Air Jordan Alpha 1 “Bred”

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Air Jordan Alpha 1 "Bred"

Nike and Jordan love to bring their classics back with new technology and added features. The Air Jordan 1 has been done in a million colorways and materials, but has never been given enough of a makeover to make it a completely different shoe. Until now.

The upper of the original is still used with new materials, like the perforated leather on the toe, tongue and mid-panel. Matte finish black covers the toe box and midfoot, while red is used for the remainder, including the heel and toe areas. These are expected to have a wide release mid-January, but you can grab a pair early at Extra Butter starting now. The OG AJ1 in this colorway was ranked number 2 in our “Best of Bred” list, and the addition of the full-length Zoom bag can only mean good things for this updated classic.

Air Jordan Alpha 1 "Bred"

Air Jordan Alpha 1 "Bred"

Air Jordan Alpha 1 "Bred"

Air Jordan Alpha 1 "Bred"

Air Jordan Alpha 1 "Bred"

Air Jordan Alpha 1 "Bred"

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33 Comments on "Air Jordan Alpha 1 “Bred”"

  1. gotnikemoney

    nice way better then those silver surfer dese are a must have for me like wale album and big seans whenever it comes out


    gotnikemoney…………………………..U are a turd! What kind of lame-O says sh!t like that. Is wale’s nutsack a must have 4 U too? or would U rather big sean’s spew load? Be Gone!

  3. Man De Lev

    Will always love the colourway but the perforations are lil much for a fashion shoe…
    Totally agree with Danan though. I would ball in those ANY day of the week!
    Don’t it p!ss u off that they’d release the bloody white/red/black OJ as an Alpha rather than the original with all its glory! COMMON JB its been 15years. Enough waitin for that one already lol

  4. ate ohh won

    cant wait for these. i love bred 1s n i love zoom air. definitely good for ball! i wonder what other colors they’ll come out in. nice update to tha 1s

  5. brando

    this is the 3RD BREAD cw in like a year the hi straps,the dmp,and now the these. retrod to death but i want the wht blk and red 1s coming out. these are good tho.

  6. Sam Bowie

    Tired these on recently and they are really, really comfortable, would play ball in these for sure. Like this concept alot.

  7. gotjordans?

    I copped a pair already. These are WAY better than the Retro 1. These don’t feel like CARDBOARD when I walk in these. They actually feel like I walking on AIR. GOOD JOB on these!!!

  8. gotjordans?

    March 13th is when the White Red and Black colorway of these Alpha 1s come out. I agree, too much Breds 1 came out. I thought the Strap 1s were a rip-off, and then the DPM 1s were ok too, but these I can’t really pass on, JB overkilled the Breds 1s….

  9. Damian2345

    Ok im going to be honest bout these. I think this kills the AJ 1 and i think the shoe is ugly. BUT i do agree that AJ 1 gets really unconfortable when you walk and these might feel better on your feet so thats the only thing im looking forward to. and last, i just dont think an AJ 1 should retail for $125. (exept for the “HARE” 1’s or the silver aniversary 1’s only because it comes with a pretty sick brief case)

  10. iufreak18

    has anyone else asked about these shoes at like footlockers and champs and they dont know a dang thing about them? i just hope i can get a pair next week when they release.

    this gonna be hard to find? or does wide release mean everyone is getting them?

    Ijust want to hoop in 1’s

  11. drj

    to gotjordans r u serious with saying that alpha 1s r better dem shoes suk ass compared to ones which are the og and looks better cmon dude if u think these r fire ur wack

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