Designer of the Decade

A shoe is much more than just leather and rubber. To many consumers, the shoe represents an attitude or their favorite athlete, or something that defines who they are as a person. For some, the final product is the fruition of their art and science. As technology advanced and manufacturing capabilities became virtually limitless, the designs of footwear reached new heights.

For the last part of the 90’s, this individual started changing the way we looked at performance basketball with the designs of the Nike Air Penny I, Nike Air Foamposite, and the Nike Air Flightposite. During the 2000s, he continued to redefine what were the new the standards in performance basketball with shoes such as the Huarache 2k4, the Hyperdunk, and the Kobe series. The best footwear designer of this decade is none other than Eric Avar.

As Innovation Kitchen Creative Director of Special Projects, Avar has taken the lead of bringing Nike’s latest technological innovations and applying them to creating a better performing product. Never fully satisfied, his aim and approach to create something better with each new model gives consumers the greatest footwear money can buy.

  • ogsince1982

    1st…………………………… Happy new years, i will have a blast wit my boy friend tonight! :)

  • ogsince1982

    1st…………………………… Happy new years, i will have a blast wit my boy friend tonight! :) be safe everyone 2010 on its way!!!

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    1st!!!!!!! Be safe every one im going to be partying with my boyfriend tonight! Happy new years eve and 2010 on its way!

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    ogsince1982, 3 posts? Saying 1st each time? saying something different each time? gtfo noob

  • levi jr.

    always some type of ego around. Dont know this Eric Avar guy but im definitely gonna do more research on him. I like what i read and saw. Big ups to Mr Avar

  • hect23

    2K4 and Kobe4 are so great

  • S.H.I.T.- Sneaker Head In Training

    Tinker jr.


    Eric Avar woo!

  • anotha level

    did he help design or create the hyperdunk too?

  • theArchitect

    I seem to recall labeling Eric the new hotness on another site and some idiot replied to my post (with poor spelling) that Tinker is still the man. No one doubts Tinker’s design prowess, he has inked many classics, but as I said before Eric is the leader in athletic footwear design and innovation TODAY. It’s good to see NiceKicks agrees with me.

  • ate ohh won

    this dude is awesome. creator of my favorite sneaker=penny foams! nobody more deserving of this title