Nike Zoom Kobe V “Bruce Lee”


As we’ve reported, the Nike Zoom Kobe V will initially release on December 25th through the NikeiD program. In 2010, however, the Kobe V will begin to release in Nike constructed color-ups.

One such color-up is this Bruce Lee edition. Nike created this look for the V to assuage Kobe’s affinity for Kung Fu. The yellow upper and laces allude to the yellow bodysuit Bruce Lee wore in “The Game of Death” and is, of course, fitting for the Lakers. There are also four red scratch marks on the lateral toe area. These marks duplicate the scratches Bruce Lee took while fighting in “Enter the Dragon”.

The Bruce Lee Kobe Vs will be a Spring/Summer 2010 global release. They are, however, available now at select spots across the nation for a hefty price. Click here to view additional photos.



  1. MJSF says:

    kobe v still are trash.

  2. maine says:

    too bright

  3. Ivan k says:

    what s up with the extra “scratch”… bruce only got 3 on the cheek and the chest from those iron eagle claws..

  4. private caller says:

    nothing makes these shoes look good! no color ways, no movie theme, they just aren’t that hot! they still look like cross trainers! and he doesnt even wear them on court yet…lebron wears his new shoes, jordan broke out his new shoes every time the season started, and you couldnt wait to get a upclose pic of what was on his feet, and then finally get your own pair! Kobe’s shoe don’t have that kind of appeal!

  5. Malc B says:

    @Ivan K
    …………FOUR RINGS?!?!?!?!??!……….GET IT?!?!?!?!?
    dope shoe……………….

  6. garciaDOOM says:

    at first the v’s looked wack, but they have grown on me. this colorway is alright but i’m sure nike we’ll do some more crazy stuff with this kick.

  7. ken a. bloom sr says:


  8. JUSTIN says:


  9. JUSTIN says:


  10. jay says:

    shoe of the year kobe mvp!!!!!!

  11. biggins says:

    HOLY CRAP THESE ARE EFFING SICK. SICK. SICK. I’ve been waiting for a nice Bruce Lee-based design–glad Nike came correct…Asics missed out on this. And, if there is anyone who can compare themselves to Bruce Lee on the hardwood…it’s Kobe right now.

  12. biggins says:

    Hey Matt/Nice Kicks–any idea where I can grab these now?

    In his post, Bert mentioned:
    “They are, however, available now at select spots across the nation for a hefty price.”

    Depending on the hefty price…I may purchase so I can Big-Daddy-Pimp these early for pick-up games.

  13. HELLLLLLL!!!!!!!!! says:

    I’m a huge Bruce Lee fan and it’s just a shame on him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Why him on the garbage shoes???

  14. squirrel says:

    would bruce approve? would he rock them?

  15. my name sucks says:

    too bad he was wearing onitsuka tigers in the movie.

    even though onitsuka is credited for nike’s start. i guess theres a relationship indirectly.

  16. a says:

    do you hear that? that’s me putting some change in the cop-o-matic machine.

  17. Soulonice2891 says:

    The scratches look like a last second add-on.

  18. Biff Tannen says:

    F – that ! Bruce wears Asics, period! Nike was out back then. Besides, how are you gon combine two movies into a shoe……………….that he never wore! Anybody from the oldschool knows these are super B.S.! Eat it up you suckas!

  19. Steezy says:

    nobody said these wack excuses when nike did the freddy krueger, and Joker color ways….just because the star never wore them doesn’t mean a color way inspired by them can’t be done. You lames need day jobs

  20. freshcleankicks says:

    hahaha im asian.
    i cant help but say….
    yeahhhh im not feeling these