Kicks On Court

Obviously, we have seen the Air Jordan 12 Retro “Rising Sun”, “Flu Game” and White/Red on occasion throughout this 2009-2010 NBA season; however, we spotted a few players rocking a never-before-seen Air Jordan 12 Retro that will undoubtedly make your mouths water. With that said, check out today’s Kicks On Court to see these new Air Jordan 12s.

Last night, Atlanta Hawks star Joe Johnson and Charlotte Bobcats teammates Gerald Wallace and DJ Augustin were seen in a white and navy blue colored Air Jordan 12 Retro. It also features a hint of red in between the white and navy blue sections and in the form of the Jumpman logo on the tongue. There is no word yet on when this shoe will release; however, click here to view these sneakers plus more worn by Kobe Bryant, Dwyane Wade, Kevin Durant and others.

Kicks On Court

Joe Johnson shooting in a new colorway of the Air Jordan 12 Retro

Kicks On Court

Joe Johnson (right) in a new colorway of the Air Jordan 12 Retro

Kicks On Court

Joe Johnson defending in a new colorway of the Air Jordan 12 Retro

Kicks On Court

Gerald Wallace in a new colorway of the Air Jordan 12 Retro

Kicks On Court

DJ Augustin shooting a jumper in a new colorway of the Air Jordan 12 Retro

Kicks On Court

Steve Nash in the Nike Cradle Rock

Kicks On Court

Kobe Bryant in the Nike Zoom Kobe V

Kicks On Court

Dwight Howard in the Adidas TS Supernatural Commander

Kicks On Court

Juwan Howard in the Jordan 16.5

Kicks On Court

Monta Ellis in the AND1 ME8

Kicks On Court

Dwyane Wade in the Jordan 16.5

Kicks On Court

Hakim Warrick in the Nike 1/2 Cent Black/Spark Green

Kicks On Court

Kevin Durant in the Nike KD2

Kicks On Court

Sebastian Telfair in the Adidas TS Supernatural Creator

Kicks On Court

Chris Paul in the Jordan CP3.III

Kicks On Court

Brandon Jennings in the Under Armour Prototype

Kicks On Court

Amare Stoudemire in the Nike Hyperize

Kicks On Court

Ricky Davis in the Nike Air Max Rise

Kicks On Court

Shannon Brown in the Nike Zoom Kobe V

Kicks On Court

Ron Artest and Baron Davis in the Peak sneaker and the Li-Ning BD1, respectively

Pics via Yahoo.


    those twelves by johnson and augustine are crazy


  • Donte

    1st! them 12’s is crucial

  • tyrell francis

    they probably contacted each other like 2 weeks ago and were like yo lets hit them twelves on jan 16

  • 91 kid

    love the 12s and bibbys 13s plus juwan howards 16.5s are pretty clean

  • tyrell francis


  • F21

    the 12’s bust. and if wades gunna use those colorways he should bring bacc the citrus 7’s.

  • Ariel

    Dwayne wade switch to jordan brand and all he wears are 16.5’s and hallowed grounds he should be wearing citrus 7’s, the infrared 6’s, and other colorways of retro shoes not those 16.5’s all the time

  • John

    i need that xii hawks color way now

  • db29

    what about Keith Bogans in the silver half cents..

  • Ron P.

    Are Augustines 12’s Flint Grey or French Blue??


    feelin’ the XIIs.

  • marty

    telfair rocking clown shoes!!!!!
    1/2 cents are being represented more and more
    morrow rocked raging bulls was dope too

  • soulie17

    I noticed Joe Johnson’s 12’s while watching the game last night .

  • hotboy16

    J.J.’s XII’s are wht/French blue-red.
    G-Dub’s XII’s are wht/French blue-orange
    Augustine’s XII’s are wht/flint grey-orange

    ALL 3 pairs are dope!

  • theGR8hope

    Ron Artest’s shoe should be called “the Ricky Bobbies”, them shyts are are garbage!

