Air Jordan 2010 Outdoor

Air Jordan 2010 Outdoor

It looks as if Jordan Brand will be serving up a rugged twin to accompany the release of the refined Air Jordan 2010. The pictured Jordan is the Air Jordan 2010Outdoor.”

This version retains a lot of the indoor 2010′s design language in its midsole, branding, and overall silhouette. The Outdoor 2010 has, however, received some significant alterations. The most prominent of these adjustments include: the omission of the contestable “window,” a heavily reinforced toecap, cross straps a la Air Jordan VIII, and the overall use of coarser, abrasion-tolerant materials. ?These amendments are all, of course, intended to make the Air Jordan 2010 more suitable for asphalt.

Flip the post for a view of a White/Red/Black colorway. What do you think? In general appeal, is the Outdoor Air Jordan 2010 better, worse, or equal to the Indoor Air Jordan 2010?

Air Jordan 2010 Outdoor

Air Jordan 2010 Outdoor

Air Jordan 2010 Outdoor

Air Jordan 2010 Outdoor

Air Jordan 2010 Outdoor

Air Jordan 2010 Outdoor


  1. MADEAOA says:

    look like some big bens


  2. hammer says:

    better then the window

  3. Lon Gee says:

    Wow! Hot! I like…

  4. MALC B says:

    THE WINDOW IS GONE!!!!!! (jus as i was beginning to like it) I WOULD ROCK THE OUTDOORS!

  5. Rod says:

    They look like Protege’s !

  6. lionelcook says:

    Fugly and wack!

  7. Bielasiak says:

    I like both pairs sooooooo yeah i’d cop. Actually like that Hawksish c/w more than bred

  8. newjerseygiant says:

    I love how the straps are copied from the “Air Raid” retro’s but the rest of the shoe is ehhh….. 5/10

  9. Balla says:

    I thought they were sweet till my girl said they looked like a pair of croc basketball shoes. Cut off the top and you’ll see.

  10. RJEEZY says:

    these look a lot betta den da indoor 2010s, i might get these. i need some new outdoor hoopin shoes

  11. gotjordans? says:

    Oh my goodness. JB should stop this sillyness. The air Jordan should’ve stopped at 23. The 2009 model was not all that, and neither is this one. Not interested anymore is new Jordan models, just sticking to retros. Just how many Air Jordans came they make? 23 models were enough. smh

  12. gotjordans? says:

    and for the record, these are awful like the “window” models too

  13. AmesVill says:


  14. gotjordans? says:

    outdoor, indoor Jordans. JB has completely lost it. It used to be when Air Jordans could be played on both. Now they’re just trying to rip off ppl more with this BS

  15. surfacin4air says:

    this r fu$&3n wack haha. does Jordan really think these r hot? ph but he didn’t like the 10′s.

  16. cleankicks23 says:


  17. gotjordans? says:

    So this means that NO NBA players will wear these cuz they’re outdoor? What a terrible this is, anyone agree with this???

  18. solesaved says:

    sad sad sad

  19. gotjordans? says:

    What a terrible idea this is…!

  20. gotjordans? says:

    Damn, the Saints lost… hope the Colts go undefeated