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Air Jordan 16.5 Performance Review

Last week, Jordan Brand officially unveiled Chris Paul’s third signature sneaker, the Jordan CP3.III. Since then, we have spotted ‘CP3’ rocking this sneaker in our Kicks On Court. He scored 30 points and dished out 19 assists the day after it was unveiled! Was it the shoes?

With that said, we decided to put the Jordan CP3.III through our performance test to see how player-friendly it is compared to the Jordan CP3.II. We also wanted to test out the new Podulon technology that is incorporated in this shoe. Click here to view our in-depth analysis of the Jordan CP3.III and view detailed photos.

In case you missed it, check out interview with Chris Paul.

Jordan CP3.III Performance Review
Jordan CP3.III Performance Review

Strengths: The Jordan CP3.II was a great sneaker because it specifically catered to Chris Paul’s needs on the court. For example, Chris Paul supposedly drags his toes when he instantly changes direction, therefore, in order to protect the shoe from a lot of rigor, the toe box contained special abrasion dots to intensify Paul?s durability. So how could Jordan Brand top a sneaker that assisted Paul’s game like the Jordan CP3.II. Easy. Instead of adding multiple attributes to Paul’s new sneaker, Jordan Brand decided to incorporate a totally new technology into this basketball shoe. The Podulon technology, which provides the wearer with extreme cushioning and responsiveness, gives the shoe a complete player-friendly feel to it. Along with cushioning and responsiveness, the Podulon technology also yields durability as well. The Jordan CP3.III allows the wearer to be explosive and cover lots of ground all while doing it a lightweight, comfortable sneaker. The comfortability aspect can be credited to the Cushlon Foam that is placed under the forefoot. When making quick and sharp turns, one’s foot has the potential to slide all over the place and feel out of order after the play is over. However, the Jordan CP3.III is rather easy on the foot and sustains its comfort throughout a rigorous game, more or less one play. It is easily the most comfortable sneaker in Chris Paul’s line thus far and may be one of the more player-friendly sneakers on the market when it drops.

Weaknesses: There is not much to be said negatively about the Jordan CP3.III. It is a very innovative sneaker to say the least. However, the wearer might question the lack of breathability in this shoe. It doesn’t have many perforations throughout the upper, therefore, your foot may sweat a little more than usual after taking the shoe off. Yet, this is not a big problem and one should want to lose a little breathability in this shoe, while gaining an unlimited amount of comfortability, responsiveness and durability. We also question the versatility of this sneaker. Yes, it is ideal for a quick, explosive player who relies on speed and quickness during the course of a game. However, is this shoe beneficial for a slower, post player?

Overall, the Jordan CP3.III is one of the more player-friendly sneakers we have tested thus far. It three-headed monster of comfort, durability and responsiveness can nonetheless give a player an abundance of advantages on the court. Look for the Jordan CP3.III to officially release on January 2nd, 2009.

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  • F21

    chris keep doin ur thang…SPACEJAMS TONIGHT CANT WAIT!!!!!!!!!!

  • shuru421

    1st off, could you guys please state the weight of the shoes, and 2nd, damn you guys are lucky… to test out the shoe before its even out.

  • Jason

    CP3 rock ,.. MUST BUY..!

  • mike

    Just got ours at champs. Very light shoe.

  • kingsfoilr

    “officially release on January 2nd, 2009” LOL

  • phlash

    y does jordan have to make everything that isnt a retro so ugly now

  • weird ppl

    comfortable shoe…i like it…

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    ola my name is nayib 12 years old estan padrisimos sus tenis