Brandon Jennings in Under Armour Micro G Fly

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Brandon Jennings in Under Armour Micro G Fly

Under Armour and their extension into basketball footwear garners attention with each dish and dribble from the frenetic Brandon Jennings. Under Armour took a chance in selecting Jennings as the face of their Basketball product and the brand hit the jackpot. Whether it was a decision made with some trepidation or a call of cocksure saavy mirroring Jennings’ play, hindsight proves Under Armour chose the right hooper.

The latest publicity Jennings’ has earned for UA is a cover spread on SLAM Magazine. Of course, the article is focused upon Jennings and not his kicks. But, the Micro G Flys he’s wearing will not go unnoticed to those who care-those to whom UA is marketing. Some facets of the shoe include: a molded anodized ankle collar, a tribal patterned patent leather toe cap, and UA’s Micro G cushioning foam.

Head over to SLAM Magazine to read their article on Brandon Jennings and hit the flip for a larger photo of the cover and a better look at the kicks.

Brandon Jennings in Under Armour Micro G Fly

Brandon Jennings

Brandon Jennings in Under Armour Micro G Fly

Under Armour Micro G Fly

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  1. Jerronimo

    Big up to my boy on the board for UA. Good call! I know u put ur neck on the line for this one. Glad it paid off for you… (No names needed, U know who u r)

  2. HyeStyleKid

    Release??? You would think they would release a pair by now since there are kinda up and coming but may be they need that buzz these look like tough balling kicks right here i like em

  3. nachy

    iwould def. cop to ball in amd some other styles as well U.A. is doing their thing keep it coming new technology, comfortability, style, support these are things real ballers look for in a shoe and U.A. is hitting it on the head….

  4. MARSZ

    Have a lot of respect for Brandon Jennings. The kicks don’t look too bad either. I’m actually gonna go see him on Sunday when he plays my Lakers.

  5. Biff Tannen

    *Hova* U R A douche bag! Keep ur lame a$$ offa here, since u can’t come correct! Talk that same sh!t to me butthead!

  6. Hova

    Aww poor lil babies got they feelins hurt!!! Lol y’all some homos man. N “Biff” u need to change ur first name to another b word haha.

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