Air Jordan 6 “Lakers”

Air Jordan 6 "Lakers"

The season after Kobe Bryant was done with adidas, and before he signed with Nike, Jordan Brand outfitted the superstar with retro kicks and PEs. It’s a shame this Air Jordan 6 hadn’t been created at the time, as its “Lakers” colorway would have looked great with Los Angeles’ purple and gold uniforms.

Black suede is used as the base on the toe box, forefoot and mid-panel. The remainder of the upper is done with black 3M reflective material. A white and black midsole is complimented with the standard icy clear outsole bits. The Lakers-tribute comes in with the contrast stitching that appears throughout the upper, which has been done with purple, yellow and white thread. Michael Jordan grabbed his first of six NBA Championships in VIs over the Lakers, after finally getting past the Detroit Pistons in the Eastern Conference Championships, which explains both color-ups of the Retro 6 we’ve seen.

Air Jordan 6 "Lakers"

Air Jordan 6 "Lakers"

Air Jordan 6 "Lakers"

Air Jordan 6 "Lakers"

Air Jordan 6 "Lakers"

Air Jordan 6 "Lakers"

Air Jordan 6 "Lakers"

Air Jordan 6 "Lakers"

Air Jordan 6 "Lakers"

Air Jordan 6 "Lakers"


  1. G'd Up says:

    please don’t call these Lakers…..hot sneaker though. I will cop.

    1. Brandon says:

      why not call them that ? they have the laker's colors in the snithcing

    2. KiiD Blaze says:

      yooo i got thosee they aree soo comfortablee yu should get em itsz worth spendinqq if yu a jordan fanactic

  2. BLaCKWaLLSTReeT says:

    FReSH!!! LaKERs BaCK tO BaCK Letz get iT!!!

  3. Shaun says:

    I’ve been commenting on these all day. These are definitely a must cop for me. Straight fire.

  4. sneakyfeet says:

    I’m all over these. COPPED!

  5. aayush says:

    are these dropping?

    1. popo says:

      yes on may 15 i think

  6. sneaker12 says:

    DAMN these are nice

  7. waynebrooks says:

    I’ll be copping these without a doubt!

  8. RedFoxx says:

    straight fire

  9. Patchcat says:

    A definite cop for me…my fav cw in these so far

  10. Sammy says:

    KOBE’s Jordan PEs are all sick… Still wished they could have released his III PEs

  11. JordanGod says:

    and these are straight 1000% FIREEEEEEEEEEEEE!

  12. Daniel says:

    WHOA! One of the best CW I’ve seen thus far lol

  13. CHILLYNAY says:

    Yeah i wish they weren’t “Lakers”, but these are FIYAAAA!

  14. feeballer says:

    o yessireeee

  15. DTX says:

    i hate the lakers but i love these shoes

  16. IamSneakersO'toole says:

    Damn they copped regardless of team association. I’m from Detroit and I str8 puked in my mouth when I saw the Pistons. They need to not saturate the market w/ 6′s though or they’ll be the new 1′s

  17. F21 says:

    maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaann these are clownin

  18. Art Vandilay says:

    I agree, don’t call this the “Lakers 6″. This will be called the “3M 6″ or the “Stealth 6″.

    I just ordered the varsity reds this morning, solely on the prospect of selling them when the demand goes up after they sell out. I actually don’t care for them even though how much I love the nubuck/infrareds.

    Then they post pictures of this 6, I am mad because I have to cop these too, I think the demand for these will be better. I am going broke from all these amazing releases. These are WAY better than the varsity reds, the aptly named “oreos” or the motorsports, however I predict demand to peak for the motorsports therefore I should cop those too.

  19. retroed air says:


  20. jibbycanoe says:

    I’d like them more without the contrast stitching but still nice. better than the other VI BS they been coming up with