Air Jordan 6 White/Varsity Red

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Air Jordan 6 White/Varsity Red

As yet another Air Jordan 6 release for 2010, this pair boasts a White and Varsity Red color-up. First reports labeled this as using Infrared, but like the Black/Varsity Red pair releasing this month, the switch-a-roo was done by Jordan and this shade was used instead.

The entirety of the upper is done with white leather, including the perforated sections on forefoot, mid-panel and near the ankle. For the midsole, Varsity Red comes in to play, as well as white. One element we can all be glad JB didn’t switch out is the icy clear outsole standard on all 6 colorways. The liner and 2-holed tongue both use black, finishing off the classic Bulls color-up. With this pair, the aforementioned black pair and the “Motorsports” all coming soon, Air Jordan 6-lovers will be very pleased, despite the lack of Infrared.

Air Jordan 6 White/Varsity Red

Air Jordan 6 White/Varsity Red

Air Jordan 6 White/Varsity Red

Air Jordan 6 White/Varsity Red

Air Jordan 6 White/Varsity Red

Air Jordan 6 White/Varsity Red

Air Jordan 6 White/Varsity Red

Air Jordan 6 White/Varsity Red

Air Jordan 6 White/Varsity Red

Air Jordan 6 White/Varsity Red

Air Jordan 6 White/Varsity Red

Air Jordan 6 White/Varsity Red

Air Jordan 6 White/Varsity Red

Air Jordan 6 White/Varsity Red

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96 Comments on "Air Jordan 6 White/Varsity Red"

  1. monk41

    why cant they just leave it “infrared” JB is just making dumb decisions, like releasing the white an red XIIs a week before the space jams……

  2. Man De Lev

    Aaaaaaah I think I’m n love lol
    That’s an ABSOLUTE BEAUTY!!!! Common JB can we pleeeeease have Bordeoux 7’s?


    looks actually better than the infarered. mj smart cause the infarered wasn’t your creation anyways.

  4. PoOcHaDonNa

    Man these guys are so dumb. Most of you cant even remember the OG ones so why complain about these which look damn near the same as the OG. Anyway, I find it odd that there are no pre-sale Motorsport 6’s yet. I had the Space Jams since August, the Black/Varsity Red 6’s I’ve had since November but yet there are no pre-sales for Motorsports and they are due out in just 4 weeks. I think this says something about just how limited they will be. Even Marqueesole which is usually the first site to have anything has nothing yet. They even have the blue colored 2010 Jordans on their site.

  5. waynebrooks

    These and the black/red pair are gonna get grabbed faster than Ice La Fox in a men’s prison. Coppin 2 pairs of these and the black/red pair, no doubt.

  6. The Soul Physician

    I should be hating the fact they didn’t use infrared on these but somehow varsity red looks right. I guess it’s because we dont see the cheap, variant-looking nubuck as used on the Black joints. I will have to say ‘Must Have” these pics have impressed me.

  7. The Soul Physician

    …But DAMN Jordan Brand! Can you at least take your time when dropping these?! Drop one color this month, wait another month or two and drop another one. Shhhhhhheeeeeessshhhh!!! That’s how you used to do it and it worked juuuuust fine.

  8. wiliie_mcfly22

    The only thing bout this is JB shoulda made the change of the jumpman on the heel to red, but other wise, nice shoe. Good shoe for the summer. Always love the VI.

  9. Mr.JORDAN

    Agree wit “chezz” these are krazy but i strongly agree tht they need to retro the 11’s hopefully for the summer…

  10. Shaun

    I’m coppin all the 6s that come out this year except for those “Detroit Pistons” 6s. These have been on my list of kicks to cop since I heard they were going to retro. These are amazing and I’m actually thinking about doubling up on them. 6s are one of my favorites and this colorway is classic even though it’s not infrared. Can’t wait.

  11. tsizzle

    No doubt will be copped the only little thing that I don’t like about them is the lace lock is black on these. Kinda wish it was red.

  12. tsizzle

    Jliau according to they don’t have these set to sell until some time in June. has everything releasing up until early march and they re not up there so we are probably looking at a summer release. I personally hope I’m wrong and they release sooner.

  13. biggins

    EFF U, Jordan Brand…for setting me back another $150. Instant purchase.
    Now just throw in some Bordeaux’s, some more OG colorway IX, X and XI’s…and I’m straight.

  14. cedd05

    these are a must have. jedi_23 i will trade my iv black cdp size 12 to you for your DS 2009 space jams. no bs.

  15. John_45/23

    Can’t wait! I will definetely be broke 2010.
    I’m WITH 2-A Those!
    If they retro the Bordeaux VII’s I’ll be 1st in line for the release.
    And JB pleeeaase retro the concord XI’s!

  16. gotjordans?

    Yes, the lace locks on the OGs were red..! I like the change of Varsity Red on these… that way the OGs stay rare and special.

  17. Ariel

    Omg! These will finnaly get released this is the best colorway of the 6’s if you ask me, they all look great but this is the best copped!

