’s nickname. Naturally, Nike sought to personify their sneakers with each serpent’s murderous demeanor.

The pack exhibits the Big Nike Hi and Auto Flight Hi. The base-black Big Nike Hi is splattered with blood stains and thereby congruent with any Tarantino film. As for the Auto Flight Hi, it utilizes the red and yellow color scheme that is consistent with the DVD packaging as well as the jumpsuit that Uma Thurman dons during the film. Nike cites Kobe “Black Mamba” Bryant as their connection to Kill Bill with clever insoles. The insoles of each shoe display a “Death List” in the hand-scribbled styling of Uma Thurman. Kobe’s Death List marks such NBA adversaries as Ray Allen and Paul Pierce.

You can get a good look at each shoe after the jump and cop them at Extra Butter. Lastly, hit our Sneaker Geeks: Film vs. Footwear feature to have a look at other film-inspired sneakers.

Nike Kill Bill Pack

Nike Kill Bill Pack

Nike Kill Bill Pack

Nike Big Nike Hi - Kill Bill Pack

Nike Kill Bill Pack

Nike Big Nike Hi - Kill Bill Pack

Nike Kill Bill Pack

Nike Auto Flight Hi - Kill Bill Pack

Nike Kill Bill Pack

Nike Auto Flight Hi - Kill Bill Pack

Nike Kill Bill Pack

Nike Auto Flight Hi - Kill Bill Pack


  1. ibehi says:

    good concept, cheap execution

  2. Gibby says:

    Insoles are killer tho

  3. War says:

    Tight colorways, questionable shoe choices. Loving the Auto Flights!

  4. hahaa says:

    auto flight are killaaaaaa

  5. Ry Banger says:

    My favorite movies. And the shoes arent bad A nike blazer and dunk would have been better. How much?

  6. NIKEDEE says:

    I have to see in person but nice try nike. E for effort. Lol

  7. Lall says:

    c/s ibehi statement

  8. Phife says:

    auto flights: yup. other joints: pbbbttt.

  9. grizzle says:

    auto flights are dope as &^%$

  10. 216 says:

    very nice!

  11. AL says:

    blood splatter ruins the big nike hi, but the auto flights are dope!!!

  12. Tyranny says:

    Ditto @ War & ibehi. I absolutely love those movies. I’m feeling the Bigs. Surprisingly the red ones are a bit too plain considering the source of inspiration. I know they both couldn’t have blood splatters and all but…this package could have been WAAY better though.

  13. arrjae says:

    dope idea….
    the insoles were a good touch….

    but i would have liked to see adidas do this ‘pack’,
    since the jumpsuit had stripes….
    im just curious to see what an all yellow based shoe with the black stripes wouldve looked like…

  14. nick says:

    should’ve been a dunk instead of big nike but oh well still nice..not feelin the all red joints though

  15. Mr. Willson says:

    Eh…’A’ for idea, ‘F’ for execution. Maybe next time, Nike. :P

  16. Rizzo says:

    If I am correct,Kobe got murdered by allen and pierce. He beat Orlando, not Boston. I know they are also nike/jordan athletes,but lets be serious he got embarrassed in those playoffs.Lets see what happens in a few days

  17. Phenom_Hipnotics says:

    the concept is dope jus choose a different model shoe like an sb dunk high

  18. SimpleThingz21 says:

    Nice, I really like the look on both shoes. Not too much going on on neither pair. Can’t always be Blazers and Dunks folks. Open ya mind up a bit.

  19. LGT says:

    Auto Flight Hi – FTMFW