  • smoove

    They didn’t show rip hamilton’s 12s. He had a nice color way 2

  • iluvkickz

    I been tryna figure out wats on Jamal Crawfords feet all season

  • ate ohh won

    nice XIIs. ray allen should get some XII PE’s tho his would be tha sickest

  • KingsCrown

    dwight howard needs to get some shoe diversity up on the court. them commanders tight tho. steve nash is one boring cr*cker tho. cradle rocks are boring as sh*t too.

  • JLuv715

    Augustine is wearing those grey/white AJ XII…that came out in 04…im feelin those gerald wallace PE’s…where stephen jackson & RIP hamiton @ Nice Kicks Gotta do a repost with all the 12’s from last night!!

  • zane


  • 2pn

    Damn while i was watching the game, I thought he was wearing the Taxi’s didn’t know they were hawks colors. I need a Plasma.

  • ndestrukt

    I like what I’m seeing with the JB athletes wearin 12’s this season and not the over hyped SJ. White upper 12’s are nice on home uniforms. Smooves right there should be pics of RIP with his 12, wish Melo was still rockin em most games like years back… Much love for 12’s. FYI: MJ wore the playoff 12’s not the french blue/obsidian in the 97 All-Star game to record the first triple double in an AllStar Game. And for iluvkickz, Jamal Crawford’s wearing Rbk this season.

  • ndestrukt

    It’s nice to see a lot of JB athletes are wearin 12’s and not the over hyped SJ, Smooves right there should be pics of RIP wearin them 12’s like Melo has em sick colorways years back. Any white upper 12’s matches great with home uniforms… Much love for the 12’s!!!! FYI: MJ wore the playoff 12’s in the All Star game not the obsidian/french blue to post the first triple double in an All Star Game…and for iluvkicks: Jamal Crawford’s bein rockin RBK this season!

  • Shawti P

    @2pn i feel exactly the same way

  • zdog23

    them 12’s killed em.. joes were fresh

  • Xavier1192

    Great new colorways of the 12s..Kobe Vs only look good on Mr.Bryant, no way they’re better than the air max 7s..GO CAVS!!

  • jr_lyon

    All the XII’s are fly as hell!!! Blazers stomped the Magic without B Roy!!! RIP CITY, GO BLAZERS!!!

  • haux

    Someone said somethin about Josh Howard wearing 12’s last night but I didn’t see the game, pics should be put up.

  • Athlete’s Foot

    I’m not sure, but I believe Telfair’s rocking the Young Guns 2010. It’s a special colorway and Raymond Felton used it a couple of games ago. It does look a bit similar to the Supernatural Creator, because of the stripes running down the side, but the strap location is what really differentiates them. The one on the Supernatural Creator is locates up top, while the strap on the YG2010 is located near the toe area.

  • dopasaurus

    Crawford’s rockin the Reebok Make it Rain. Nice ball shoes, I think you can get em cheap now. Above the Rim, Under the Radar…

  • what

    those 12s isz hot..

  • ThaWindy

    y do yall photoshop the kicks?

  • crooxden

    IMAO D-Wade should get his own PE 12s as well. He deserves it…

  • the boy

    Not feelin the atl colourway XII, but the grey ones are ok.

  • corry

    DJ Augustin grey 12s look stupid sick dump

  • Philly

    The jordans 16.5r so weak why do NBA peeps even bother oh yea they get paid to

  • MJSF

    I like those BD Li-Nings!

  • J From MD, But Born In D.C.

    The 1/2 Cents and Miami Heat 16.5’s look good on the court. I saw a pic of someone wearing Black swede and Purple 12’s too, but these pics were sweet.

  • Anthony

    peep mike bibby’s 13’s. they looking realer than the 12’s

  • Jayman

    Bibby 13s fresh as hell hes been rocking them for weeks,
    Josh Howard Navy Blue/White XII’s heartbreakers I must say
    Joe Johnson XII’s are sick.
    Any Marcus Jordan PEs

  • supremekickz

    did anyone see the low 13’s that the guy was wearing behind joe johnson……haha

  • 5starathlete

    man… nice 12s ya’ll…
    thats what we need in the nba…
    MORE JBs