  18. Guapo

    Damn these bring back memories, the white infrared 6 was the first Jordan I bought as a youngin for 50 bucks off the sales rack. This is hands down my favorite sneaker of 2010.

  19. Shawnyrojo22

    I think it was a good move 2 go var red over infa looks more proper. I give this cw 3 out of 5. I wanted 2 keep my mouth hushed but I see some real heads speaking on the Bordeaux 7s. Top 5 colorway of any Jordan og retro or new. I need those like the world needed the spacejams. They shocked me n I missed out on the release due 2 the spoiled brats 4 Christmas. But I will have 2 pair of the 7s no matter what the season is or my financial sit. I remember Kris Kross rocking em n the word up mag when I was a shorty. Long hair 2 Pair! Size 13. Shout out 2 Levi Jr 4 refreshing my memory. BORDEAUX FANS stand up!

  20. Sneak-Uh-Head

    Yo im coppin these. 2 pair and a pair for my lil man. but yo real talk. i see all these people complaing about “infared”? i can fake like i had a pair of OG 6’s or even seen a pair in person. But whats the diffence? Is one red lighter than the other. is it just a name difference. Im coppin em red, bright red, blood red, varsity red., dont matter. The shoes is a must COP!!!!!!!

  21. d

    @ Sneak-Uh-Head:

    WORD! lol @ “blood red” i agree though, the majority of the shoe is nearly unchanged (glaring change is the black lace lock v. a red one, which ill just switch out with that of my carmines) and is fly, i will definitely cop. im glad they didnt cover these in white suede or patent leather the way theyve been ruining kicks lately…

  22. Life423

    The reason people complain about the shoe not having infrared is because the shoe was originally made with infrared! It’s like putting navy blue on the Space Jams!!! What makes it significant??Well, it’s only the shoe Jordan wore to win his first championship!!!!!! Nike has put infrared on other shoes with no importance, but a historic shoe like this gets varsity red WTF???!!!! If you’ve never seen the infrared; there is nothing cleaner against the clear sole PERIOD!! IF, the two were put side by side over 95% would easily select the infrared whether they had seen them before or not!!! NIKE: two shoes deserve infrared the 6’s and infrared 90’s!!!

  23. Shawnyrojo22

    2 sneak uh head. 2 answer ur ? I had the og blk/infared pair n 91-92 1st or 2nd grade when sneakers didn’t sale out b4 the next model dropped. Those were the 1st pair I ever got. Infared looks almost like burnt orange it’s not as dark as varsity red it kind of looks neon or like lava. I love all rojos that’s my fave color but I prefer varsity or true red over infared. I w/cop either way. The 2nd time this cw came out is was still infared. This is the 3rd time making it a re retro. But trust there is a drastic difference 2 a thoro eye.

  24. ate ohh won

    better than tha breds. yea infrared woulda been a lil better, but still siiiiiiiiick! whats tha release date??

  25. jihod

    These are dope!!!! Way better than the bulky OG’s. And if they retro an 11 this year please let it be cool grey!

  26. kiddcharleeboy

    G from athens pleez dnt put red laces n deez day dnt need no change jb gud job 2 thumbs up i will b grabbin 2 pair

  27. Nino_013

    Man Im glad JB doesnt listen to the so called sneakerheads. All these clowns complaining
    about not being “infrared” or the jumpman logo/lace lock being a diff color. Seriously,
    Shut the F up! Most of you werent even born when the OGs were out. Yall should just be glad
    that theyre releasing some of the most coveted jays of all time.

  28. Maxoner

    oh yeah these are so much hotter than the pistons or the DB’s… NOT!! these suck, made for all the busters who cant get enough white black and red!! mad Gay!!! the pistons 6’s are killing these, original retro colors are for poll smokers

  29. yella man b-more

    love these shoes !!! Must cop!!!
    but the jumpman on back heel of shoe could be black or red not plan jane white

  30. pmjc88

    This is CRAZZZZZYYYYYY…. When i saw these on I dropped my phone…. These are releasing JUNE ?, 2010… Just in time my b-day… I think i’ll be coppin’ 3 or 4 pairs because these, we’ve been waitin’ for these for a lonnnngggg time… These are first time retros…

  31. corry

    these r ok i would only buy these if i had extra cash laying around… i think . no i know they couldve did so much better with these maybe a lil more red in these for sure.

  32. Spino_1987

    FRESH!!!!! The piston VI’s are horrible!!!!! They look like a fake colorway…. They will not be in my closet!

  33. Risa.Jordanhead

    yo those babiess are hott. and to think i was gonna get the pistonss. nahh these are way better.. im getten those before i get the pistonss and thatss a bett.. word to [23) lolsxx

  34. Risa.Jordanhead

    -& yoo these j’s look tough the way they are. I think they’re perfectly fine.. SO ya’ll stop complainin.. Dayumm mann..

  35. Foul Law

    It’s totally different story now. Air Jordan Infrared Pack has been confirmed and set this June. Featuring both the black and white infamous colourways of the Infrared Jordan VI. This is too good to be true. Also, too soon!

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